2014 World Cup Nigeria vs Argentina score prediction history record analysis who will win

2014 World Cup Nigeria vs Argentina score prediction history record analysis who will win
Nigeria vs Argentina score prediction analysis: 3:1 or 2:1 Who will win the 2014 World Cup Nigeria vs Argentina?June 26, 2014 Update Nigeria VS Argentina match results: 2-3 Argentina Brazil World Cup Group F Argentina and Nigeria team final battle took place on the 25th at the riverside stadium.Can the South American “Pampas Prairie Eagle”, who has been the first to qualify for 2 consecutive victories, win the “African Eagle” who performed poorly immediately and advance to the next round with a winning victory?Can Messi, who has become the savior of both teams, take the next level?2014 World Cup VSVS Bibi prediction historical record analysis who will win the 2014 World Cup group stage Nigeria third round VS who will win the 2014 World Cup and Earl team comparison 2014 World Cup national team 23 people list main part (picture) 2014 World Cup Argentina national team level 23 National People’s CongressList (picture) Nigeria VS Argentina two teams start prediction forecast Argentina (3-5-2) Goalkeeper: Romero Defenders: Burdisso, De Michelis, Otamendi Midfielders: Sabaletta, MasCerano, Rojo/José Sousa, Di Maria forward: Messi, Higuain Diabetes (442): 1-Enyama/14-Obo Abona (29’2-Jobo), 22-Omeruau, 5-Ambroise, 13-Oshaniva/17-Onazzi, 10-Miquel, 15-Azes (69’8-Odumwingi), 11-Moses (52’23-Ameobi) / 7-Musa, 9-Emenique Namibia VS Argentina historical confrontation record: 4 matches, Argentina 3 wins all diabetes Diabetes World Cup results Nigeria has participated in four times in historyThe World Cup finals will be the fifth time in 2014. Their first competition in 1994 was a surprise to the world.In the first round, they defeated Bulgaria 3-0. In this round, they lost 1-2 to Argentina. In the final round, they defeated Greece 2-0 and qualified with the first result of the group.In the knockout, Nigeria once led Italy 1-0 at 89 minutes, but Baggio’s equalizer goal and overtime penalty ended the first World Cup tour of the African Eagles.In 2002, Nigeria was placed in the death group in the Korea-Japan World Cup. The results of losing Bo, Sweden and Ping England made them replace the group to qualify.In 2006, the African Eagles gradually advanced to the finals of the German World Cup. In 2010, the group lost 1 draw and 2 losses.Argentina’s previous World Cup results to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Argentina participated in the finals 20 times in total, also the 10th consecutive competition.Argentina has reached the World Cup’s champion and runner-up finals 4 times, and won the championship in 1978 and 1986, but was runner-up in 1930 and 1990.In the 2010 World Cup, Argentina played against Germany in the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, Messi, Higuain and others performed mediocrely. They lost to Germany 0:4 and missed the semifinals.Same day campaign: 2014 World Cup Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iran score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Honduras VS Switzerland score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Ecuador VS France score prediction historical record analysis who will win

Liu Shijin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: promote green consumption through fiscal and taxation policies

