Xinhua Insurance (601336) 2019 Interim Report Review: Tax Structure Recoups Profit Structure to Be Adjusted

Xinhua Insurance (601336) 2019 Interim Report Review: Tax Structure Recoups Profit Structure to Be Adjusted

Event: In the first half of 2019, the company realized operating revenue of 90.2 billion yuan, an annual increase of 7.

8% (Ping An 19.

2% / National Life 12.

3% / person insurance 6.

6% / CPIC 7.

9%); net profit attributable to mothers was 10.5 billion, an increase of 81 year on year.

8% (Ping An 68.

1% / National Life 128.

9% / person insurance 58.

9% / CPIC 96.

1%); In the first half of 2019, the company’s nominal average ROE14.

59%, budget dividend 0.

77 yuan.

Health insurance has steadily increased, and production capacity and surrender rates have continued to decline.

(1) In the first half of 2019, the company realized a total premium of 739.

94 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.

0%; new business value 58 in the first half.

90 ‰, a decrease of 8 per year.

7%; the company realized 65 years of premium income in the first year of long-term health insurance.

22 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

4%, accounting for 55% of the first year of the overall long-term insurance premiums.

7%, increase by 1 every year.

4 units; (2) The value added of the insurance marketing team has an additional value of 15.

5% to 38.

60,000, reaching a record high; the average per capita comprehensive production capacity fell by 13 per month.

8% to RMB 4,472, which is basically the same as that at the end of 2018; (3) The company’s business transformation, the expenditure on surrender of high cash value products in the bancassurance channel decreased, and surrender was replaced in the first half of the year.

0%, a decrease of 3 per year.

With 0 averages, the surrender is reduced by 73 per year.

3% to 68.

7.3 billion.

We believe that the marketing team will become stable, and it is expected that in the second half of the year, efforts will be made to increase per capita capacity and improve the growth rate of new business value rate.

The investment strategy is relatively conservative and the returns remain stable.

Investment assets grow by 5 per year.

7% to 7,732.

3.1 billion, net investment yield 5.

0%, flat for one year (Ping An 4.

5% / National Life 4.

7% / person insurance 5.1% / CPIC 4.

6%), the total investment yield fell by 0.

1 up to 4.

7% (Ping An 5.

5% / National Life 5.

8% / person insurance 5.

4% / CPIC 4.

8%); the company’s investment strategy is relatively stable, the share of equity investment decreased by 0 compared to the end of 2018.

8 samples, the proportion of non-standard equity investment increased by 1.

4 up to 19.

7%; we believe that the investment income in the second half of 2019 will have a high degree of resistance to risks, mainly based on stable and small fluctuation adjustment.

The value of new business decreased slightly, and the embedded value grew steadily.

The company realized new business value in the first half of the year58.

90 ‰, a decrease of 8 per year.

7% (Ping An + 11% / National Life 22.

7% / Personal Insurance 19.

6% / CPIC 39%); the new business value ratio decreased by 12.

6 up to 38%; embedded value reaches 1,914.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 10 over the end of last year.

5% (11% for Ping An / 11 for China Life).

5% / person insurance 19.

6% / CPIC 8.


Tax preferential policies have increased current profits, and the remaining margin has continued to accumulate.

Tax preferential policies 杭州桑拿网 offset income tax expenses19.

32 ppm, a one-time increase in profit for the period; the remaining margin is 2,083.

1.3 billion, an increase of 6 over the end of last year.


Maintain “Buy” rating and maintain target price of 67.

05 yuan.

Realizing that the company maintained a steady growth trend, the first half of the year affected by tax reform and surrender premiums had a significant increase in net profit, and the continuous improvement of product structure will increase the value of new business.

We raised the net profit for 2019-2021 to 14.44, 12.39 billion (previously expected to be 9.99, 11.29 billion for 2019-2021), according to 1.

01x PEV estimates to maintain target price of 67.

05 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The macro economy has fallen sharply; premium growth has fallen short of expectations; the market has changed significantly

Zhejiang Dingli (603338) quarterly report comments: Q3 starts to improve and looks forward to the future quarter by quarter, and item by item improvement of the entire arm car industry is out of stock 2020

Zhejiang Dingli (603338) quarterly report comments: Q3 starts to improve and looks forward to the future quarter by quarter, and item by item improvement of the entire arm car industry is out of stock 2020

Q3 revenue started to improve, gross margin and cash flow remained stable, and overall optimism 1) Revenue in the first three quarters14.

500 million (+ 9% year-on-year), net profit attributable to mother 4.

400 million (+ 12%), net profit after deduction 4

1 billion (+ 15%).

Gross profit margin is 40.

85%, net interest rate is 30.

7% (40 in the same period last year.

7% and 29.

9%); 2) Third quarter revenue 5.

97 billion (+ 10% year-on-year.

4%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

8 billion (-3.

9%), after deducting non-return to mother’s net profit1.

7.9 billion (+6.


Gross profit margin 39.

6%, net interest rate 30.

7% (43 in the same period last year.

6% and 35.

3%); 3) Cash received for selling products 16.

300 million, net operating cash flow 3.

3 billion.

The overall revenue growth and profit fluctuations were within the expected range, and the overall receipts and cash flow were in good condition.

Data comparison, profit fluctuations are a normal phenomenon. The sustainability of main business growth will be verified in the fourth quarter. Comparing the data at the end of September 18/19, changes in profits can be explained: 1) Long-term receivables: 2.

14 billion / 4.

09 billion, is expected to significantly increase the financial leasing business of its subsidiaries. It is expected that the proportion of sales around the parent company’s AWP in its business will increase significantly in the future, especially the emphasis on high-quality, such as Hongxin,都市夜网 Wynn, Tongguan, etc.Customer support efforts.

2) Inventory: 2.

8 billion / 5.

700 million, 19Q2 increased inventory due to domestic and foreign sales growth. Considering that domestic sales generally lag behind in development tickets, and domestic demand is strong, it is expected that Q4 statement inventory will decline, domestic revenue will increase significantly, and physical inventory certification has gone.Obvious.

