2015 Super Cup-Luneng 5:3 Evergrande wins Evergrande missed the championship for 3 consecutive years

2015 Super Cup-Luneng 5:3 Evergrande wins Evergrande missed the championship for 3 consecutive years
Minnan.com February 15 In the 2015 Super Cup, which ended yesterday, Shandong Luneng defeated Guangzhou Evergrande 5:3 in the penalty shootout to win the Super Cup for the first time.Since the first time the Super Cup was played in 1995, Luneng spent 20 years for this championship. This is also the first time that Luneng has beaten Guangzhou Evergrande in the past five years, and the Chinese Super League champion Guangzhou Evergrande has been in consecutive 3 years.Missed the Super Bowl champion.  Ma Yun, one of the club’s owners, watched the game on the spot in Hangzhou, but still failed to bring good luck to the team.This is Ma Yun’s second live viewing of Evergrande’s game. The first time was the AFC Champions League at home against Western Sydney. Although Evergrande won the game, it was still behind and eliminated in the total score.杯赛的悲剧  恒大面对的不是表现出色的鲁能门将王大雷、挡出黄博文点球的球门横梁,而是某种搞不定杯赛的传统——这些年来,恒大实现了中超四连冠,征服了Asia, but lost a lot of cup champions.  The Chinese Super League’s four consecutive championships means that Evergrande has 4 chances to compete for the Super Cup title.However, after defeating TEDA 2:1 in the first Super Cup in 2012, Evergrande started a streak of losing streak mode-2013 Super Cup 1:2 loss Shuntian, 2014 Super Cup 0:1 loss.This time, it was not only Cannavaro’s first ever coaching show, but also the appearance of Gorrat and Alan’s new foreign aid. The result was regrettable.  The history of Evergrande’s FA Cup was not smooth.In 2011, the second round was defeated and eliminated in the penalty shootout. In 2012, the two rounds defeated 5:3 and won the FA Cup, but the debt was paid the following year; the fourth round of the 2014 FA Cup was built.In the industry, although Diamanti and Gilardino started, Evergrande broke out.Time is running out    Evergrande has been the sufferer of Luneng before. Since Evergrande played in the Chinese Super League in 2011, the two sides have played 8 times, and Luneng has 5 draws and 3 losses.This time Luneng finally broke the curse and started the new season with the Super Cup champion. For Evergrande, the opposite is true.  As a cup match before the new season, the Luneng and Evergrande matchup even means the main melody after the start of the league. After both teams introduced high-value foreign aid, whether Luneng shakes the Evergrande dynasty or Evergrande continues to be strong, which makes the newThe season has attracted much attention.  Yesterday’s game can also be seen, Evergrande has not yet entered the best state, there is not enough tacit understanding among the players, more turnovers on the field.On February 25, Evergrande will usher in the first AFC Champions League game of the new season. This is the real test for Evergrande.For Evergrande, who is determined to win the AFC Champions League and the Chinese Super League, there is not much time left for them.Ever since Kongka left, Evergrande has lost the core of the midfield.Evergrande had hoped that Zheng Long could top it, but he was trapped by injuries for a long time.The reason why Evergrande fans miss the former king of celestial bodies is precisely because Kongka is indispensable.  In the 2015 season where there are more local tyrants and a stronger arms race, Evergrande wants to defend the Chinese Super League, the test is unprecedented!

Vieira scored two goals in the comeback and will join the National Security Council in winter training in Spain

