Beijing New Materials’ net profit fell by about 82% last year

Beijing New Materials’ net profit fell by about 82% last year
Beijian New Materials’ 2019 annual report released on March 20 showed that the company achieved operating income of 133.2.3 billion yuan, an increase of 6.03%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 4.4.1 billion, a decrease of 82 from the same period last year.11%.Figure / Announcement screenshot According to the introduction of Beixin Materials, the report benchmarks, the company further expands its business with gypsum board as the core, and at the same time enters the waterproof industry, expands the waterproof material and paint business, and cultivates new performance growth points.The announcement shows that in 2019, waterproof building materials will achieve revenue2.05 billion, accounting for 1 of the total operating income.54%.However, the reason for the growth rate of net profit was not explained in the announcement.Sauna, Yewang noticed that the announcement mentioned 20 non-operating expenses of the company in 2019.9.1 billion yuan, ranking 2018 non-operating expenses2.6.8 billion, an increase of 681 per year.33%.In the process, Beixin Construction Materials explained that the primary reason for the increase was the increase in the attorney fees and settlement fees for the US gypsum board matters incurred by the company and its secondary subsidiary Taishan Gypsum.Since 2009, U.S. homeowners and house construction companies have filed multiple lawsuits against at least dozens of gypsum board producers within Taishan Gypsum Co., Ltd., including new construction materials in the north, on the grounds of quality problems with gypsum board.The announcement shows that the increase in lawyer fees and settlement fees for reporting major indicators is about 19.3.6 billion yuan.The data shows that Beijing New Building Materials is a comprehensive new building materials industry group, providing gypsum board, keel, universal board, mineral wool board and other “whole house assembly” indoor systems for various buildings.According to this announcement, Beijing Construction Materials proposed a business plan for 2020, which will accelerate the integration of the waterproof business, increase technological innovation, and improve the quality and performance of waterproof materials.At the same time, continue to promote the multi-layer board composite wall, and promote the residential field from the use of brick block wall to the use of gypsum board composite wall.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Jie editor Li Yang proofreading Li Xiangling

Zhu Ting came back to take the lead for the Tianjin team, Beijing women’s volleyball team can no longer lose

Zhu Ting came back to take the lead for the Tianjin team, Beijing women’s volleyball team can no longer lose
Zhu Ting returned in time to help Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team win.Tonight, the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League in the 2019-2020 season started the first round of the semi-final contest.Tianjin team ace star Zhu Ting returned 23 points with an injury, led the team to beat the defending champion Beijing Women’s Volleyball 3-0 at home, and was the first to win in the three-match battle.In the World Club Cup on December 5, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team fought 5 innings to defeat the Brazil Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team, but Zhu Ting, the general, suffered a recurrence of an old wrist injury.After 19 days of waiting, Zhu Ting came back tonight.In this campaign, Zhu Ting started with Li Yingying as the main attacker, and vice-presidents Wang Yuanyuan, Li Yanan, respond to Hu Keer, setter Yao Di, double freeman Liu Liwen, Meng Zixuan.The Beijing team’s starting lineup mainly attacked Liu Xiaotong, Budge, deputy offensive Zhang Yu, Dickson, to cater to Zeng Chunlei, setter Cai Yaqian, freeman Wang Lin.Zhu Ting is very aggressive.The Tianjin women’s volleyball team with Zhu Ting is significantly better in offensive performance. The first two innings did not allow the Beijing women’s volleyball team to appear before 20.In the third game, the Beijing team sent Luerke to take the lead, and Jin Ye and Liu Xiaotong partnered to attack.The Beijing women’s volleyball team stopped Zhu Ting’s back attack after breaking into the line, broke through the opponent’s defense, and once took the lead in the score.It is a pity that Cai Yaqian, a Beijing women’s volleyball setter, cannot play because of a sprained toe. He must use 19-year-old teenager setter Lei Hailin.The Beijing Women’s Volleyball attack was blocked, and Tianjin’s offensive base came out. Eventually, Zhu Ting’s strong attack scored.After this campaign, the second round of the semifinals will return to the home of the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team on December 28.For the Beijing team, it was a game that had to be won.

