2019 Asian Cup group stage battles

2019 Asian Cup group stage battles
The first round of the Asian Cup 2019# group stage is over!A total of 10 teams scored 3 points in the first round, the Chinese team temporarily ranked first in Group C!(Asian Cup match schedule) (2019 Asian Cup match result prediction) (Asian Cup winners) (National Football Team’s latest 25-man list) (National Football Team prepares for the Asian Cup to stay in a five-star hotel) (Asian Cup referee list) (Asia杯各国大巴标语)(国足2-1吉尔吉斯斯坦)(C组最新积分榜)(武磊伤情最新进展)(里皮确认武磊出战)  2019亚洲杯小组赛首轮比赛结束  亚洲杯小组赛首The round is over.Japan and South Korea faced weaker opponents than their opponents, but it was not easy to win; the last championship Australia lost to Jordan, breaking the first big upset of this tournament.Naturalized players and the age structure of the team have changed the strength comparison between the teams. Some of the weak teams in the past fans’ impressions have significantly improved their strength.For the Chinese team, the first round of winning won a certain advantage for the team, the second round against the Philippines still need to play steadily.  On the evening of January 9, local time, as the Qatar team defeated Lebanon 2:0 in the Sharjah Stadium, the first round of the 2019 UAE Men’s Asian Cup group stage was all over.24 teams appeared one by one, in addition to 0:1 losing to Jordan’s previous champion Australia team, the remaining four teams represented the Asian region to participate in the Russia World Cup last year (Japan team, South Korea team, Iran team, Saudi ArabiaTeam) all won.The Chinese team, Uzbekistan team, Qatar team and Iraq team participated in the 12th round of the Asian preliminaries. The first round of the group stage was even more shocking.However, it can be seen from many games that were supposed to be strong and weak, the strength of weak teams in the past fans’ impressions has been improved, and the gap between Asian teams has narrowed.  In the second war in the Philippines (China vs. Philippines match preview), not only the old coach Eriksson who is familiar with Shanghai and Hong Kong players, but also an old friend of the Chinese Super League fans, former Jianye foreign aid Javier Patino.The R & F center Xiao Zhi, who was selected to the national football list, had a deep relationship with the Philippine naturalized player.  Patino and I know each other better, and if there is a chance to meet on the field, we must compete.Xiao Zhi said that the two had worked with the Henan Jianye team for one year in the 2015 season, and Patino has always called Xiao Zhi the Evergrande Buster.However, Xiao Zhi, who is currently injured, has not recovered. He and another injured person, Wei Shihao, did not participate in the team’s joint training after January 4th. They only performed restorative training in the hotel yesterday afternoon.Xiao Zhi said that if he can get injured, he will definitely give Patino a warm hug. Original title: Highlights | Asian Cup: The first round of the group stage, “Isn’t there much left for the national football?”

New explanation of risk capital and A-share real estate model and funding source variables