3) Financial expenses: 20.93 million / 37.83 million, which are mainly exchange loss gains and index income. During the period, the exchange rate of USD to RMB was 6 respectively.


At 0729, according to the estimated assets of USD 94.72 million at the end of the year, the exchange loss gain was estimated at RMB 18 million, which is consistent with the data.

4) Investment income: 5上海夜网论坛6.69 million / 20,200,000, of which the investment income of associates in the consolidated statement is 4,317.

70 thousand / 1219.

60,000, CMEC is expected to face high pressure in the first half of the year and the pressure of tariff sharing in the second half of 19 years, so investment income projects have been significantly reduced.

The domestic market is short of supply of arm vehicles, which will be intensified in 2020. It will significantly increase and will significantly increase the recovery of manufacturing investment and export growth. The domestic market is in short supply due to four main reasons: First, the exhibition centers invested by local governments, high-speed rail/ Light rail, municipal complex and other projects and panels, semiconductors and other large factories have seen significant growth in investment. This brings 16?
The gap in the demand for 30-meter boom trucks; the second is that the 18-year-old leaser has better profits and converts the profits into 19-year purchases; the third is the participation of the financial industry, such as the rapid expansion of Zhongneng United and the Hornet;The expansion of supply has reduced costs and further stimulated demand growth.

Due to the high unit price of arm bikes, funding barriers determine the scarcity of the industry is expected to continue for several years, and the financing advantages of large leasing companies have become more prominent. In the future, the concentration of the industry will be realized in this boom cycle.
The reduction in leasing rates and rents proposed by Scissor, which mainly requires the construction of industrial plants and logistics centers, in 19 years, is related to the increase in supply in 19H1. We believe that overall manufacturing investment will resume growth in 2020, and the demand for Scissors will increase.promote.
The company’s export business will resume export growth after the announcement of the exemption list.

Profit forecast and investment advice: The company’s product strength, brand advantage, scale advantage and global channel construction have been verified for several years. Therefore, under the background of Sino-US trade friction, it can grow through the domestic market and the European market. The North American market will grow, and new production capacity will continue in the future.Against the backdrop of launching and realizing ramp-up in production capacity, the company is expected to maintain rapid growth in the coming years.

Based on the changes in expense ratios and non-recurring gains and losses in the third quarterly report, we lowered the company’s “investment income” account expectations, but overall we remain optimistic about the continued growth of our main business sales. We are particularly optimistic about the sales of new arm vehicles in the next two years and readjustedProfit forecast after: 19?
21 year net profit adjusted to 5.

9 (previous value was 6.

1.7 billion), 8.

600 million (previous value was 8.

6.5 billion) and 12.

3.5 billion (previous value was 12.

0 billion), EPS is 1.

70, 2.

47 and 3.

56 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: China and the US economic downturn lead to reduced export demand; the increase in tariffs caused by Sino-US trade friction affects export growth; raw material price increases or exchange rate changes affect profitability; new capacity releases are expected to increase future performance.

Yinlun shares (002126): The performance is in line with expectations, and new energy thermal management is expected to maintain high growth

Yinlun shares (002126): The performance is in line with expectations, and new energy thermal management is expected to maintain high growth
The core view performance is in line 南京桑拿网 with expectations.The company achieved operating income of 50 in 2018.19 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.1%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 3.49 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.3%, net of non-attributed net profit 3.40,000 yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.8%, EPS is 0.44 yuan.The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 0 to every 10 shares for all shareholders.5 yuan (including tax). The company’s profitability remained stable.Gross profit margin in 2018 was 25.5%, a decline of 0 per year.6 per share, the gross profit margin of the capillary business was 26.34%, a decline of 0 every year.12 averages, remaining stable.Gross margin in the fourth quarter was 27.4%, an increase of 1 per year.4 units, an increase of 2 from the previous month.Five averages, gross margin improved significantly.Selling expense ratio 4.7%, increasing by 0 every year.The two totals were mainly due to the increase in sales and transportation and business expenses; the management expense ratio was 10.6%, increasing by 0 every year.Three units, mainly due to the increase in employee compensation, depreciation and amortization of intangible assets.Net cash flow from operating activities was 3.50,000 yuan, an increase of 9 in ten years.8%.The company’s ending inventory was 8.90,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.3%. Revenue from new energy vehicle thermal management products is expected to grow rapidly.Since 2018, the company’s new energy vehicle products have received Geely’s PMA pure electric platform heat exchange assembly products, Changan Ford BEV-A battery cooling water plate, Geely BE12 pure electric platform liquid cooling plate, and Jiangling New Energy Vehicle GSE heat pump air conditioner orders.Orders are increasing rapidly.In April 2019, the company acquired Setrab AB of Sweden to improve the thermal management technology of new energy vehicles and expand the mid-to-high-end car enterprise customers.With the increase in the volume of new energy vehicles for corporate customers, the revenue of new energy thermal management business is expected to grow rapidly. The traditional automotive thermal management business has grown steadily.Annual revenue for 2018 was 36.48 ppm, a ten-year increase of 11.2%, continued steady growth.Traditional automotive thermal management products have received orders for Jaguar Land Rover engine oil coolers, Dongfeng Renault engine oil coolers, GM CSS625T platform water air coolers, and MANN + HUMMEL passenger car water air coolers.With the improvement of the company’s thermal management product technology and product competitiveness, 天津夜网 it is expected to obtain more independent brand and joint venture and foreign brand car orders in the future.  Financial forecast and investment advice: slightly adjust gross profit margin and forecast EPS0 for 2018-2020.53, 0.67, 0.82 yuan (the original 19-20 years 0.55, 0.69 yuan), comparable companies are automotive heat exchangers and parts related companies, comparable companies 19 years PE average income 22 times, target price 11.66 yuan, maintain BUY rating.Risk reminder: after-treatment of exhaust gas, new energy vehicle thermal management system supporting quantity is lower than expected, and replacement supporting quantity is lower than expected.