Vieira scored two goals in the comeback and will join the National Security Council in winter training in Spain
In the 19th round of the West Division B, which ended in the early morning of Beijing time, Las Palmas beat Numancia 3 to 1 at home and scored a three-game winning streak.Biella once again became the team’s key man. He scored two goals for the team in the 27th and 73rd minutes.In early November, Vieira, who was loaned from Beijing Zhonghe Guoan to Las Palmas, ceased due to muscle discomfort. After two breaks, Vieira announced his comeback.Coupled with today’s two goals against Numancia, the Spaniard has already scored 5 goals in 3 rounds and is in a hot state after the comeback.Although Las Palmas hopes that Vieira can finish the West B season and return to Guoan, but Guoan also urgently needs a core return to participate in the team’s winter training preparations.It is understood that Vieira ‘s return time will not change, Las Palmas coach Mel revealed that Vieira will play until December 22-that is the final round of the 2019 Western Division B, Las PalmasWill play against Vallecano at home.On December 31, Biella ‘s lease contract will expire.According to the plan, the national security team will be re-focused on January 3 next year, and then go to Spain for winter training.After the Spring Festival, the team will go to Hainan, Suzhou for the final preparations for the new season.Vieira will meet with the team in Spain to restart their national security journey.

Xingyu shares (601799) 2019 first quarterly report comment: headlight business continued to rise against the upward trend

Xingyu shares (601799) 2019 first quarterly report comment: headlight business continued to rise against the upward trend

Event: The company released the first quarter report for 2019, which achieved a total of 14 operating revenues in the first quarter.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.

2%; budget benefit 0.

62 yuan; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.

700 million, an annual increase of 30.


The performance continued to materialize, and the leader of the lamp industry achieved another glory: According to data from the China Automobile Association, in the first quarter of 2019, China’s passenger car production and sales volume decreased by 14% in the automotive industry.

Under the negative tone of the industry’s negative growth, Xingyu’s revenue reached more than 21%, which was 13 MoM.

1%, profit growth of 30%.

The company ‘s substantial increase in profits and revenue was mainly due to the intensive launch of its new headlight projects, FAW-Volkswagen and FAW Toyota ‘s new vehicles, which became an important increase in the last quarter of last year.

The gross profit margin increased. The supplementary expense ratio decreased, and the return on 深圳桑拿网 investment continued to increase. In the first quarter of 2019, the gross profit margin of the automotive lamp business was 23.

3%, an increase of 2 per year.

Two averages, which continue to improve.

Due to the increase in employee compensation, the management expense ratio increased by zero.

Two units continue to invest in new research and development projects, with R & D costs increasing by 11 each year.

7%, slower than revenue growth is expected to be mainly related to the timing of new project batch production.

The company’s expenses are well controlled, with a total expense ratio of 8.

9%, a decline of 0 per year.

Two averages, the increase in gross profit margin is mainly due to the continuous improvement in yield.

In addition, the company’s net operating cash flow inflow in the first quarter11.

73 ppm, a 77% annual increase, and a significant improvement in cash flow performance.

The growth in the second half of 2019 is expected, and the German and Japanese are further growing: we believe that the situation in the second half of 2019 is optimistic.

In the fourth quarter, Nissan Xuanyi, Zhixuan and other orders will be supported globally. The value of bicycles is around 1,600 yuan, which is expected to bring more than 900 million yuan in revenue growth.

In addition, German orders are full, LED headlights in the new Polaris, Magotan and other models supporting the promotion of heavy volume in the second half of 2019.

In 2019, the three major brands of FAW-Volkswagen (Volkswagen, Audi and the third brand) are expected to continue to launch a number of new cars, which will increase the company’s performance.

The company has considerable room for growth in the second half of 2019, and the situation is optimistic.

Estimates and profit forecast: We forecast the company’s revenue for 2019/2020/2021 to be 6/84 / 10.4 billion and net profit to be 7.



4 ‰, corresponding to 27/20/15 times for 2019/2020 / 2021PE, and corresponding net profit margins of 22 respectively.

68% / 38.

57% / 28.

70%, maintaining the “overweight” rating unchanged.

Risk Warning: Product Restructuring Risk, Gross Margin Reduction Risk, Sales Risk of Major Customers

Perfect World (002624) 2019 annual report performance preview comment: film and television business drags down the overall performance in the future, light loading and optimistic, optimistic about 20 years of game products

Perfect World (002624) 2019 annual report performance preview comment: film and television business drags down the overall performance in the future, light loading and optimistic, optimistic about 20 years of game products

I. Event Overview (1) The company announced the 2019 annual report performance forecast, and it is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 will reach 14.