Seiko Steel Structure (600496): Rising prefabricated building giant

Seiko Steel Structure (600496): Rising prefabricated building giant
Boom!The turning point of the main business profit is upwards, and the assembly business is expected to blowout the company as an old-fashioned steel structure leader. The “Green Building” GBS prefabricated building integration system developed by the company has landed at an assembly rate of 95%.”Base camp” and “technology authorization to join” have developed rapidly. In 18 years, the new span of prefabricated buildings has increased by 169% in one direction, of which technology authorization orders have increased significantly2.4 times, contributing an important increase for the company to expand new business, repair profit margins and increase market share. In 2019, the inspection year of prefabricated buildings is expected. It is expected that the steel structure will reach 54% of prefabricated building composite materials in the 12-18 years. We will replace the newly built prefabricated areas in China in 19-20 and increase the area by 2.5.2 billion square meters (12%) and 3.1.5 billion square meters (15% of the total).In 2019, the prefabricated construction industry enters the year of policy acceptance and inspection. The low-assessment building has a smaller and smaller space for “policy”. The company’s PSC integrated technology architecture advantage is further highlighted. In the future, it will pass higher assembly rates and gradually reduceThe price spread quickly penetrated into the traditional construction and expected concrete markets. Industry leaders have accelerated their growth, maintaining the current point in time of the “Buy” rating, and the prefabricated construction policy has entered a critical inspection year.The company’s traditional main business has seen a significant recovery, and orders, revenue and profit maximization have improved significantly. The industry-leading PSC assembly technology integration system actively seizes market share through self-employment and authorization, contributing to high order growth and restoring 杭州桑拿网 comprehensive profitability.The inflection point has already emerged to push performance growth back to its highest level in recent years.We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 2 in 2018-2020.09, 3.78 and 5.780,000 yuan, EPS is 0.12, 0.21, 0.32 yuan with a target price of 4.20 yuan, corresponding to PE of 35X, 20X and 13X, maintaining the “buy” level. Risk Warning: The development of prefabricated construction business is less than expected; the technology franchise business is less than expected; the construction of component production bases is less than expected; the risk of steel prices rising too quickly.

Technological Era Comes Back, Huabao Cathay, and Other 3 Technology ETFs Have the Highest Trading Volume

Technological Era Comes Back, Huabao Cathay, and Other 3 Technology ETFs Have the Highest Trading Volume
Article source: Wind On September 27th, the technology stocks led by the science and technology board once again strengthened.50 of them rose more than 9.Among 9% of the stocks, technology stocks have once again become the protagonists.In the technological wind of developing countries, many funds with heavy stocks in the technology sector have surged and increased. Although this week has improved, the trading of technology ETFs is still active and the market is still sought after.Following this trend, the trend of science and technology is bound to make a comeback.  Technology stocks usher in adjustments One of the most important features of the A-share market since this week is that the growth stocks represented by technology stocks have collapsed.The data shows that the leading CSI technology, CSI All-in-One Semiconductor, CSI All-in-Communication equipment and CSI 5G communication theme have weekly declines of 3 respectively.32%, 7.26%, 4.65% and 4.45%.  However, the last trading day of the week (September 27), the technology stocks led by the science and technology board once again strengthened.50 of them rose more than 9.Among 9% of the stocks, technology stocks have once again become the protagonists.  Since the market opened on July 22, a total of 30 science and technology board companies have previously been listed.According to the website information of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the schedule for the disclosure of the third quarter report of the science and technology board was released, and Polytech resumed the first disclosure on October 24, and the Hanchuan Smart appointment date was October 25.  The turnover of the three technology ETFs ranks in the top ten. In the technology wind of developing countries, many funds in heavy stocks in the technology sector have surged.Despite expectations this week, trading in technology-based ETFs is still active and the market is still in demand.Following this trend, the trend of science and technology is bound to make a comeback.  Data show that the average daily turnover of technology ETFs, semiconductors 50, and communications ETFs entered the top ten 成都桑拿网 of stock ETFs this week.  The Technology ETF Tracking CSI Leading Index consists of 50 leading companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenzhen in the fields of electronics, computers, communications, and biotechnology, with a large market share, strong growth ability, and high-end R & D.  Semiconductor 50 tracks the China Transaction Services Semiconductor Industry Index and gradually tracks the performance of listed companies in the semiconductor industry in China’s A-share market. The business scope of related companies covers semiconductor materials, equipment, design, manufacturing, packaging and testing.  The Communications ETF tracks the CSI All-Communications Communications Equipment Index, and selects the composition of the communications equipment industry stocks in the CSI All-Shares sample stocks to reflect the overall performance of the industry’s stocks.  Taken together, the field of technology ETF is wider, including electronics, computer, communications, biotechnology and other industries; the semiconductor 50 and communication ETF fields are more concentrated, respectively the semiconductor industry and the communication industry, of course, both belong to the technology field.