Yutong Bus (600066): Insufficient power to install new energy buses at the end. The company is under pressure from industry influence

Yutong Bus (600066): Insufficient power to install new energy buses at the end. The company is under pressure from industry influence

Event: The company announced sales in November 2019, and the company sold 4,580 passenger cars (-20 in November).

8%), 1?
In September, the company sold 49,624 buses (-0.


  Comments: 1. There was insufficient driving force at the end of the year. The company under pressure in November sold 4,580 passenger cars (-20 in November).

8%), of which large-, medium- and light-duty buses were sold in 2042 units (-12.

8%), 1902 (-26.

7%), 636 (-24.

9%); 1?
Cumulative sales in September were 49,624 vehicles (-0.

8%), of which large, medium and light passenger cars were 20,112 (-5.

3%), 21,791 (+3.

6%), 7,721 (-0.


Due to the uncertainty of the timing and implementation of the new subsidy policy, the driving force for new energy buses to be installed is weaker than in previous years. We estimate that the company sold about 1900 new energy in November (3,007 in November 18).Insufficient power to install new energy buses is the main factor affecting sales at the end of the year.

  2. The overseas market has a firm strategy. The European market continues to break through the company’s export strategy. It attaches great importance to overseas markets.

In our judgment, the export sales in November were around 700 (compared with 628 in the same period in 18), and the total export volume in 19 is expected to be close to the level of 18 years.

In 2019, the company has continuously made new breakthroughs in Europe. In September 2019, the company officially operated in the Provence region of France. The first pure electric intercity bus line in Europe was officially launched. This is the first 100% pure electric intercity bus line in Europe.All the vehicles are from Yutong. Yutong also exports pure electric buses to European countries such as Finland and Denmark.

Yutong has developed steadily in the Asian, African and Latin American markets, and its sales have continued to expand.

Due to the abnormal economy and situation in some areas, Yutong took the initiative to abandon some orders from the perspective of sound operation.

  At the Belgian Auto Show in October 2019, Yutong launched three high-end intelligent buses, U12, T13, and ICE12, which were well received by the market.

The new high-end products are expected to be mass-produced after the Spring Festival, dedicated to increasing the company’s average bicycle price and profitability overseas.

  3. The company’s competitiveness continues to increase, and its market share will continue to increase. The company’s continuous expansion in research and development will ensure the company’s leading position in the industry, widening the relative gap, and the company’s market share is expected to continue to increase in the future.

The company actively develops new products, diversified product categories, and opens up new markets. The company’s revenue sources are expected to increase. In addition to the design and development of traditional highway passenger cars and public exchanges for new products, T7 commercial vehicles, high-end overseas transportation, tourism,High-end products such as CL6 / CL7, RVs, and fuel cell vehicles are even more important.

  4. Profit forecast and rating We believe that due to the impact of the supplementary release time, the end of the new energy bus installation is not as strong as in previous years, affected by this, the company’s new energy 无锡桑拿网 bus sales in December may decline.

The sales of the passenger car industry in 2020 will likely be better than in 2019. In the long run, the company’s domestic market share will continue to increase, and overseas exports will open up more space for the company.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.



39 yuan, maintaining the “strongly recommended-A” rating.

  5. Risk warning: Passenger car sales are not up to expectations, and overseas market promotion is less than expected

Top 10 nourishing foods for winter health

Top 10 nourishing foods for winter health

In cold winter, tonic is at this time complying with the rules of TCM health. Healthy winter tonic can promote the metabolism of the human body, improve immunity, improve the phenomenon of chills, and promote the recovery of patients. It can also show the effects that medicine cannot replace.

The top ten nourishing foods for winter are recommended, as described below. I hope everyone can enjoy the deliciousness and keep fit.

  1, mutton soup tonic effect: mutton soup is hot, can warm the stomach and cold, but drink too much easily get angry.

  Features: bright color, milky white; beautiful soup, rich in nutrition; not gluttonous and fishy, delicious and unusual.

  Method: Wash the mutton and sheep skeleton first, do some processing for the mutton, put the mutton and mutton in a pot and cook, you can put some onion ginger, etc. (not suitable to enlarge the material, skewer flavor), wait for mutton, muttonCook, remove and cut into pieces, set aside.

Put the lamb skeleton in the pot and fill it with water. Okay, open the fire and boil it, boil it for about an hour and scoop out some impurities floating on it. At this time, the soup will be more pure.Well, when is the soup boiled into milky white, just like milk.

It takes time to make soup.

Put the chopped lamb and mutton in a bowl, put some green onions, parsley, garlic and other vegetables, put an appropriate amount of salt, and pour the boiled lamb soup into the bowl while it is hot.The fragrant mutton soup is ready and served with lasagna or fire, and it tastes really good.

If you like chili, put some chili.

  2, quail raw materials for stewing quail: 1 quail, 30 grams of wolfberry, Huang Jing, salt, monosodium glutamate instead.

  Production: Slaughter quail, remove hair and offal, cleanse, wolfberry, yellow quail in the belly, add water, stew crisp, add salt, seasoning MSG and season.

Dosage: Discard medicine, eat meat and drink soup, once a day.

  Efficacy: nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the essence.

Quail is a good nootropic food, rich in protein, inorganic salts, vitamins, etc., which helps children develop, increase appetite, and improve memory.

Mental workers can eat regularly, which can eliminate the symptoms of dizziness, forgetfulness, improve intelligence, and have the effect of strengthening the brain and refreshing the nerves; wolfberry can nourish the kidney and replenish the essence, nourish the liver and eyesight, resist fatigue, enhance physical strength and intelligence; Huang Jing can nourish the spleen, lungs,Yin Shengjin, strengthens bones and muscles, strengthens body.

The same use of several flavors increases its nourishing and nootropic effects.

It is suitable for those with liver and kidney deficiency, deficient essence and blood, and fatigue.