5 ppm, a ten-year average of 9.


01%; Non-recurring gains and losses in 2019 are approximately USD 400 million, mainly due to the uncompleted compensation gains of Tianjin Tongxin Film & Television Media’s performance commitments, which are included in the government subsidies for the current profit and loss, and the profit or loss of the client’s investment or management assets2.

600 million; net profit after deducting non-attribution reached 10.


5 ppm, a ten-year average of 20.

5% -27.


(2) The net profit attributable to the mother in the single quarter of 19Q4 was -0.



750,000 yuan, 3 in 18Q4.

900 million; net profit after deduction is -3.


700 million, 18Q4 is 3.


Second, analyze and judge the overall performance of the film and television business dragged down the overall performance, inventory, goodwill accrued depreciation, impairment preparations are completed, the performance of light-loaded companies in the future is expected to gradually return to the mother net profit of 9% in 19 years?
15%, 19Q4 single quarter net profit attributable to mother is -0.


7.5 billion US dollars, mainly because the film and television business is affected by factors such as the market and the industry’s overall environment, and its performance has continued to decline, which is expected to reach 3-3.

600 million.

Mainly 1, the company intends to make provision 3 for the inventory.

5-4 million, the provision for falling prices is mainly for inventory products (projects that have been filmed and issued licenses, 19H1 is 7.

8.6 billion).

The TV drama industry generally has an 18-month production cycle. From mid-2018 to the third quarter of 2019, it is at a stage of high costs (high cost of shooting inventory) and low revenue (lower channel-side prices).The inventory photographed at that time made provision for price reduction, and the risk of price reduction of the remaining inventory was small.

2. The company intends to make provision for impairment of the goodwill of Tianjin Tongxin Film and Television Media.


800 million (19H1 goodwill is 6.

9.8 billion), which basically lies in the fact that 70% of Beijing Youth Hello Culture Media Co., Ltd. of Tongxin Film & Television Holdings Co., Ltd. cannot fulfill its performance commitments in 2019, so it makes provision for impairment of goodwill.Net profit is not less than 1.

300 million, 1.

4 trillion, 19H1 company’s original good book carrying ratio of 13.
6 trillion, impairment provision has been made to 3.

At 9 trillion, the goodwill of Tianjin Tongxin Media accounted for 72% of the goodwill without provision for impairment. The remaining goodwill has a lower risk of impairment in the future.

We believe that the company’s inventory, goodwill accrual provision is completed, and the boots have landed, so they can be loaded lightly in the future.

The performance of the game business is dazzling, optimistic that the company will continue to play games for 20 years. The company’s game business is expected to achieve a net profit of 18 in 2019.


2 trillion, brilliant performance, compared with 13 in the same period last year.

7 trillion, is expected to grow 35 per year.
2% -40.


In 19 years of the company ‘s game products, mobile games such as “Perfect World”, “Four Seasons Songs in Cloud Dreams”, “The Legend of Condor Heroes 2”, “My Origins”, “New Swordsman” and othersGames, 2019.


The performance of the new “Smiling Swordsman” launched on the 19th exceeded market expectations. The iOS game bestseller ranking is currently stable at the top 20 and the highest 4th. It once again verifies that the company has mature and excellent product power in heavy MMORPG games, and continues to be optimistic about the company’s presence in MMORPG. Long-term game operation + long life cycle, company 2020.


9 On-line second-dimensional development of the business game Mengjianji series sequel “Mengjianji Cygnus” has a good reputation, the iOS game bestseller ranking is currently stable in the top 100, optimistic about the company’s continued deep cultivation and category in the two-dimensional game categoryWiden.

The company ‘s game products are still a big year for 20 years. We are optimistic about the outstanding performance of new games such as “New God Demon Continent”, “Dream God”, “Remains of War” and “Magic Tower” which are expected to be launched next year.

Third, the investment proposal estimates the company’s net profit for 2019-202114.