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Different tracks are different

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Different tracks are different

Investment Thinking: Focus on “Differences”.

There is a significant difference in product design, channel structure, and development stages between integrated cookers and traditional kitchen appliances. Therefore, the business strategy of integrated cookers is bound to be different from traditional kitchen appliances companies. We take Zhejiang Meida as an example to analyze.

Integrated stoves are in the early stage of industry development, and have combined decoration attributes, customized delivery of orders, and channel inventory replacement; high requirements for installation determine the existence of offline channels, and online channels are in the initial layout stage; early in the industry’s growth, distributors are generallyThe scale is small, and most of them start from the third and fourth lines. The future market expansion will still require the support of manufacturers’ expenses.

According to this, the future growth path of Midea mainly comes from: 1) Improving the efficiency of single stores under the current small and sophisticated terminal sales form; 2) Expanding offline channels, laying out online channels, and complementing the sales network; 3) CanadaLarge marketing expenditures to leverage scale growth 北京桑拿洗浴保健 with better marketing results.

Looking ahead, we believe that the long-term coexistence of integrated stoves and traditional split-type kitchen appliances will be a development trend, meaning that the scale of the integrated stove industry is still limited. Mida Group has also been considering entering into industries with synergy with the main industry, and thinking long.

  Integrated stove industry bonus: high product power, low penetration rate.

Compared with the traditional range hood, the integrated stove has two core advantages: one is the extremely high net fume absorption rate; the other is to save the space above the stove.

It is estimated that the penetration rate of integrated stoves in the kitchen appliance industry in 2018 is about 9%, which is still at an approximate level, and has shown a clear upward trend, and the industry has considerable growth potential in the future.

Recently, many integrated stove companies have launched production expansion plans, which fully demonstrates their confidence in the development of the industry.

  Zhejiang Meida: The advantage is obvious, go forward bravely.

Zhejiang Meida ranks first in the market for integrated stoves, and has obvious first-mover advantages in terms of production capacity, brand, and channel.

The company’s equity structure and corporate governance have been gradually optimized, and core employees and the company’s interests have been highly unified through the equity incentive plan. In the second half of 2017, the new chairman took office, and has made efforts in various aspects such as marketing, channels, research and development, and basically has a strong upward momentum.

  Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” investment rating.

The current focus on the kitchen appliances sector is: 1) the completion data of the second, third and fourth tier real estate can improve the prosperity of the kitchen appliances industry; 2) whether the channel inventory is reasonable; 3) whether the price (price increase) bonus in the past ten years cancontinue.

The characteristics of Zhejiang Meida are: 1) the industry is in the early stages of growth, and once it breaks through its penetration rate, the elasticity of growth will increase; and the third- and fourth-tier markets start, and the product is cost-effective, directly benefiting from the completion of the third- and fourth-tier markets;, The quality of performance is guaranteed; 3) online channels are in the early stages of layout, without the trouble of online and offline spreads.

Therefore, the United States integrated stove is still worthy of attention at the moment.

It is expected that the company’s revenue side and net profit side will still achieve 20% + growth in 2019. 2019 dynamic PE19.

5 times.

  Risk reminder: The penetration rate of integrated stove products is lower than expected, and the channel expansion speed is lower than expected.

Hua’an Securities (600909): Self-employed income increased sharply Net profit for half a year + 128%

Hua’an Securities (600909): Self-employed income increased sharply Net profit for half a year + 128%

Investment points: While consolidating the business of trading channels, brokers will vigorously develop wealth management and institutional brokering.

Affected by the market recovery, net investment income has increased significantly.

Reasonable value interval 7.