  3, characteristics of radish ribs: the color of the dish is red, the meat is crisp and tender, and the taste is delicious.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of pork ribs, 500 grams of radish, 20 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of cooking wine, 4 grams of salt, 3 grams of MSG, 5 grams of sugar, 8 grams of green onions, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of starch, and 50 grams of oil.

  Method: Cut the radish into pieces, cut the shallot into sections, and slice the ginger.

Add heat to the wok, add oil, add shallots, ginger and radish, stir fry until colored, add cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, white sugar and water, add the ribs, and after boiling over the heat, switch to low heat for 25 minutes.When the juice is strong and the flavor is strong, add water starch and hang all the juice on the surface of the raw materials.

  4. Stewed horseshoe sole ingredients: 1 soft-shelled turtle (weighing about 750 grams), 1 ham bone, 100 grams of ham meat.

  Accessories: 10 grams each of onion knot, ginger slices, rock sugar, cooked lard, 1 grams of salt, 25 grams of Shaojiu, 1 gram of white pepper, and 750 grams of chicken broth

  Production: 1.

Slaughter the soft-shelled turtle, blanch with boiling water, peel off the outer inner membrane, cut open around the carapace with a knife, lift the nail cover, remove the internal organs (leave the turtle cover), and chop into about 3.

5 cm long, 1.

7 cm wide block (without tail and paw); 2.

Put it in a boiling water pot and boil it until it is boiling again. Remove the drain water; 3.

Cut the ham into 4 large pieces; 4.

Coat the turtle pieces neatly in a casserole, surround the turkey, shallots, ginger and ham around the turtle, add chicken consomme and wine, cover the pan and simmer; 5,

After the high heat is boiled, remove the floating foam, put the rock sugar, and simmer for about 1 hour on the low heat, pick out the ginger and ham bones, and put salt;

Then remove the ham and slice it into a pan, drizzle with cooked lard, and sprinkle with white pepper.

  5, Astragalus stewed black chicken ingredients: 50 grams of astragalus, 1000 grams of black bone chicken, 10 grams of green onion, 10 grams of ginger Preparation method: 1.

Clean it, put it in a boiling water pot, remove it and wash it.


Wash the astragalus, put it in the belly of black-bone chicken, put it in a casserole, infuse chicken broth, add cooking wine, salt, spring onion, ginger slices, and simmer over low heat until the black-bone chicken rots and tastes.

Efficacy: Firstly, it can supplement liver and kidney, nourish qi and blood, men’s nocturnal emission, and premature ejaculation.

Secondly, Astragalus is a traditional Chinese medicine that functions to nourish the spleen and qi.
Black chicken, rich in protein and feces, calcium, phosphorus, iron and riboflavin, nicotinic acid and so on.
Functional nourishing yin and blood, treating gynecological diseases.

Astragalus stewed black chicken has the effects of nourishing the spleen and nourishing qi, nourishing yin and nourishing blood.

Yuci folk uses this traditional health food to treat gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation, excessive leucorrhea, menstrual pain, blood deficiency and dizziness.

Astragalus, sweet taste, lukewarm, enter the spleen, lung meridian.

Black chicken, sweet and flat, enters the liver and kidney meridians.

  6. Take 200g of winter bamboo shoots, 250g of fresh soup, vegetarian coriander stalk, black fungus, green onion ginger juice, salt, MSG and sesame oil.

First, peel and wash the winter bamboo shoots, cut into 8 cm wide and 1 cm wide thin portions, remove them by boiling the water slightly, and remove them after cooling in cold water.

The black fungus is selected into small flowers, and the parsley stalks are washed and cut into 3 cm long sections.

Add the fresh soup on the wok, add the onion ginger juice, salt, MSG, and then add the bamboo shoot slices and black fungus slices. When the soup is boiling, use the back spoon to skim off the floating foam, add the coriander stalks, and top with sesame oilStir well and serve in a bowl.

This product is characterized by simple and elegant, delicious, delicious, phlegm and bowel, Tongmai Huashi.

  7, winter bamboo shoots fish soup take 100 grams of winter bamboo shoots, one catfish (250 grams), rice wine, ginger slices, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, refined vegetable oil each amount.

After peeling the bamboo shoots, cut them into long shreds, wash them, and then boil them in boiling water to remove the astringent taste.

Remove the scales, remove the internal organs, wash your ears, and listen to the heat. Put the oil in the pan and heat it. Add the fish fry on both sides until the skin is slightly yellow.MSG is ready.

This product is characterized by tangy and tangy soup, tender meat and tender bamboo shoots, good underwater milk, and strengthening spleen and qi.

  8. Take three grams of tofu, 150 grams of pork, 150 grams of tomatoes, 250 grams of tomatoes, 50 grams of green beans, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, wet starch, sesame oil, and fresh soup.

First cut the tofu into dices, simmer it in boiling water, and drain the water for later use.

Tomatoes are peeled, seeded, cut into small cubes, heated in a frying pan, lightly chopped onions, put in fresh soup, tofu, diced meat, tomatoes, green bean rice, salt, boiled, add MSG, drizzleWet starch, serve out of the pot and drizzle with sesame oil.

This product features: delicious taste, nourishing yin and moisturizing, nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing spleen and stomach.

  9, pepper and fennel beef soup ingredients: 10 grams of pepper, 10 grams of fennel, 500 grams of beef, 1 garlic.

  Production: Wash pepper and fennel; wash garlic and cut into sections; remove beef fascia, wash, and cut into large pieces.

Put all the ingredients in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with martial arts, cook for 2 hours in a simmering pot, add soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and eat beef and garlic in soup.

  Efficacy: Dispersing cold in the middle temperature, regulating qi and warming the stomach.

For cold abdominal pain, eat less vomiting, cold limbs.

  10. Bone soup ingredients: 1000 grams of spine bones, 500 grams of stick bones, moderate water.

Seasoning seasoning: ginger flakes, spring onion, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, salt.

  Method: Remember to put less soy sauce in it, just slightly color the soup.

The cooking time is 40-60 minutes.