Liu Shijin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: promote green consumption through fiscal and taxation policies
The green transformation in the pioneering consumer field is slower than the production field, and has become a shortcoming in green development.How to promote green consumption and lifestyle?Liu Shijin, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested in a preliminary plan that in the 14th Five-Year Plan, green consumption and lifestyle issues should be transformed into a more prominent strategic layout, and efforts and targeted policy progress should be adopted.In this regard, Liu Shijin made a number of suggestions, including: through fiscal and taxation policies and other policies to encourage consumers to green consumption willingness and behavior.Establish perfect green consumption incentive policies in construction, transportation, energy, logistics and other fields.  Specifically, for the promotion of green consumption and lifestyle, Liu Shijin made five suggestions: First, in the 14th Five-Year Plan, the goal requirements for promoting green consumption and lifestyle were proposed, which can be expressed as: green consumption in the whole societyAwareness has increased significantly, the supply of green consumer products has increased, green and low-carbon consumption patterns and lifestyles have been initially formed, and a green consumption policy system with incentives and constraints and weightlifting has basically been established to provide important internal outstanding capabilities for improving the ecological environment and achieving sustainable development.By 2030, the sustainable consumption target and the experience of Germany, Sweden and other countries will establish a perfect green consumption indicator system and become an important part of the development index system of the 14th Five-Year Plan.  Second, make clothing, food, housing, transportation and travel a key area for promoting green consumption in the 14th Five-Year Plan.Promote green eating and drinking, carry out anti-food waste actions from the entire chain of warehousing, transportation, retailing, and dining tables, and comprehensively promote green catering takeout; promote green buildings, and guide conditional urban new buildings to fully implement green building standards, and in the transformation of old communitiesPromote green building standards, comprehensively promote green building design, construction, and operation; promote green travel, encourage low-carbon travel methods such as walking, cycling, and public transportation, increase the promotion of new energy vehicles, and encourage transportation, sanitation, rental, and commuting,New and updated vehicles in postal express, logistics and other fields adopt clean energy vehicles; promote green households, encourage consumers to choose energy-saving appliances, high-efficiency lighting products, water-saving appliances, green building materials and other green products, encourage enterprises to provide and allow consumers to chooseReuse, durable and repairable products, promote the greening, reduction and recyclability of express packaging; promote green dressing, carry out “zero discard” activities and “clothing rebirth” activities of old clothes, support and promote textile and garment enterprisesRenovate the green supply chain; promote green tourism, formulate and publish green tourism consumption conventions and consumption guides, encourage tourist hotels and scenic spots to introduce green tourism consumption incentives, and promote the protection of biodiversity as a tourism-related standard.  Third, in accordance with the joint efforts of the supply side and the demand side, with incentives and constraints simultaneously, government enterprises and consumers jointly establish the principle of co-governance and sharing, and establish a green consumption policy system.Through fiscal and taxation policies and other policies, consumers are encouraged to be willing and behavior in green consumption.Establish a sound incentive policy for green consumption in construction, transportation, energy, logistics and other fields.Leading the continuous improvement of product and service levels through the formulation and implementation of technology, product, quality and other standards, especially the “leader” standard.Amend the “Government Procurement Law”, expand the scope of procurement of green products and services, explore the implementation of a mandatory green procurement system, and encourage social groups and enterprises to carry out green procurement.Explore the establishment of a system for government departments, public institutions and large enterprises to take carbon neutral actions in conjunction with large-scale activities.  Fourth, strengthen infrastructure and capacity building to promote green consumption.Establish a green consumption statistics system to promote the monitoring, collection and evaluation of green consumption data.Establish a green consumer information platform, release green product and service information, and improve the transparency of green product production and consumption.Accelerate the construction of standards for green products and services in related fields, form a scientific and transparent certification system for green products and services, and increase the effective supply of green products and services.The digital green low-carbon lifestyle platform with national influence and unified applicable standards built with government support will help maintain the green and low-carbon behavior of consumers and groups.  Fifth, issue green consumption vouchers and promote the promotion of green lifestyles.In the process of responding to the impact of the New Crown epidemic on stimulating consumption, green consumption vouchers that use green products and services can be restored to guide the positive role of green consumption.Guide green consumption into social fashion, and incorporate the concept of green consumption into various types of education, training, and theme publicity and education activities.Establish a green consumption incentive and disciplinary system for the public, strengthen green consumption information disclosure and public participation, oppose extravagance and waste and unreasonable consumption, and advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle.Reporter Hou Runfang edited Sun Yong proofreading Li Xiangling

Chuanyin’s net profit last year was nearly 18 billion in research and development, with a share of only 3.18%