0 million yuan, EPS 1.



5 yuan, corresponding to PE40 / 23/18 times, the current market value of 59.1 billion, PE (TTM) at 53% points since 17 years.

Short-term optimistic about the company’s new online launch in the future to contribute to the performance, medium- and long-term optimistic about the company’s heavy MMORPG game long-term operation + long 上海夜网论坛life cycle and research and development strength in the cloud gaming era has a first-mover advantage, maintaining a “recommended” rating.

Fourth, risk warning: film and television content supervision is becoming tighter, film and television performance is less than expected risk; existing game product flow declines too quickly; risk of new game flow is lower than expected risk.

Pengding Holdings (002938) Annual Report Review Report: Steady Growth in 18 Years of Performance and Significant Improvement in Per Capita Growth

Pengding Holdings (002938) Annual Report Review Report: Steady Growth in 18 Years of Performance and Significant Improvement in Per Capita Growth
Event: The company announced its 2018 annual report on March 31, 2019, and the company achieved revenue of 258 in 18 years.55 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.08%, net profit attributable to mother 27.71 ppm, a 51-year increase of 51.65%, gross margin is 23.19%, an annual increase of 5.3%, net interest rate 10.72%, an annual increase of 3.08%; operating cash flow increased by 271 in ten years.18% can reduce earnings to 1.3 yuan shares, an annual increase of 39.78%, with an expected ROE of 19.75%, an increase of 2 each year.64%.The company’s 19-year capital expenditure is expected to be 33.US $ 7.3 billion. The 19-year performance indicators are revenue, profit, and net profit, each growing 0-10% each year. Opinion: We are steadfastly optimistic about the company’s new momentum and medium and long-term growth.The company is a global PCB leader, and its 18-year product structure improvement performance has shown steady growth; the automation effect has appeared, the gross profit margin, the per capita revenue as a whole has shown an upward trend, and it has been active in large customers.Looking forward to 19 years, Android customers: The company introduced Huawei’s FPC project in 18 years, and it is expected that the performance will increase in 19 years. Apple: In 19 years, the material and structure of the new antennas will be changed to increase the value of single devices and create performance growth points.In the medium and long term, the company will continue to benefit from the introduction of 5G terminals (Apple / Android accelerated penetration FPC / SLP) / related smart devices such as AR / VR / TWS headsets, and smart / lightweight trends in automotive electronics.At the same time, we are optimistic about the company’s active expansion of production, technological transformation 合肥夜网 and automation to improve product structure and profitability. The “One Bird House” product system highlights the competitive advantages and the steady growth of its main business; the development performance of automation and the per capita efficiency continue to increase.In 2018, the company completed the integration of product architecture, and its products covered FPC / HDI / R-PCB / SLP / Rigid Flex / COF, etc., and achieved revenue of 258.55 trillion, of which the communication board realized 204 revenue.16 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.41%, gross margin is 8.41%; revenue from the consumer electronics segment was 54.24 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.17%, gross margin is 26.12%; the card position is leading among large customers, and the revenue of the largest customer is 70.27%, an increase of 6 per year.98%.In addition, the company’s product structure is optimized + SLP 杭州品茶夜网 production and sales are stable, overlapping automation is improved, and gross margin growth is increasing.3pct, net interest rate increased by 3 in ten years.08pct, per capita revenue increased by 9 in ten years.340,000 / person, 72.870 thousand / person. Looking forward to 19 years, the company has developed an active card slot 5G reinforced leading structure, proactively expanded production to meet demand, continued technological transformation, continuously improved automation, and improved profitability.In terms of R & D expenditure, the company’s R & D expenditure in 2018 was 12.23 ppm, an increase of 19 in ten years.63%, the company’s research and development in 19 years focused on development to meet customer needs, actively expand the product line business layout and enhance competitive advantages, and strengthen the position of 5G leader; meanwhile, the capital expenditure in 19 years was 33.7.3 billion, in addition to the investment and investment projects, external investment projects include the construction of the headquarters and the construction of the second plant in Shenzhen, which will further expand production capacity to meet demand, while continuing to carry out technical transformation under the original production, increase high-end production equipment, meet product upgrade requirements, and improve automationThe production level and profitability are expected to be sustainable.Under the implementation of the progressive “stable growth, structural adjustment, innovation, and risk control” business strategy, the company’s 19-year performance indicators are revenue, profit, and net profit have all increased 0-10%. Investment suggestion: Based on the company’s 19-year guidance outlook, the EPS for 2019-2020 will be changed from 1.44、1.78 yuan / share adjusted to 1.32, 1.53 yuan / share, net profit from 33.27, 41.1.6 billion to 30.54, 35.$ 3.5 billion, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Apple sales continue to deteriorate, customer expansion and improvement are less than expected, 5G progress is slow