After the bone soup is prepared, put it in a small bowl, put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, and store it as you eat.

Skincare traps make skin worse


Skincare traps make skin worse

You will complain that the environmental pollution is getting worse, the pressure on life and work is getting heavier, and the routine is getting more and more irregular. All this makes the skin more and more fragile and worse, but in fact,In many cases, it is not the external environment that has caused your skin to deteriorate, or because of your own wrong skin care method, the skin wrap has collided.

  1. When the skin is itchy, never use makeup to go out.

  2. I heard that adults’ skin problems are related to stress, so my creams have replaced my favorite scent, hoping to relax myself.

  3. After showering, dry your hair with a hair dryer before skin care.

  4. Recently, I am keen to use fruit acid soap with “skin renewal” effect, which is used almost every day.

  5. After washing my face, I found that the foam of the cleanser is still near the hairline, so I wipe it off with a towel.

  6, the peeling mask after using the skin surface becomes delicate and smooth, so often use.

  7. When taking a bath, wash your face directly with hot water replaced by a shower.

  8. I hate rubbing the foam with my hands, so I use foam (a kind of beauty cleansing cotton) to make a rich foam to wash my face.

  9, the powder puff in the powder only change when buying replacement.

  10, feel that the skin is starting to show allergic symptoms, immediately replace all the cosmetics now used with sensitive skin series.

  At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with the above skin care methods, and some seem to be quite particular, but in fact each of the skin care methods listed here will burden the skin and make you a “reserve team” for sensitive skin!

  The “skin rejuvenation” effect of fruit acid soap has a significant effect on acne and some complications. Therefore, some people continue to use fruit acid soap after the symptoms have disappeared, but the result has greatly attracted the already sensitive skin.trouble.

In Japan, fruit acid soap is a topical medicine prescribed by a dermatologist, so do not blindly follow the epidemic, especially for people with thin skin, redness or dry skin, it is best to stop immediately after elimination.

  Adult skin problems are mainly caused by endocrine disorders, dryness and excessive stress, so skin care products contain fragrances that can relax themselves as an effective method.

However, too heavy creams are not suitable for allergic skin, and it is better to use liquid essence with accompanying creams.

The sex fluid containing high moisturizing ingredients is less irritating and also keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

In addition, aromatic essential oils can indeed relieve tension, but some inferior artificial fragrances will only harm your skin. Pay special attention when selecting.

  Spot the trap: The water pressure and temperature of the shower are too high!

  After going home from work in the evening, I was too lazy to wash my face, and just washed with a shower during the bath.

Some people think that this is good for the skin because there is a lot of steam in the bath, the pores are open, and the skin is slightly smooth and delicate after washing.

But in fact this behavior can cause damage to your skin.

Because you must use warm water to wash your face, the temperature of the bath water is too high for the facial skin.

Then, the shower’s water pressure is too strong, and using it directly to wash your face will thin the skin.

Also, when washing your face in the shower, you often ignore the skin on both sides of your cheeks.

Therefore, it is best to separate face washing from bathing.

  Through the trap: skin without makeup is more susceptible to external stimuli!

  When itching the skin, you should really pay attention to the choice of cosmetics, but because of this, you are facing the sky and not wearing makeup at all is not a proper solution.

Because unprotected skin is likely to be affected by UV rays, air pollution, and air conditioning, exacerbating sensitive symptoms.

At present, there are some foundations and creams on the market that are specifically designed for sensitive skin. Applying a thin layer can effectively isolate the skin from contact with the outside world.

I recommend pearl powder to oily and white skin

I recommend pearl powder to oily and white skin

On hot summer days, MMs with oily skin and mixed skin can’t help repeating, so that the face of the MM that loves cleanliness is greasy every day, and some red and big acne often appear.Eighteen types of martial arts are useless, so below, Xiaobian will teach MMs a way to save money and easy to use, say goodbye to oily, but also your healthy and smooth skin!

  Xiao Bian’s recommended method today is pearl powder to remove greasy and white skin.

Friends who have never used pearl powder can first find a brand to apply for trial installation, and it is free!

If you use it, buy it again.

I use pearl powder from Longevity Birds. I can use it several times in a trial pack!

Be sure to rub a little bit of water or egg white with pearl powder before using it to test whether it is allergic, but the authentic pearl powder has a soft and skin-friendly texture, and there are still very few people who use it.

  First, get up early with pearl powder cleansing 1. First, wet the face with warm water, pour in the cleansing milk in the palm, and mix a small amount of pearl powder in the cleansing milk and mix with your fingers.

  2. After applying the adjusted pearl powder facial cleanser to both ends, massage gently in a circular motion in the direction of pore growth, not too hard, so as not to cause wrinkles.

Massage about 15 times, so that the facial cleanser with pearl powder spreads all over the face.

  3. After about two to three minutes of massage, wash with water at last, you can obviously feel the skin smooth.

Note here that you must mix pearl powder thoroughly. Another thing to pay attention to is to use warm water. This can ensure that the pores are fully opened, and can completely remove the greasy surface without making the skin’s natural moisturizing oil excessiveLost.

  The second step after toner and pearl powder skin cleansing, the next step is to do facial homework.

Toners are essential.

First, put a small amount of pearl powder on the palm of your hand and pour in toner to mix well.

Gently massage while patting on the bladder until absorbed.

Finally, apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Using pearl powder and toner together can calm the skin and make the skin no longer greasy.

It should be noted here that the amount of pearl powder must not be too much, otherwise the pearl powder will not be evenly mixed with the toner, and it will dry on the surface of the skin in close contact with the skin in the future, making the face look white.

  The third trick of pearl powder mask MM study, tired after a day of work, the skin also needs to rest.

Not only to maintain adequate sleep, but also the care of a mask.

You can DIY many kinds of masks with pearl powder.

Now I only introduce two types of sleeping masks that are suitable for high summer time.

  After cleansing, use auxiliary and appropriate amount of pearl powder (0.

15 to 0.

3g) Mix to form a mud, then evenly replace on the face, massage gently, add water if necessary, and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.