Chuanyin’s net profit last year was nearly 18 billion in research and development, with a share of only 3.18%
On April 27, the domestic mobile phone manufacturer Chuanyin Holdings, which focuses on emerging markets such as Africa and South Asia, announced its 2019 results.The annual report shows that Chuanyin Holdings achieved revenue of 253 last year.46 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 11.92%; the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company.9.3 billion, an annual increase of 172.8%; after excluding non-recurring gains and losses, the net profit is 15.5.3 billion, an annual increase of 26.84%.The title of Chuanyin Holdings. The main reason for the net profit surpassing the increase last year was that the company continued to maintain profitability in the African market. At the same time, the Indian market reduced the impact of tariffs by optimizing product structure and increasing the proportion of local procurement and manufacturing.In addition, Chuanyin Holdings purchased foreign exchange forward contract products in 2018 to form 7.79 trillion US dollars, the factors affecting the net profit in 2018, so expect non-recurring gains and losses, Chuanyin’s net profit growth rate and revenue growth rate are more in line.Chuanyin said that the company plans to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 6 for every 10 shares to all shareholders.8 yuan (including tax), this profit distribution will not convert capital reserve into share capital, and will not send bonus shares.The vast majority of Chuanyin’s revenue comes from mobile phone sales. Last year, mobile phone sales accounted for 93%.21%, revenue increased by 10 in ten years.25% to 236.2.6 billion; and other revenues such as advertising and Internet services amounted to 97.6.3 billion, an annual increase of 31.39%.In the mobile phone business, Chuanyin said that the company produced a total of 1 last year.400 million mobile phones with a budget of 1.3.7 billion, this figure is even higher than Xiaomi (1.25 billion units).According to IDC statistics, Transsion Holdings had a global market share of 8 last year.1%, ranking fourth; of which the African market share is 52.5%, ranking first; Indian market share 6.8%, ranking fifth; Bangladesh’s market share 15.6%, ranking second.Transsion Holdings, known as the “King of Africa”, also had revenues in the African market last year. The company’s revenue in the African region reached 190.05 trillion, an increase of 10 in ten years.88%; Asia and other regions have revenues of 55.$ 9.7 billion, an annual increase of 11.twenty three%.However, most of the sales of Transsion Holdings in emerging markets such as Africa are non-smart phones, and the market share of smart phones has decreased.According to IDC data, Transac Holdings’ share of the global smartphone market increased by 3 last year.1%, ranking seventh.In addition, the research and development investment of Chuanyin Holdings last year was only 8.0.5 billion yuan, accounting for 3% of the company’s revenue.18%, lower than Xiaomi, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers.Judging from the disclosure of the research project, Chuanyin Holdings is currently studying folding screen mobile phones (investment scale of 30 million), lifting cameras (investment scale of 18 million), 5G mobile phone radio frequency technology (investment scale of 42 million), etc.In the annual report, Chuanyin Holdings stated that it is the company’s long-term strategy to deepen the African market. At the same time, it will increase its efforts to accelerate the development of new African businesses, especially mobile internet business, and actively expand the peripheral products of smart terminals including home appliances and accessories.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Zhao Ze proofreading Jia Ning

Tianyin Holdings (000829): Winning the bid Zhongzhong Online will promote performance improvement and e-cigarettes or become a new growth point for the company’s profits

Tianyin Holdings (000829): Winning the bid Zhongzhong Online will promote performance improvement and e-cigarettes or become a new growth point for the company’s profits

The company announced that Shenzhen Suicai, a wholly-owned company, received the “Bid Announcement” issued by the procurement agency Zhongji International Tendering Co., Ltd., and confirmed that Shenzhen Suicai was the successful bidder for the construction of a new software system for China Welfare 北京spa会所 Lottery Video Lottery.The amount was 89.8 million yuan.

Tianyin Communication, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, decided to increase its business scope due to business needs. The supplementary business items were: electronic smoking appliances, metal smoking appliances (excluding tobacco products), and sales of cigarette oil.

The successful bid of Shenzhen Suicai will bring huge operating income to the company.

The video lottery market is developing rapidly and the market share is huge. Especially the video lottery market is in the growth stage and has huge development potential. In 2017, the total revenue of Zhongfu Online is US $ 7.1 billion and the net income (calculated by 35%)It’s about $ 2.5 billion, and it has continued to improve in recent times.