Ali is determined to have no chance with the Hong Kong Stock Connect, but these stocks are likely to have a play

Ali is determined to have no chance with the Hong Kong Stock Connect, but these stocks are likely to have a play
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  The Hang Seng Index Company will announce the index results again!This means that the standard of the Hong Kong Stock Connect will also usher in adjustment.  Since the launch of the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, both the trend of northbound funds has attracted much attention, and the operation of southbound funds has often caused market follow-ups because of its obvious impact on the liquidity of Hong Kong stocks, especially small and medium-sized stocks.  Take Xiaomi and Meituan as examples. After being transferred to the Hong Kong Stock Connect on October 28, 2019, the mainland funds continued to buy and buy, driving the two stocks to continue to grow until the market close on the 12th. Xiaomi Group and Meituan have already adjusted their comments.Previously rose more than 40% and 14%.  As of February 11, mainland funds have gradually increased their holdings of Xiaomi Group 11 in the past three months.500 million shares, accounting for 4 of the total outstanding share capital of the stock.78%; gradually buy Meituan comment 1.900 million shares, accounting for 3 of the total outstanding share capital of the stock.26%.  The new round of HSI restarts. The Hang Seng Index Company will announce the results of changes to the Hang Seng Index Series in the fourth quarter of 2019 on February 21, 2020, and will take effect on March 9. The corresponding list of Hong Kong Stock Connect will also beAdjust your strength on March 9.  With the expansion of the new period of adjustment of the Hong Kong Stock Connect’s constituent stock adjustment window period, the Hong Kong stock market has been about to move, the hot-selected target Ya Life Service has been rising for 8 days, and the heartbeat company has gradually increased 56% since January 1, this year.Another subject, Alibaba, which was highly anticipated by the market, was dropped by 2% during the session on the 11th because it was cleared by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it will not temporarily divide the Hong Kong Stock Connect.  Alibaba determined that entering the Hang Seng Composite Index without splitting the Hong Kong Stock Connect into the Hang Seng Composite Index for the time being is a necessary condition for splitting the Hong Kong Stock Connect. Therefore, the move of the Hang Seng Index Company to divide Alibaba into the Hang Seng Composite Stock Index on December 9, 2019, once caused the market to revive.  However, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange News reported on the 11th that it regretted that the shares of the second-listed company with a different voting right structure currently do not involve the scope of the Hong Kong Stock Connect.In the future, HKEx looks forward to reaching consensus with relevant parties.  This means that Alibaba, the only “second-listed stock with a different voting right structure” in Hong Kong stocks, still failed to become an investable target for mainland investors in the adjustment of the Hong Kong Stock Connect constituent stocks on March 9.  As the entry into the “Hong Kong Stock Connect” list is expected to fall, Alibaba’s Hong Kong stocks fell by 2% in the early morning on the 11th, but it rebounded quickly and was close to flat.On the 12th, it opened lower and moved higher, closing up by 1.32%.Alibaba released the third quarter financial report from the beginning of the year to February 13, and its management team also began a follow-up financial conference call.  According to the latest research report of CITIC Securities, according to the current “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Business Implementation Measures” and “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Business Implementation Measures”, although Alibaba has been selected into the Hang Seng Comprehensive Large-Cap Index, it is a secondary stock under the same structure of different shares.For listed companies, Ali still needs to meet the requirements of six months of listing and 20 Hong Kong stock trading days to reflect the place where the Hong Kong stock exchange standard is discussed.  