  1. Egg white pearl powder mask half egg white + two spoons of honey + fresh lemon + pearl powderIn fact, it has the effect of astringent skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle on the skin that often finds acne.

  2. Pearl powder + cucumber blending mask Firstly, a washed cucumber is crushed with a juicer, then the cleaned gauze is used to wrap the crushed cucumber and squeeze the cucumber juice into a small bowl.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a tool to mash the cucumbers in a bowl to extract cucumber juice.

Before extracting cucumber juice, it is best to wrap the washed cucumber with plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer, and use it again, which will give people a cool skin feeling.

If the cucumber juice is relatively small, it is best to add a little pure water or mineral water, and then add an appropriate amount of pearl powder to mix well. Massage gently on the face for 2 to 3 minutes, and wash after 20 minutes.

Pearl powder cucumber mask can make skin firm, smooth and shiny.

In the hot summer, the pores are widened, and sweating is large, and the water loss is also large. This mask is not only whitening, oil control and hydration, but also shrinks the pores. The effect of calming the skin is also good.

  The MMs who love beauty may have three tricks and persist for more than two weeks to have healthy and smooth skin!

Killing home health killer refrigerators must be disinfected regularly

Killing home health killer refrigerators must be disinfected regularly

In daily life, many people think that refrigerators are low-temperature appliances, and whether they are sterilized or not has little effect on health.

In fact, under common temperature conditions, most microorganisms are only in a suppressed state and cannot be completely killed. In addition, because of the mixing of raw and cooked food in the refrigerator, cross-contamination is also easy to occur, thus becoming a potential health “killer”.

hzh{display:none;}  据有关部门对使用中未消毒的冰箱检测表明,有的冰箱细菌总数高达1万~3万个/平方厘米,其中大肠杆菌每平方厘米也多达数百个,成为A veritable “pollution box”.

Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection of the refrigerator is an indispensable and important matter, and disinfection should be carried out at least once a month.

  Common disinfection methods Before disinfecting the refrigerator, first unplug the power plug, insert it, and then remove the food stored inside, defrost and wipe the liner and accessories, and then disinfect.

The disinfection method can replace one of the following: use a soft cloth dipped in 75% alcohol or acetic acid solution or 0.

Wipe with 1% Xinjieer solution, close the door 15?
30 minutes, then scrub with water and drain.

  Use 0.


Spray 1% peroxyacetic acid solution and then close the door 20?
30 minutes.

  Spray with 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde solution, then close the door for 30 minutes.

  Precautions during disinfection The concentration of the peroxyacetic acid solution is too large, which has a certain corrosive effect on the metal, so the use concentration exceeds 1%.

  The glutaraldehyde solution is less odorous, less toxic, has no corrosive effect on metals and plastics, and its disinfection effect is better under alkaline conditions.

0 should be added before use.

3% sodium bicarbonate is activated, but the stability of basic glutaraldehyde is poor, so it is better to use it now.

  Do not wash with a faucet or basin and spray the refrigerator.

Because the rigidity of the metal accessories is too vertically aligned, and the insulation performance of electrical parts is reduced; the surroundings of electrical parts (such as door lights, thermostats, motor junction boxes, etc.) can only be wiped with a dry cloth.

  Oil stains and dirt should be cleaned with a soft cloth and neutral detergent. Magnetic door seals are very easy to absorb dirt, especially the door seal under the door. Pay special attention to cleaning.

  The evaporator of some refrigerators is made of aluminum. It should not be exposed to acid or alkaline disinfectants. If the surface is re-applied, it should be cleaned immediately to prevent the acid and alkaline solution from chemically reacting with aluminum, which will damage the evaporator due to corrosion.
  Disinfection with odorous or toxic disinfection pharmacists should be prohibited.

Rulaisuer solution contains cresol toxic substances; the decontamination powder has little disinfection effect, and it is easy to cause scratches on the refrigerator; bleaching powder and fine tablets have a certain corrosive effect on metals, and under the low temperature conditions, the volatility is weak,If the disinfection effect is not achieved, its use should be prohibited.

  Regardless of the disinfection method used, the refrigerator should be scrubbed with clean water and then dried.

Especially after disinfection with volatile chemicals such as alcohol, it must be cleaned with water, otherwise, because the refrigerator thermostat may work when connected to the arc, there is a danger of explosion.

Ten fatal weaknesses for men

Ten fatal weaknesses for men

Why are dignified men upset?

We asked 10 men to tell you the thing that made him crazy . Xiongfeng no longer men always like to brag about how powerful their bed is in front of brothers and women.

There are many ways he knows only the woman who goes to bed with him, but of course he must lose in front of others.

  Regarding sex, men love and hate. Men have deep fears of their sexual abilities in the bottom of their hearts. They are afraid that one day they will suddenly die in bed. The most proud little brother winces., Can no longer sing the flag-raising ceremony, look at the disappointed, even disgusting expression of the woman, thinking that he can no longer revive the glory, this nightmare may make men afraid to commit suicide.Will be popular all over the world, it is exactly hitting the man’s pain!

  Case: John, 30 years old, DJ.

When he was 20 years old and young, he had a ridiculous life. At that time, his full desires had nowhere to vent, and he had no girlfriend. He called prostitutes almost every day, and half of his salary was spent on obscenity.And because the young people at that time spent their own money on being an uncle, he didn’t even care about the problem. Until he began to deal with girls seriously, he began to care about his performance on the bed.

  ”I’m worried that I can’t satisfy my woman. I’m also worried that I’m not big enough or long enough. I will pay attention to her reaction when I have sex. I will even ask her how many orgasms. If I am better than her previous man,.
It sounds stupid, but I just think it’s important to me.

“One time John drank a glass of wine, and when he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend at night, he couldn’t help it. There was no way to revive the glory. This really affected his self-esteem.