Tianyin’s B-end customer, Zhongfucai Center, is one of the only single lottery issuing organizations in China. Zhongfu Online is the only video lottery sold in Zhongfucai Center across the country.The forthcoming four innovative games developed for the Zhongfucai Center will each be slightly better than “Succession in the Chain”, so the successful bid of Shenzhen Suicai Technology Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned sun company of Tianyin Holdings, will surely be a win for the company.Bring a lot of benefits.

The company has a monopoly position in the e-cigarette market, and its future profit contribution can be expected.

China has about three smokers.

500 million people, and the penetration rate of e-cigarettes is less than 1%. Assuming that the penetration rate of e-cigarettes will reach 10% in the future, the corresponding market size can reach 100 billion levels. This is a market for profit that cannot be ignored.

And the company has experienced 20 years of vigorous development, and now has rich channel resources and comprehensive industrial integration capabilities. Tianyin takes the channel as the king and cooperates with electronic cigarette manufacturers through the national agent model, which will definitely bring huge profits in the future.

Earnings forecast and rating: After Shenzhen Investment Control Holdings, the company gradually formed a “1 + N” strategic layout, and cooperated with Huawei to go abroad to further promote the “go global” strategy of Chinese smartphones.

The company focuses on mobile phone distribution and the main business of lottery while actively using existing channel advantages to actively expand new products.

The company’s EPS for 19-21 is expected to be 0.

27, 0.

35, 0.

47 yuan, corresponding to 8.

The 13 closing prices of PE were 19, 15, and 11 times respectively, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”.

Risk warning: upstream gross profit squeeze, overseas demand is less than expected, exchange rate risk and new business development are less than expected.

Goertek (002241): Achievements in VR and TWS are setting sail

Goertek (002241): Achievements in VR and TWS are setting sail

Goertek: The multi-faceted accumulation of acoustic and optical technology blossoms, and its performance is expected to rebound in 2019. Goertech was established in 2001, mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and manufacturing of acoustic-optical precision components, acoustic intelligent machines, and intelligent hardware.Sales.

Affected by weak consumer electronics demand and intensified competition in acoustic products, Gore’s revenue in 2018 fell and its performance was under pressure.

We believe that GoerTek’s performance in 2019 is expected to rebound, due to: 1) strong revenue growth in the demand for TWS headphones and smart speakers, TWS headphones turn losses and reduce the profit margin of the entire acoustics; 2) acoustic upgrades and end products squeeze precision componentsRevenue growth; 3) 5G commercialization promotes growth of VR / AR and wearable device industry.

We expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be zero.



59 yuan.

The first coverage was given a “Buy” rating.

Acoustic accessories are upgraded to optimize the product structure, and terminal applications are the main driving force for growth. From the very beginning, GoerTek has focused on the development and production of precision components. In terms of materials research and development, material processing, precision injection molding, simulation test verification and other technologies, processes and processesHas deep strength and experience.

Although smartphones have entered the stock market, we believe that the demand for acoustic accessories such as waterproof and dust-proof and stereo sound can be transformed into low-end smartphones. Goertech is expected to optimize the product structure through years of technology accumulation, and promote the unit price of products to increase the revenue of acoustic components.

In addition, the demand for smart speakers and other terminal equipment has driven up the demand for MEMS microphones, and Gore’s precision component revenue has helped stabilize and rebound.

TWS demand continues to be strong, torsion loss of smart wireless headphones improves ready-made inflection points, leading industrial design, acoustic design and electronic design capabilities, 北京夜生活网 and rich experience in product development, production and testing. Goertech successfully entered the international first-tier brand TWS headphones and smart speaker supply chain.

Subject to Bluetooth 5.

0 Technological upgrades and market attention have increased. We believe that new product releases such as Airpods 2 and Huawei TWS headsets will become the main driving force for the continued rapid growth of the TWS headset market.

In addition, the strong demand for smart speakers is expected to bring a new increase to GoerTek’s smart acoustics business.

We judge that Gore’s TWS production line has turned around in 1Q19, and the profit margin has been continuously optimized with the improvement of yield.

5G commercial strengthens the social attributes of VR / AR, the first optical release bureau strengthens 北京夜生活网 the competitive advantage Gore has exclusively produced Sony PSVR and Oculus since 16 years, and the volume of mid-to-high-end VR / AR products accounted for more than 70% of the world’s total.Than 30%.