96 yuan / share, maintaining “Expand Market” rating[Event]The company achieved revenue of US $ 1.4 billion in the first half of 2019, with a ten-year growth of + 77%; net profit attributable to its parent of US $ 600 million, exceeding + 128%; corresponding EPS 0.

15 yuan.

In the second quarter, operating income was 4 ‰, ten years + 14%; net profit attributable to mothers was 1 ‰, 7% per year.

The increase in net profit was mainly due to a substantial increase in investment income (including fair value).

In the first half of 2019, brokerage / underwriting / asset management / index / self-employment accounted for 27% / 2% / 3% / 18% / 43% respectively.

  The company achieved brokerage income of 40,000 yuan in the first half of 2019, + 23% per year.

The company’s brokerage business continued to deepen the transformation of operating models, promote the concentration of back-office business and the lightweight transformation of outlets; the new establishment of a wealth management committee, the adjustment and establishment of a private financial department based on a customer service center, and the acceleration of the construction of a wealth management system, while continuously improving investment consultingTalent training mode, exhibition mode and assessment mechanism to deepen the connotation of wealth management services.

  Investment bank business income was basically flat, and IPO reserve was raised.

The company achieved 0 in the first half of the year.

2.5 billion, previously -2%.

  The underwriting scale of equity is 16 million, ranking 35th.

The scale of bond underwriting was 11 million, with the highest scale of -57%, ranking 90th. The scale of local government bond underwriting reached 11 million.

There are 16 IPO reserve projects, ranking 34th, including 1 SME board, 2 science and technology board, and 2 GEM board.

In the first half of the year, the company’s investment banking expanded its industry research and analysis work, and became an outstanding research talent, enriching the team’s investment and research capabilities; gradually and actively adjusting its business strategy and increasing the development of bond business.

  Proactive product development was strengthened, and the proportion of active management increased significantly.

Revenue from asset management business in the first half of the year was 0.

4.5 billion, an average of -7%.

The company has continuously expanded its active management product 四川逍遥网 development efforts. As of the end of June 19, the scale of entrusted asset management was USD 86 billion, which was -15% compared with the beginning of the year.The percentage is 27%, an increase of 11 percentage points from the beginning of the year.

  Affected by the market recovery, self-operated investment income increased significantly.

Net investment income (including fair value) of 600 million in the first half of 19 years, + 220% thereafter.

The fixed income business achieved investment returns through appropriate allocation strategies and trading strategies9.

35%; the equity investment business actively adapts to new indicators and requirements in terms of risk appetite, position management and stock selection and stock selection, and achieves an investment yield of 12%.


  Investment suggestion: The company’s 2019/20 / 21E revenue will be 21 respectively.



91 ppm, one year + 23% / 0% / 2%; net profit is 6 respectively.



63 ppm, +21% /-2% /-1% at the beginning of the year; corresponding EPS is 0.



18 yuan.

The company is estimated using a comparable company valuation method and given to it in February 2019.0-2.

2x PB, corresponding to a reasonable value interval 7.


96 yuan / share, corresponding to 40.


2 x 2019 EPE, maintain “Permanent Metropolis” rating.

  Risk Warning: The continued downturn in the market will lead to the expansion of business scale and further strengthening of market supervision.

Hangyang shares (002430): the first performance of the expected earnings exceeded expectations

Hangyang shares (002430): the first performance of the expected earnings exceeded expectations

The company’s single-quarter performance has now started its negative growth for the first time in 2017. The dividends brought about by the recovery of air separation equipment orders and the rise in retail gas prices over the past two years have gradually faded. However, considering the stability of the profitability of the pipeline gas business, the increase in holdings remains unchanged.

  Investment Highlights: Analyst: The company’s third quarter performance is now negative for the first time in nearly two years, and its profit is lower than expected.

Due to the decline in retail gas prices, the company’s 2019-2021 profit forecast is reduced to zero.

73 yuan (the original value is 0.

84 yuan), 0.

76 yuan (the original value is 0.

94 yuan), 0.

79 yuan (the original value is 1.

06 yuan), but considering that the company ‘s pipeline gas business has better cash flow and long-term stability, it still maintains its target price of 18.

48 yuan to maintain the overweight level.