  ”At that time, I really wanted to die. What’s worse was that I was very angry and anxious, but I had to be calm. Fortunately, my girlfriend was very considerate. She didn’t laugh at me. Although she was a little disappointed, she was very gentle.It’s okay to admit that I comforted me and told me that it was because I was too tired and wanted me to take a good rest.

I think when a man fails, the woman ‘s reaction is very important. If the woman ‘s reaction is very serious, it ‘s really embarrassing. When I ‘m not able, my girlfriend ‘s support is very important!

But afterwards I went to the doctor secretly and asked the doctor if I needed to take Viagra.

“Poor without money is absolutely impossible. For men, being rich is like buying insurance. Being rich is the concept that many men believe in. Many men pursue their career success in their lives, and the so-called achievement is money.As a reasonable standard, being rich can have many material enjoyments, and even some men think that even women can be satisfied with money as long as they have money.

  Case: A Qiang, 32 years old, staff.

“I was scared when I needed the money.

Before, I wanted to change a car. In order to pay, I carefully calculated my savings and found that I was really poor. After selling a few stocks in my hand, I barely owned the new car. Sadly, I did n’t have extra money to do it.Other things, traveling abroad, shopping, are all extravagant activities, let alone buying a house.

  My salary is not high, but it is okay for the middle class, but the salary is never comparable to the price. Especially in Taipei, the house price is so expensive. I do n’t think I can even afford a toilet!

I have reached the age of marriage, and I am thinking about spending the second half of my life with my girlfriend, but I have been worried that the money we earn cannot afford a good living environment and quality of life.

“Aqiang said in depression.

  The middle-aged unemployed workplace is the most noteworthy area in the life of many men, and it is also the place where men make use of their strengths. Although the unemployment rate in Taiwan is not high, it has entered the era of society and science and technology.

Worried that they can’t keep up with the times, more and more men will be eliminated.

  Case: Xiaolu, 30 years old, media.

Xiao Lu, who works in the communications industry, said that he has always been aware of the crisis. The communications industry is at the forefront of social trends. Therefore, the industry is thirsty for talent and constantly needs new stimuli and new talents. Once your creativity is gone,The idea is old and is naturally eliminated.

  ”I am worried that the so-called middle-aged unemployment will happen to me.

In the eyes of others, I have a high-paying and challenging job, but the rate of wear and tear of such a job is very high, and I am afraid that one day I will really be eliminated by the society relentlessly!

“Cuckold Wang Yu not only took someone to catch her on the spot because she had another boyfriend, but also insisted on bringing a lawsuit. Wang Yu said,” Never let go of my wife who plays with my wife! ”

He has to pay!

“This scandal was full of storms and storms. Although the reconciliation ended, the whole process was as sensational as a serial.

  If you think about it, even the heroes who have gone to the past in martial arts films can’t escape the end of cuckold. It can be seen that for ordinary men, girlfriends, wives and other people will run away with people, they are also afraid.

For a man, cuckold not only loses his face, but also makes friends around him feel that he is not good and has no charm. Otherwise, why would a woman run with others?

  Cuckold can make men eager and aggressive, open the social edition of the newspaper, because a girlfriend or wife empathizes with love and revenge, there are many cases of love killings, showing how much cuckold’s lethality.

  Case: Junhao, 28 years old, business.

Junhao often tells his girlfriend: “If you want to empathize, don’t let me know, the second is not to let my friends know, the third is not to mess with my friendsFuck!

“These three points sound funny, but they also truly reflect the fear in the heart of a man.

  Junhao once had a girlfriend empathy and deep love. I was particularly touched. “I had a good relationship with my girlfriend. Later, I gradually discovered that she wasn’t right. When she dated me, she started to lose heart, and there were many strange things.The phone number and whereabouts are not clear.

One night she didn’t stay with me and didn’t go home. She said that she was with a good friend. I had just met that friend, and her lie was immediately taken apart.

After I kept asking, she said that another man was pursuing her recently and was with him that night.

Knowing that I’m wearing a green hat is really uncomfortable. Apart from upsetting her cheating, I will constantly wonder where I can’t compare to another man?And there is a feeling of being stepped on my feet, which is unpleasant, and of course it is a great blow to self-esteem!

“The affair revealed that many men can’t resist the temptation of affair. The freshness and excitement of affair is like the poison apple of Snow White. It has a fatal attraction to men. In addition to his wife, he has another woman, a relationship,One more woman loves you and cares for you, letting men meet the courage to go forward like a moth.

  Although the affair’s taste is exciting and sweet, but once the affair is exposed and known by his wife, it can be enough for men to walk around, especially when a woman knows that her husband has an affair, and loves to hate and do n’t know what will happen.When letting men enjoy the affair, there is also a sense of uneasiness in the mind from time to time.

  Case: Kevin, 33 years old, property.

I had an affair two years after marriage. The affair was a good friend for many years, maybe curious, or maybe the marriage life was too bland. One day, Kevin suddenly felt that he liked her, and started a passionate pursuit of her.The relationship also includes borders, with friends as a basis, and the two soon overlap and fall in love.

  Kevin once again knew the sweetness of love, the pitfalls of love, and the feeling that only the next person was in his head.

However, the men and women in love are always prone to fainting. One day, something happened. Kevin’s wife learned about their relationship from the telephone record. The angry mood made her cry and make no noise, and she almost moved out even hanging.
  ”My wife really broke my mind when she got into trouble. After all, she has children. She is unlikely to divorce me, and of course I don’t want to divorce her.

Having an affair is of course happy, but I don’t want to get divorced because of an affair.

The affair was my fault, so I had to endure my wife’s trouble. Now she is staring at me very tightly every day. I call and track at any time. I must go home for dinner immediately after work. I am a little bit suspicious.The mental stress also made me have no heart to think about another woman.

Over time, my affair gradually faded, my wife was pretty good!

“Hey, a woman who is forced to marry loves a woman, but what a man is most afraid of is a woman, especially a woman of auntie and eighth wife.”

  Case: Xiaowei, 31 years old, advertising.

“I really can’t stand how women can have so many gossips to talk about, the phone can’t finish talking, and my ears can’t help being quiet!