According to IDC data, the growth of global VR / AR headsets resumed growth in 1Q19, with an expected long-term growth of 29%.

We believe that 5G commercial will strengthen the social attributes of VR / AR, and Goer ‘s first release bureau in the field of acoustics and optics in the VR / AR industry will fully assist the development of intelligent hardware business.

In addition, the replenishment of wearable devices and game accessories is also expected to achieve positive growth in the wave of consumption upgrades and entertainment demand.

The first coverage is given a “Buy” rating with a target price of 12.



21 yuan is based on the rapid development of the TWS market and Gore’s TWS business turning losses. We are optimistic about Gore’s potential to rebound significantly in its 19-year results.

At the same time, we believe that Goertech is ahead of the industry’s forward-looking layout in the field of VR / AR optics, and is a cornerstone for Goertech to fully grasp the rapid development opportunities of the VR / AR market in the 5G era.

We refer to the 19-year industry average PE 31.

1 time, give 19 years 33?
38 times the expected PE and get a target price of 12.


21 yuan.

The first coverage was given a “Buy” rating.
Risk warning: TWS headset sales are lower than expected, VR / AR demand recovery is lower than expected, and downward pressure on gross profit margin caused by continued decline in unit price of products due to intensified competition in the end product market.

HKUST Xunfei (002230): Core Business Sector Continues High Growth Expects Better in Second Half

HKUST Xunfei (002230): Core Business Sector Continues High Growth Expects Better in Second Half
Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019: Report integration to achieve revenue 42.280,000 yuan, an increase of 31.7%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies1.8.9 billion, an increase of 45.1%.  The consumer and education sectors continued to grow at a high rate. The performance of the automotive sector was eye-catching. In terms of business structure, it reported that a series of company education products and services achieved revenue9.7.9 billion increased by 48.9%, Zhixue.net covers more than 15,000 schools in 32 provincial-level administrative regions, and the marginal contribution is expected to be significant.With the help of new products such as translators, voice recorders, and smart office books, the open platform and consumer business achieved overall revenue14.1.8 billion increased by 30.5%, of which the open platform realized revenue4.8.5 billion increased by 55.7%, smart hardware achieves revenue 4.9.3 billion increased 47.8%.In addition, the in-car environment is one of the best vertical scenes for voice interactive applications, and the company’s automotive sector has achieved revenue1.7.3 billion with an increase of 43.3%, an increase of more than 90 new model cooperation projects.Comprehensive gross profit margin of 50.A slight increase of 44% is mainly due to changes in business structure.  Expense rates continue to improve, and we look forward to better reporting of consolidated company comprehensive expense rates, sales expense rates, and management expense rates including R & D expenses in the second half of the year.93%, 20.86%, 26.07%, a year-on-year decrease of 1 year.55, 1.99, up 0.44 averages, marginal improvement in overall cost rate.After three years of layout, the company has basically completed the core talent reserves of all business lines and the construction of the national sales network. Under the background that the personnel growth rate is significantly lower than the revenue growth rate, we look forward to the improvement of the company’s expense ratio 杭州桑拿 in the second half of the year.obvious.The artificial intelligence industry is in a strategic development period. While maintaining the core technology leadership, it is a complementary path choice to continuously explore commercial applications based on technological breakthroughs.As a leading company in the domestic AI field, the company is leading the technology and deeply cultivating the industry. When the possibility of the industry comes, the company’s leading advantage will be more significant.  Investment suggestion: Considering that the company’s revenue is slightly lower than our expectations, the company’s net profit attributable to the parent company for 2019-2021 will be reduced to 9 respectively.22, 12.72, 16.99 million, corresponding to 0 EPS in 2019-2021.42, 0.58, 0.77 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating. 杭州桑拿 Risk reminder: The promotion of smart lessons does not meet expectations, the expense ratio continues to be high, and market competition intensifies.