  The third quarter single-quarter performance reached 34%, and earnings exceeded expectations.

The company’s revenue in the first three quarters was 59.

8.7 billion, an increase of 0 a year.

32%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

32 billion, a ten-year average of 1.

47%, of which single-quarter revenue in the third quarter was 19.

13 billion, 16 years ago.

52%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

3.3 billion, 34 from the previous decade.

19%, the first negative profit growth since the inflection point of 2017 performance.

The net cash flow generated by the company’s operating activities is still too much, from 8 to the end of the reporting period.

3 billion, an annual increase of 9.


  Equipment orders have been vertical, the decline in retail gas prices has brought short-term 深圳SPA会所 performance pressure, and the pipeline gas business provides long-term cash flow.

In the first half of this year, the company’s equipment orders were 29.

3.1 billion, 14.14 in the same period of 2017-2018

8.6 billion, 2.8 billion, equipment order growth peak has passed, the current release of equipment brought marginal weakening; for the gas business, the future growth is mainly the new pipeline gas projects put into operation, and for retail gas that previously provided performance flexibilityBusiness, due to the commissioning of air separation equipment sold by the company, the retail gas price has dropped significantly, which is the core factor of the company’s performance under pressure in the third quarter.

  Catalyst: Risks of rising industrial gas prices Tips: risk of gas price volatility, increased competition in the industry

Exercise and not losing weight will also make fat people healthy

Exercise and not losing weight will also make fat people healthy

Our body needs to receive a certain amount of exercise. In this way, the body will behave as if it were lubricated.

But if your body is good and you don’t exercise, you will also have sub-healthy conditions for a long time.

And more research points out that fat people who exercise are healthier than thin people who don’t exercise. In other words, even if exercise does not achieve weight loss, fat people will be healthy.

  A previous study showed that, through a 10-year follow-up survey of nearly 20,000 adults, increasing exercise and controlling weight can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Among them, exercise has an independent effect on the risk of cardiovascular disease, and exercise has a stronger protective effect on coronary heart disease and heart failure than weight control.

Relevant experts point out: “The ratio of a sports fat person to a sedentary thin person will make this fat person healthier.

As long as you exercise, it is better than not exercising.

“It is also necessary to predict that weight management is equally important for people with diabetes.

  Regarding the frequency and intensity of exercise, Hu Gang pointed out that this requires comprehensive consideration.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends: exercise 5 days a week, every 30 minutes or more, exercise light or moderate.

If you reach this level, you can try to prevent the effects of certain chronic diseases; if you increase this amount to 45 minutes or 1 hour, overweight and obese people can lose weight.

Some recent studies have found that even if the amount of exercise does not meet the recommended amount, there are some benefits.

  It can be seen from the above that the protective effect of exercise is either normal weight or overweight, and obese people have the same effect.

In summary, fat people who exercise are healthier than thin people who don’t exercise.

Two Functions of Yoga Breathing

Two Functions of Yoga Breathing

For a long time, we are all stronger to friends who practice yoga?

Tuning the essence of yoga breathing method, I also wrote articles to introduce the commonly used yoga breathing methods: chest breathing method, abdominal breathing method (Tantian breathing method), complete breathing method and so on.

So, what effect does yoga breathing have on our body and mind?

This article will unravel this mystery for everyone.

  One of the functions of yoga breathing method-massage the visceral yoga breathing method, especially the abdominal breathing method can wake up every cell that constitutes the body, transform the energy in oxygen to transfer to them, keep them alive, so yoga can delay relaxation and agingThe effect of Oh!

  At the same time, the yoga breathing method can promote blood circulation, built-in rapid decomposition of fatigue materials in the body, and massage the internal organs through large horizontal movements up and down, and quickly discharge waste accumulated in the body to purify the internal environment from the inside to the outside.

  Yoga breathing method can also improve the function of the lungs, strengthen the immunity of the respiratory system, make the heart move regularly, add vitality to the brain, and cooperate with yoga asana to achieve the purpose of “internal body movement”.

  The second role of yoga breathing method-controlling emotions Our autonomic nerves do not move with the transfer of human will, but we can control the autonomic nerves by controlling the movement of “breathing” and “sucking”, so there will beThe sentence “Breath is disturbed, and the heart is disturbed.”