“At the age of 31, Xiao Wei couldn’t stand his girlfriend’s habit of talking on the phone. This didn’t matter. Xiao Wei was most afraid of his girlfriend’s frustration. He would drive him crazy all day long.

“The socks must not be littered, the quilt must be folded, and the right side must be folded. It is really annoying to eat, get up, and sleep every day. It is really annoying, and even later I would be afraid of hearing her voice.

In the end it was unbearable, I had to break up with her!

For a man who loves freedom, a woman who is forced to marry makes them scared. She has n’t had enough fun in her life. How could she be willing to be trapped? Xiao Wei ‘s girlfriend is hard to fight.I suddenly said that I wanted to buy a ring, and that it was faster for two people to work together to save money. I told my common friends that their wedding date was approaching, and even once said that they had not come and wanted to be married to Xiaowei Fengzi.

  ”I’m really afraid of being forced to marry.

When I still love her very much, although I was afraid of the forced marriage practices she still could endure: At that time, she said that her physiological period was slow. It might surprise me that she was pregnant. I was thinking about what to do?

Am I really going to marry her?

Fortunately, it was later confirmed that she was only slow and did not become pregnant, but I couldn’t bear the strange ways of forcing her to marry, and the breakup was not surprising.

“The whole world is betrayed by the whole world. There are high and low ebbs in life, but if one day life really falls to the bottom, everything will not go well, and the feeling that the world has abandoned you is the most frightening!

  Case: Yiwen, 27 years old, bank clerk.

I don’t know how to do it, deep down in his heart, he always had a deep fear, fearing that one day he would lose everything.

“I do n’t know if I have watched more TV shows or I have n’t felt secure since I was a kid. Until now I went into the society, had a good job, and had a girlfriend who was talking about marriage. I still often think about whether one day I will suddenlyMy job is gone, my wife ran away, and I had no money. I could n’t even return home, and no one could bear it. It seemed that the worst things in the world happened to me, like the end of the world.

Wow, that feeling made me scared!

“Yiwen said that this sense of fear caused him to tremble, hoping to do the work he should do, be nice to the friends around him, and cherish all his possessions.”Will appear to me!

“Frustrated work in the workplace has no sense of accomplishment. It has been troubled by the boss all day long, but it has been hard for a long time without any results. It has even been completely overthrown. This kind of work in the workplace is most frightening for men.Hard work, all results in vain, really make men unbearable.

  Case: Mr. Wang, 36 years old, sales.

“The sense of accomplishment at work is very important for men. After all, the company is where most men spend the most time and energy. If they can’t get approval at work, it is really painful.

And I am most afraid of encountering a boss who doesn’t appreciate you, nothing to tell you to do this, that will make you busy and sweaty, and then abandon your poor boss. It is simply a life under this kind of boss!

36-year-old Mr. Wang once experienced this kind of experience. He said that he could say that he lost all his self-confidence. He was nailed to work every day. From childhood to great success, he never felt so useless.Waking up thinking of going to work is very scary, I am afraid that I will not know how to be insulted by my boss when I go to the office today.

This kind of workplace frustration seriously affected his overall emotions. In the end, Mr. Wang realized that he really didn’t agree with his boss. After months of searching for food and food, Mr. Wang changed his job and the bossIt is very close to his philosophy and also supports his approach, and finally found the second spring of his career.

  Suddenly, a child told his father to be careful all night and it was difficult to clean up. Suddenly he became a father and didn’t know it.

  Case: Mr. Chen, 32 years old, manager.

It is a real example. One day after work, I saw my ex-girlfriend waiting for him downstairs in the office building. It was even stranger that he also took a cute kid. Mr. Chen thought that the two hadn’t contacted for several years. He wanted to come and the woman was already marriedBirth: I didn’t expect my girlfriend to tell him that he was the child’s father!

“At that time, my mind was blank. We have been breaking up for several years. She never told me about the child. After a long talk, I learned that she was pregnant before the break up. Because of her bad temper, she decided she wouldThe child was born, but now I think I should know it, so I brought the child to see me.

“The woman didn’t ask Mr. Chen to take responsibility, but Mr. Chen was very scared. The child was just a mold printed by him, but now that he has a girlfriend he wants, he really doesn’t know how to explain to his girlfriend and family?

How should I get along with my ex-girlfriend and this child?Should I take on my father’s responsibility?

Do you have a blood test to see if your child is really his own flesh?

“I have been upset and scared every day since a child suddenly appeared. I don’t know what to do to perfect it!

“Afraid of being old, afraid of getting sick. Don’t think that only women are afraid of getting old.

I picked up the photos from my college days and found out how my hair is so much less than before. Occasionally I went out with friends to have a drink, but Tan Xingzheng found that I could n’t bear the sleepy insects. I could n’t stay up late for two or three days like a young age.In the past, the most proud muscles gradually relaxed, the six pack became a muscle, and even the beer belly became rough!

  Case: A Dong, 35 years old, director.

“To be honest, time is fair to both men and women. I used to hate women for fear of getting old, and then spent a lot of money on skin care products, or even plastic surgery, in an attempt to smooth the marks left by the years.

Now I find that the age of transformation is getting older and older, and I am also afraid of getting older. I really feel that my physical strength, appearance and menstruation are incomparable, and even the sex time is much worse than before.

It feels really scary to lose age and get older!

In addition to being afraid of being old, men are also afraid of getting sick. A sick man is embarrassed like a defeated rooster. Especially when he feels completely lost ownership and control, it makes many big men intolerable.

A Dong had stayed in the hospital for two days because of kidney stones, and those two days were neither standing nor sitting, which made A Dong suffer a lot.

“Wearing sick clothes, letting the nurse nurse and doctor call around, and undressing and trousers for all kinds of tests, dignity is lost!

Adong said that he was still young, just because the kidney stones had lived in the hospital for two days, and it was so uncomfortable. What if I suffered from a serious illness one day and not only suffered my own life but also burdened my family?