U.S. forces threaten Venezuela, U.S. states condemn military intervention

U.S. forces threaten Venezuela, U.S. states condemn military intervention
We have many options for action against Venezuela, including military action if needed.According to Reuters reports on the 13th, the US President on vacation on a regular basis suddenly said on Friday that he does not rule out the option of armed conflict with the Venezuela.Venezuelan Defense Secretary Padrino responded on the 11th that the widely acknowledged 重庆耍耍网 speech was a mad move.Although the US Department of Defense had previously revised it, saying that it did not accept instructions to take action against Venezuela, Latin American countries have subsequently declared that they have rejected and condemned US military intervention in Venezuela.  ”The Washington Post” said on the 12th that Latin American countries had originally formed a joint pressure on the Maduro government. Last week, 12 Latin American countries reached a resolution on Venezuelan liability for exports. The avoidable military blockade immediately disrupted the United States in Latin America.Alliance.  The military has always strongly criticized Maduro’s Peruvian tie this time against US armed conflict.On the 12th, Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luna stated in a statement that he was wrong about the statement of opposition to corrections that does not exclude the threat of military action against the Commission in Nerez and was working with other countries in the region to draft a written response to take legal responsibility.On a military day, Peru and Venezuela just expelled each other’s diplomats.  In addition, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and other countries and the MERCOSUR Organization have all stated their opposition to the use of force against Venezuela. They believe that the only acceptable way to promote the Venezuelan democratic process is through dialogue and diplomacy.  It is generally acknowledged that Vice President Pence also dug a small pit.Pence began his visit to Latin America on the 13th, with the main purpose of coordinating the 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 positions of countries in the region and jointly putting pressure on Venezuela.Agence France-Presse said on the 13th that U.S. military intervention in Latin America has left countries with painful memories, and a series of remarks have cast a shadow on Pence’s Latin American trip.(Wang Xiaobo Zhen Xiang) Original title: U.S. forces threaten Venezuela ‘s U.S. countries to condemn its military intervention