  The human autonomic nerve is divided into two types-sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve.

When inhaling, the body excites the sympathetic nerves, and when exhaling, the parasympathetic nerves that dormant the body are acting. Therefore, we can adjust the balance of sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves by changing the rhythm of exhalation.

  What happens when the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are imbalanced?

When you are sad, you have shortness of breath; when you are angry, when you breathe . At this time, you can calm your heart by deep breathing, so that your emotions are naturally transformed.

Seven weapons necessary for outdoor beauty

Seven weapons necessary for outdoor beauty

When they are doing outdoor sports, they do not necessarily carry heavy objects such as tents and stoves, but there are seven types of outdoor equipment, which are essential “weapons” for outdoor mm.

Let’s see what they are!

  The first weapon: sunglasses resist ultraviolet rays and are stylishly dressed. These are the two main uses of sunglasses for outdoor mm.

  Attention must be paid to the purchase of spectacles: 1.

Pay attention to parallax and chromatic aberration.

High-quality sunglasses not only attenuate the strong light projected, but also maintain the neutrality of the light without causing parallax and chromatic aberration.

However, when inferior sunglasses are worn, the object is distorted or deformed when looking at the road, so that the judgment of the road condition is wrong.

When the chromatic aberration is serious, it will even pose a threat to safe driving because of indistinguishable traffic lights.


Should not be too dark.

The color of the lens is too dark, which will seriously affect the visibility, and the eyes are easily damaged due to the difficulty of looking at things, which cannot protect the eyes.

Therefore, the criteria for selecting sunglasses are gray and green. This way, not only can it resist ultraviolet radiation, but it also has the best viewing quality and minimizes the color change of the perspective object.


It is best to use safe (unbreakable) resin lenses to prevent eye fragments from damaging your eyes and face in the event of an accident.

  The second weapon: Swimsuits do not need to be specifically introduced. Although its range of use is not too wide, if you can swim freely in the hiking destination Wangwang Qingchi, it is the cozy meaning of many mms.thing.

  The third weapon: a kerchief on foot in the jungle. Spider webs are common. It must be uncomfortable if it is wrapped around the hair. The turban does not block the view, does not touch the frame, and even saves sweat.

A small cloth can be used as a towel or scarf, or you can put it on your wrist to decorate it, and if necessary, keep it cold.

Now, the headscarf on the market can be described as having a variety of styles and complex uses. It is convenient and practical for mms to be tied to the head, and it is also fashionable.

  For example, black yak’s hooded headscarf has increased the effect of shading. Now there are more than one hundred buff headscarves on the market. There are dozens of ways to tie them.With a few headscarves, how have you “studied” how to tie them?

  The first weapon: at night when the headlights reach out with five fingers, the light of the headlights can give mm a sense of security.

Many people think that in addition to outdoor use, headlights can also be used as standing items in the home to cope with power outages, reading in bed, or going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

  Fifth weapon: The trekking pole has mm. The trekking pole is called a “dog stick”, which is actually quite imagery.

In the handshake, not only can help walking, but also catch wild dogs when necessary, make a monopod, and open the grass.

Let’s find out the correct use of trekking poles.

Trekking poles can bring many benefits to outdoor climbing crossing activities, such as improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on the legs; according to research, using trekking poles while walking can reduce the strength of muscles and joints such as legs and muscles by at least 22%Make your legs feel more comfortable!

And using two trekking poles at the same time can provide better balance.

Don’t forget to find the trunk, it can also be used as a pole to build a canopy with tarpaulins.

  The sixth weapon: too many sealed bags. Outdoor manufacturers will produce special sealed standbys, each size has its own specifications.

When encountering the beauty of God, mobile phones, GPS, MP3, batteries, digital cameras, and other objects that are afraid of the remote end will have nothing to worry about if they are sealed by a sealed bag.

Dirty clothes, changed socks and underwear also use it, sealed to avoid string smell.

Of course, it also has other functions, such as temporary protection of animal and plant specimens, and storage of water in case of accidents.

  The seventh weapon: Kettles commonly used in the kettle market are mainly LAKEN in Spain, SIGG in Switzerland, domestic military kettles, and the performance of various kettles can be searched online.