Alibaba is returning to the Hong Kong stock market on November 26, 2019.  The Hang Seng Index Company conducts an index conversion of the Hang Seng Composite Index every six months, and the constituent stocks of the Hong Kong Stock Connect will follow the index adjustment and change accordingly. Generally speaking, the adjustment will take effect in March and September each year.CITIC Securities believes that if special review is not initiated, Alibaba will discuss it as early as June this year, announce the results by the end of August, and be formally approved to replace the Hong Kong Stock Connect by September.  However, even if Alibaba will not be divided by the Hong Kong Stock Connect for the time being, it may be divided into the Hang Seng Index and lead to passive fund additions to track the HSI.  On January 13, the Hang Seng Index Company has initiated market consultation on whether the Hang Seng Index should be divided into companies with different rights and secondary listed companies with the same shares. CITIC Securities expects that the Hang Seng Index may open its arms to the “new economy”, Alibaba, MeituanComments, Xiaomi Group and other “new economy” companies were divided by the green light of the Hang Seng Index to try to turn on.  These stocks have a high probability. Based on the adjustment principles of the Hang Seng Composite Index and the Hong Kong Stock Connect, Anson Securities selected 12 stocks that may be transferred to the Hong Kong Stock Connect this time: Xiaobian selected a few fundamentals from these 12 stocks.And the recent trend is better for investors’ reference: Heartbeat Company: It also has the concepts of Hong Kong stock exchange for horses, house economy, and new shares.This year has gradually increased by 56%.As of the close of the 12th, the stock market reached 11.3 billion euros.  The company’s main business is the development and operation of games, while operating a Chinese game community and platform TapTap. Until September 30, 2019, the company operated a total of 54 games, including 42 online games and 12 betting games.The key products are “Wonderland Legends M”, “Girls Frontline” and so on.  Agile Life Services: Real estate developer Agile Group’s property subsidiary is spun off and listed by Agile Group.The stock has 都市夜网 gradually increased by 27% this year and closed for 12 consecutive days. The stock market has changed by 456.700 million feet.  Ya Life Services released a performance forecast on February 11 stating that it is expected that the profit growth and profit attributable to shareholders in 2019 will be no less than 50% and 45% over the same period in 2018.The increase was mainly due to the increase in the area under management and the increase in revenue from multiple value-added services, as well as the effective control of management expenses.  China Feihe: an advantaged enterprise of domestic brand infant formula.It landed on Hong Kong stocks on November 13, 2019 and was rebuilt with a market value of approximately 67 billion when it was listed. It is the first dairy company with the largest market value in the history of Hong Kong stocks.Although the short-selling agency was 无锡桑拿网 short-sold shortly after the listing, China Feihe continued to rise. On February 12, the stock market value reached 957.700 million feet.  According to the company’s prospectus, China Feihe’s 2018 revenue and net profit were approximately 10.4 billion and 22, respectively.4 trillion yuan; as of the first half of 2019, the company has more than 1,800 dealers, covering more than 10.90,000 points of sale.  Meidong Automobile: A private car distribution group headquartered in Guangdong, which mainly sells high-end and luxury cars. Its current brands include BMW, Lexus, Toyota, and Beijing Hyundai.As the inflation rate reached 266% in 2019, the current market value of Meidong Automobile is close to 13 billion tons, and it meets the market value of the Hong Kong Stock Connect “market value of more than 5 billion tons”.  In the first half of 2019, East American Motors earned 68.43 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 57.4%, net profit increased by 49.6% to 2.3.6 billion yuan.

Five unknown benefits of counting mushrooms

Five unknown benefits of counting mushrooms

Five unknown benefits of counting mushrooms?

Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and delicious, and have been classified as first-class cuisine since ancient times. They are high-protein, low-fat, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides in the body.

  And regular consumption of mushrooms can very well promote the body’s absorption of other food nutrients.

Mushrooms may have 18 amino acids, and some mushrooms have a better amino acid composition than beef.

  Studies have found that the nutritional value of mushrooms is second only to milk.

It is generally believed that meat and legumes contain higher animal protein and plant protein, respectively. In fact, the protein content in mushrooms is also very high.

  Many mushrooms contain carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, so mushrooms are also known as “treasury of vitamin A”.

  However, according to the American Edible Fungi Association consultant Margo Krauss, in addition to the obvious benefits mentioned above, mushrooms have the following five “secret weapons”.

  A handful of mushrooms in the Twenty Calories contains the essence of nature and is very healthy food.

The nutrition in the mushrooms helps the heart health and improves immunity.

  The amount of mushrooms in each meal is only about 20 calories, which is much less than the conversion of rice cakes.

  Taste Mushroom has the sixth taste-umami, besides sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty.

When they are cooked with other foods, they have an excellent flavor and are a good “tasty supplement”.

  Substitute staple food data shows that if someone replaces staple foods such as fried rice with 100 grams of mushrooms per meal and sticks to it for a year, even if there is no change in diet structure, they can consume less1.

The speed of 80,000 kcal is equivalent to two kilograms.

You know, two two kilograms are not difficult, but losing two kilograms of aunt may require you to train hard in the gym for several months.

Postpartum, mothers have many disadvantages

Postpartum, mothers have many disadvantages

Beauty is a human nature. Many young mothers pay special attention to their body shape changes, and think that tightening the abdomen after childbirth will help the body shape recovery.

So, prepare belly bands and bodybuilding pants early before giving birth.

When the child is born, he wraps himself tightly from his belly to his belly, making it difficult to bend down.

When you can go down to the ground, put on your bodybuilding pants and bandage tightly on your body, hoping that this will restore your body shape.

  Under normal circumstances, female pelvic reproductive organs are maintained in their normal position by various ligaments and pelvic floor supporting tissues.

During pregnancy, the growth and development of metabolites, a series of adaptive changes will occur in each system of the mother, and the most significant changes in the reproductive system, especially the uterus, its volume and weight increased to 18 and 20 times before pregnancy, respectively; fixed uterusThe ligaments soften and extend accordingly.

After childbirth, the uterus begins to recover and can be lowered into the pelvis in about 10 days, but it takes 6 weeks to return to normal size.

The fixed ligament of the uterus, due to excessive expansion during pregnancy, is slightly looser than before pregnancy.

The vaginal and pelvic floor supporting tissues, due to excessive expansion, expansion and destruction during delivery, can not fully restore the prenatal state. Due to the expansion of the pregnant uterus, the abdominal wall will relax after delivery. It can gradually recover in about 6-8 weeks.

  From the above observations, wrapping the abdominal cavity during normal puerperium does not help to restore the tension of the abdominal wall. On the contrary, due to the increase in abdominal pressure, the support of pelvic floor supporting tissues and ligaments on the reproductive organs is reduced, resulting in uterine droop and severe uterineLean back flexion, vaginal anterior, posterior wall bulging and so on.

Due to the change of the normal position of the reproductive organs, the pelvic blood flow is not smooth, the resistance is reduced, and it is easy to cause various gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis, and pelvic stasis syndrome, which seriously affects maternal health.

  Due to pregnancy, pregnant women have strong metabolic functions.

In addition to supplementing itself and the fetus, it needs to accumulate about 5 traces distributed in the chest, abdomen, and chest to provide energy for late pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, and more for lactation.

This misfortune does not disappear quickly because the belly is wrapped during the puerperium.

  To restore body shape, first, postpartum exercise, more leg lifts, sit-ups, etc. can enhance abdominal muscle tension, and most importantly, breastfeeding.