How to prevent occupational diseases

How to prevent occupational diseases

The more holidays, the more the tour guides, store promoters, and customer service representatives from the hotline need to talk non-stop from morning to night.
Chronic pharyngitis is an occupational disease of these speaking families.
The doctor suggested that the speakers should learn to save their voices. Try the “belly vocalization” method to calm down the Dantian, slow down the speech, and lower the tone.
If pharyngitis occurs, don’t use antibiotics blindly, and don’t take a single variety of throat tablets as “fragrant gum” for a long time.
  Representative groups: tour guides, store promoters, and hotline customer service representatives. Health hazards: damaged vocal cords, chronic pharyngitis. Health reminders: Do not abuse antibiotics in acute episodes of pharyngitis.
  Tour guides, store promoters, customer service representatives of the consultation hotline.
  Hidden health hazards: damaged vocal cords, chronic pharyngitis.
  Health reminder: Do not abuse antibiotics in acute exacerbations of pharyngitis, and throat tablets cannot be regarded as “fragrant gum”.
  Case: Three days in a group, the throat “fires” “We are both hopeful and afraid of the holiday: there are many businesses, high income, but too tired.
After going out for a group for three or five days, my throat will ‘strike’ as soon as I return.
Xiao Lu, a tour guide who has been in business for five years, said that in addition to the vocal cords being easily damaged, chronic pharyngitis is also an occupational disease for tour guides.
From Xiao Lu’s point of view, it is not hard to explain the customs and customs along the way. The most troublesome is to meet the “personal tourists” who do not listen to the guides and ask for a lot. They often need to explain bitterly for a long time.
In the end, facing the big sun, his throat and heart seemed to have set a fire, dry and astringent, hot and painful.
  Every day I kept talking in the air-conditioned room, and my throat couldn’t stop.
Xiaoxi, a customer service representative of the bank hotline, said that there is no rest day for hotline work, and bank outlets are closed on holidays, and the hotline work is more busy.
“I got chronic pharyngitis in my second year of work, and few colleagues around me had no pharyngitis.
Xiaoxi said, fat sea water, throat medicine . everything was used, but pharyngitis was still acute.
In her bag, a brand of laryngeal treasure was always kept. “When pharyngitis occurred, I ate up a large box.
“Expert analysis: I speak a lot, speak fast, and speak loudly.” “Speak a lot, speak fast, speak loudly. This is a common problem for tour guides, salesmen, and customer service representatives.”
“Wang Tao, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, concluded that this way of speaking not only easily causes vocal cord wear, but also causes pharyngitis, congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, increased secretion of mucous glands, showing dry pharynx, Itching, swelling, burning pain, many secretions, easy nausea, nausea, foreign body sensation.
  The working environment is also an inducement.
For long-term work in dusty outdoor or air-conditioned rooms with low air humidity, the mucosa on the surface of the human respiratory tract is easy to dry and the elasticity is reduced. Dust and bacteria in the air are easily attached to the mucous membrane. Once the mucous membrane is damaged, it will cause mucosal hyperemia.The bacteria attached to the surface easily invaded the human body, causing an acute attack of chronic pharyngitis.
Busy work and high mental stress are also the reasons why professional speakers are prone to chronic pharyngitis.
  Health guidelines: 饮 Drink warm water and turn on a humidifier. Chronic pharyngitis patients are difficult to cure. They can only try their best to prevent and improve.
Patients with chronic pharyngitis can get worse when they speak a little more, eat irritating food, fatigue, feel depressed or change the weather.
Some speakers report to the hospital ten times a year, and are annoyed by pharyngitis.
Some people have a bad smell due to long-term pharyngitis, which adversely affects their lives and work.
  Wang Tao suggested that the speakers should first change the way they speak.
Don’t talk uninterrupted for a long time, you can pause for a while and drink a sip of water to moisten your throat.
Speak slowly, don’t tone too loud, and even avoid opening your throat, yelling loudly.
  Speakers can practice the labor-saving “vocalization method”, that is, the “belly-type vocalization method”, which uses the abdominal cavity to pronounce and reduce the wear on the vocal cords.
The specific method is: first try abdominal breathing, tune in the breath by singing while walking and running, and enhance the resonance.
  Nourishing your throat is also important.
Wang Tao advises to drink plenty of fat sea, honeysuckle, green tea, licorice, chrysanthemum and other drinks. Speakers should drink plenty of warm water, eat as little as possible or avoid cold drinks and ice cream, and avoid cigarettes, alcohol, spicy, hot food.
In addition, eating foods high in collagen, such as trotters, and foods rich in B vitamins, such as fish, animal offal, and seafood, will also help the repair of throat mucosa.
  You can turn on the humidifier when working in an air-conditioned room, or place a basin of water under the air conditioner.
Those who often come into contact with dust or chemical gas should take protective measures such as wearing a face mask and face mask.
Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, stay up late, and go to poor karaoke with poor ventilation during the acute stage.Feeling good, don’t lose your temper, irritability, and often make yourself understand pressure.

  The throat protection should also be “surrounding Wei to rescue Zhao”. In order to improve pharyngitis, sometimes it is necessary to use the strategy of “surrounding Wei to rescue Zhao”.

  ”If you have rickets and gastroesophageal reflux, chronic laryngitis can happen again and again.

“Wang Tao pointed out that the snoring person repeatedly irritates the throat due to open mouth breathing during sleep. When a patient with gastroesophageal reflux is lying flat at night to sleep, the digestive fluid with peristalsis flows upwards and irritates the throat mucosa, which causes inflammation of the throat and odor.

Oral breeding germs sometimes invade the throat and cause throat infections.

  Therefore, people with gastroesophageal reflux, hysteria, allergic rhinitis, and oral diseases should treat the above diseases as soon as possible to “burden the throat”.

Pay attention to oral hygiene and develop the habit of brushing your teeth sooner or later. After meals, use salt water or compound borax mouthwash.

  Tips: Don’t take a medicine for a long time to feel sore throat in chronic pharyngitis. The first reaction of many people is to “take antibiotics”.

In fact, chronic laryngitis, unlike acute pharyngitis, is not necessarily caused by a bacterial infection, and the use of antibiotics is futile.

“Chronic pharyngitis often has acute attacks.

Antibiotics are not necessary for chronic pharyngitis unless blood tests show an elevated white blood cell index and sore throat continues to worsen.

“There is also a particular emphasis on throat removal.

Throat tablets with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, such as iodine-containing tablets, should not be eaten often, so as not to cause disorders of the oral flora.

Some people are accustomed to taking a throat piece for a long time. The doctor recommends several throat pieces to take turns for better results.

Some kind of yoga studio in Shanghai is better

Some kind of yoga studio in Shanghai is better

1 Fanling Yoga Hall Address: Block C, 3rd Floor, No. 500 Tianmu West Road, Shanghai Phone: 63808081 Shanghai Fanling Yoga Club is a professional yoga club. We hire top coaches in Shanghai to provide yoga coach training, middle-aged and elderly yoga health classes,Parent-child yoga classes, beauty yoga classes, etc.

  2 Kama Yoga Gymnasium Address: Pucheng Road Kama Yoga Gymnasium is the first large-scale professional yoga club in Shanghai, providing the best and most complete yoga fitness instructors and venues.

  3 Jinjim Fitness Co., Ltd. Address: 258 Tongren Road Tel: 021-62792000 Training Method: Develop personal professional fitness plan and nutrition guidance for each member, group aerobics courses, including British and American sports courses, aerobic Latin, fitness ball,Various sports such as yoga.

  4Nottingham Fitness and Beauty Center Address: Yuyuan Road; Urumqi North Road Project: Bicycle training, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, dance, massage physiotherapy, coaching services, personal training plan, towels, serum, fitness test, delicious meals, Internet, Billiard.

A variety of courses are rolling out: aerobics, yoga, pedal exercise.

  5Will’s GYM Address: 3 / F, Wandu Center, 86 Xianxia Road Phone: 52080199 With first-class location, first-class fitness equipment and professional senior fitness instructors, aerobics, Latin dance, karate, yoga, Ball exercise, ballet and more than 20 kinds of fitness classes, for people of different ages who love sports.

  6 Befitte International Fitness Center Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, No. 816 Zhangyang Road Phone: 58355638 Seafitte International Fitness Center is located in the prime commercial district of Pudong. It is the first 24-hour fitness center in Shanghai.Boxing, boxing, yoga, Latin dance, karate, aerobics, American billiards and more.

  7 trillion Wade International Fitness Center Address: 4th Floor, No. 231 Wuning Road, Shanghai Phone: 62436069 Business area of over 3,000 square meters, the world’s top brand sports equipment, more than 200 square meters of aerobic training room, project setting: aerobics,Gymnastics, yoga, modern dance, ballet, model training, cardio training, etc.

  8 Welsh Fitness Co., Ltd. Address: Room S-309, B301, 3rd Floor, Mandu Center Building, 8 Xingyi Road, Tel: 021-52080199 9 Megafit Fitness Center Address: Huaihai Middle Road; Danshui Road, Huaihai Middle Road, 398 Middle Floor   Tel: 021-53836633 Fitness service facilities and content include aerobics (sports, aerobics, yoga, martial arts and assaults, etc.), free weights, personal trainers and men’s and women’s saunas, as well as 365 day service, etc.

What should I do if my baby drinks milk urgently and sucks my mother?

What should I do if my baby drinks milk urgently and sucks my mother?

My baby is anxious to eat milk, what should I do?

  There are usually two reasons why babies are susceptible to milk when they drink milk. One is that the mother’s milk is too much and the flow is transmitted.

Another reason is that the baby is relatively hungry and drinks milk quickly.

  When the mother is doing this, try not to wait until the baby is particularly hungry when feeding, so as to avoid the situation where the baby is too hungry and lead to being choked.

  If the mother has too much milk, she can use her index finger and middle finger to pinch her nipples during feeding. The shape commonly known as “scissor hands” allows the milk to come out more slowly, so that the milk flow will not be excessive.

Or stop feeding when there is too much milk, hold the nipple with both hands, rub it gently, let it go back and feed the baby.

  Special tips: Try to sit and feed as much as possible, align the baby diagonally, make the baby’s head slightly higher, and let him relax.

Then patted him gently on the back, letting him breathe comfortably.