According to research by French scientists, the slight accumulation in the buttocks and femurs is almost exclusively for breastfeeding, so postpartum breastfeeding can not only promote the recovery of the uterus, but also help restore body shape.

And breast milk pregnancy has great complications for the growth and development of newborns.

Who should tofu fall in love with-

With whom should tofu “fall in love”?

Rich food, but not perfect food.
Take tofu as an example. Its soft and slippery, instant mouthfeel really makes people “love it,” and it is not behind in nutrition-rich in high-quality protein, cholesterol-free, and rich in calcium.
  However, tofu also has a little shortcoming in terms of nutrition. Among them, the content of thiamin, an essential amino acid in the human body, is insufficient, so it cannot be fully utilized by the human body.
  Fortunately, this deficiency of tofu can be compensated by eating corn.
Corn is rich in methionine, but lacks lysine and serine in tofu. If you eat them together, the nutrient absorption rate can be greatly improved.
Moreover, these two kinds of food can be easily bought in the market, and everyone may wish to eat together.
Recently, a German study showed that of all staple foods, corn has the highest nutritional value and best health care.
In a year-long study, experts compared various indicators of nutritional value and health effects on various staple foods such as corn and rice.
It was found that the vitamin content in corn was very high, 5-10 times that of rice and flour, and it also contained 7 “anti-aging agents”: calcium, glutathione, cellulose, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E and fatty acids.
Therefore, using corn as a staple food and a tofu dish is a good lunch option.
  In addition to corn, tofu is also a good partner with fish, meat, and eggs.
Studies by nutritionists have found that taurine contained in fish meat can lower cholesterol.
Therefore, tofu and fish are eaten together, the effect of lowering cholesterol is greatly enhanced.
In addition, the tofu methionine content is less, while the fish content is very rich. The two can be used together to complement each other, complement each other, and have higher nutritional value.
  Matching tofu with meat and egg foods can supplement methionine, thereby improving the nutrient utilization of protein in tofu.
Adding various minced meat to tofu, or frying tofu with eggs, can make fuller use of the rich protein contained in it and improve its nutritional grade.

Eliminate acne

Eliminate acne

1. Kelp raw ground mung bean lean broth takes 30 grams of kelp, 18 grams of raw ground, 100 grams of mung beans, 3 grams of peel, and 100 grams of lean pork.

Wash the shredded seaweed, shred the pork, and cut the shreds. Place it in the casserole with the raw ground and mung beans. Add a moderate amount of water to a low heat pot for 2 hours. Add salt to eat immediately.

This medicated diet has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and nourishing yin, and can often treat recurrent acne.

  2. Peach kernel, hawthorn and lotus leaf porridge: take peach kernel, hawthorn, fritillary, 8 grams each, lotus leaf half sheet, 60 grams of rice.

Mince the first 4 herbs, boil them with water for 30 minutes, remove the residue, and use the juice to make porridge with the previous rice. Take 1 dose daily for 15 days as a course of treatment.

This medicated diet has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, clearing heat and detoxifying, and is suitable for those with severe acne symptoms.

  3. Coix porridge with coix seed chrysanthemum, take 9 grams of coix leaves, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of coix seed, and 50 grams of rice.

First fry the first 2 flavors of medicine and add 3 bowls of water to 2 bowls, remove the residue, add barley kernels, and the right amount of rice and water.

Take 1 porridge daily for 10 days as a course of treatment.

This medicated diet has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, resolving phlegm, relieving cough, and removing dampness and firmness, and is suitable for those who are new to acne.

  4, black bean and motherwort porridge take 100 grams of black beans, 50 grams of motherwort, 9 grams of hematoxylin, peach kernel, 150 grams of rice.

First chop the motherwort, hematoxylin and peach kernels, fry them with water for 30 minutes, remove the dregs and extract the juice. Cook the medicinal sauce and black beans with water and add them to the rice and water porridge.Take 1 small bowl each morning, middle, and evening, and 1 dose every other day.

This medicated diet has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, and nourishing kidney and analgesic, and is suitable for patients with congestive acne.