New explanation of risk capital and A-share real estate model and funding source variables
Insurance capital doubles up and raises A-share real estate: a new interpretation of model and funding source variables. 21st Century Business Herald Ye Maisui Insurance has again doubled up.  On January 13, Huatai Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huatai Assets) issued an announcement on the official website of the China Insurance Industry Association, stating that the Huatai Asset-Chuangying Series Special Product (Phase 1) account managed by the company through its agreement was transferred by agreement.The transferee shares of Guochuang High-Tech Industrial Group Co., Ltd. held by Guochuang Hi-tech Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (002377), which are publicly issued and not restricted for sale.  From the data disclosed by the China Insurance Industry Association’s official website, since 2019, insurance funds have held a list of 9 listed companies, namely: China Life Insurance has successively listed Shenwan Hongyuan, Wanda Information, CGN Nuclear Power, CPIC;The Ping An Department of China has successively held Huaxia Happiness, China Jinmao; the China Pacific Insurance Department has held Shanghai Lingang; the China Taiping Department has held Joy City; the Huatai Department has established National High Tech.  Judging from the nature of the company being promoted, the real estate industry overlaps.For example, China Happiness, China Jinmao, Shanghai Lingang, Joy City and Guochuang Hi-Tech are all in the real estate industry.  The insurance company has already held the name of Huatai Asset Management twice this year.US $ 7.9 billion, with 73.3 million shares of Gaoxin Gaoxin being transferred, accounting for 7.9993%, this is the “second move” in the beginning of 2020.  Earlier this month, Taiping Life announced on the official website of the China Insurance Association that it was about 19.At a total price of 07 trillion yuan, it subscribes for approximately 2 of the non-public offering of Joy City (000031).8.3 billion shares, accounting for 6.6% of the total share capital of Joy City.61%.  Follow Taiping Life Insurance 19.Calculated at the total price of 07 trillion, the joyous cost of Joy City is 6.74 yuan / share, Joy City’s latest closing price is 7.13 yuan / share, in fact, Taiping Life Insurance has now floated1.100 million yuan.The source of funding for Taiping Life Insurance is the insurance liability reserve.  Just a month ago, China Taibao raised its license to Shanghai Lingang.Shanghai Lingang (600848) announced on December 3 last year that the Pacific Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CPIC Assets”), a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, participated in the Shanghai Lingang private placement project.  According to the announcement, through the non-public offering to 9 specific investors including Jianong Investment, ProLogis, CPIC Assets, etc., a total of about 1.9.9 billion shares at an issue price of 23.98 yuan / share.Shanghai Lingang 无锡桑拿网 raised a total of about 47 matching funds.US $ 6.7 billion, which is mainly used to pay the cash consideration of this transaction and the construction expenditures of the raised investment projects.  Among the non-public offering subscription objects, CPIC Assets subscribed for 61.6 million shares and 50.4 million shares with the two products under its management, with a total subscription amount of 26.USD 857.6 billion, which together accounted for 5 of the equity of listed companies after the completion of this non-public offering.33%.After the issuance, CPIC Assets actually became the second largest shareholder of Shanghai Lingang as the actual controllers of the three largest shareholders of Shanghai Lingang replaced Lingang Group.  Real estate stocks are still favorite private placement ranking fund manager Xia Fengguang 南京夜网论坛 said in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald: For insurance capital, in the case of fixed income product returns tending to decline, increase equity market allocationStrength is the key to improving overall returns.The 2016 policy encourages insurance companies to change from scale forecasting to risk forecasting, and more than 5% of listed companies holding insurance capital can use the equity method for bookkeeping, avoiding changes in financial statements.Last year, the blue-chip stocks rose steadily. Among them, the performance of leading real estate listed companies has been growing at an excellent rate, and their advantages are expected to appear.In addition to the performance growth rate of insurance capital listed real estate companies, there is a large discount of NAV (net asset value) of the leading company, and the indicators are also good. From the perspective of long-term holding, the annualized return rate is guaranteed.Therefore, the enthusiasm of the insurance capital for the leading real estate companies has been unabated.  Investment consultants from large insurance companies in South China stated that IFRS9 requires financial assets to be measured at amortized cost or fair value, and floating profit and loss data in sellable assets will be included in net assets.However, according to the new regulations, the above indicators will be included in the income statement. For insurance companies mainly engaged in asset management, the price of the secondary market will greatly increase the impact on the company’s net profit.However, in general, the new regulations will not expand the scope of adjustment of long-term equity investments and will still be accounted for using the equity method.Therefore, too many insurance companies bypass long-term equity investments to avoid the impact of market fluctuations on net profit.  According to the analysis report of Minsheng Securities, from the perspective of endogenous factors, after the insurance company’s premium income increases year by year, the insurance company itself has a growing demand for capital allocation.From the perspective of external factors, the real estate industry has gradually entered a period of stable development, and under the background of increasing industry concentration, leading real estate companies have both value and growth attributes and are attractive to insurance capital.  Judging from the tactics of licensing, in 2015, the wave of risk capital raising with Evergrande, Baoneng, Anbang, and Life Departments was mostly operated through universal insurance.Its specific model mostly adopts short-term operation, sells high and sells low, and competes for control.However, in this round of bidding, most of them adopted peaceful acquisition methods such as agreement transfer.  From the perspective of funding sources, the funding sources for this round of insurance funds are even more modest, which is no longer a “universal insurance”.According to statistics from 21st Century Business Herald reporters, the sources of funding for this round of insurance companies are mostly insurance liability reserves, and their own funds and special products are raised.Among them, insurers with insurance liability reserves accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 50%.Insurance liability reserve refers to a type of fund reserve that insurance companies withdraw from insurance premium income in order to assume unexpired liabilities and process outstanding claims.

Halma Technology (002595): The domestic market grows faster than expected and raises expected profit forecast

Halma Technology (002595): The domestic market grows faster than expected and raises expected profit forecast
Event: Halma Technology achieved operating revenue of 10 billion in Q1 in 19, and will increase by 36 in the future.85%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.56 billion, an annual increase of 43.45%; deduct non-attributed net profit 1.$ 5 billion increased by 46.5%.The revenue growth exceeded expectations, and the effect of scale was also reflected, raising the expected profit forecast. Comments: 1. Mould growth exceeded expectations. The scale effect was obvious. In Q1 of 19, operating income reached 10 billion yuan, with a long-term growth of 36.85%, of which mold revenue still accounts for about 75%. In 19Q1, domestic customers benefited from the unexpected increase in purchases by nearly 40%. Parts and castings business was relatively normal.At present, the company’s global market share of purchased tire molds globally has reached 25%, and the city’s share is expected to increase to about 35% -40% in the future.At present, the largest customer is Japan’s Bridgestone Group and its subsidiaries, which contributed 15% of its revenue in 2018 to 5.600 million yuan.According to the situation in 2018, mold foreign customers accounted for about 55%, mainly Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and other world-renowned tire companies. 19Q1 returns to net profit of mother 1.56 billion, an annual increase of 43.At 45%, the gross profit margin has declined during the same period, and the rate of profit growth has significantly decreased during the period when the main categories of income exceeded the income. 19Q1 consolidated gross profit margin was 28.39%, down by 1 every year.The 97 single ones are mainly affected by material costs and manufacturing costs. At the same time, 19Q1 mold revenue is delivered to domestic customers. According to the past, domestic customers’ gross profit margin is about 10 lower than foreign customers. The expense ratio decreased significantly during 19Q1. 1) Selling expenses were US $ 1319 million, an increase of 21% year-on-year; 2) Management expenses were US $ 2819 million, an increase of 12% year-on-year; 3) Development expenses were US $ 3424 million, an increase.2%; 4) Financial expenses are 24.14 million yuan, an annual increase of 5.41%, of which exchange loss gains and losses are still losses, but the losses in 18Q1 each year have also dropped by about 3 million. 2. The domestic mold market grows faster than expected and raises its profit forecast. The company is a leading company in domestic tire mold companies. At present, 75% of global tire sales are for replacement and 25% for new car demand. The future growth is also relatively stable, but the top three in the world are relatively stable.Qiangqiang has its own mold factory. The self-made mold of the tire factory is now a natural shrinking process. The tire factory has a tendency to turn from internal procurement to external procurement. The company may still continue to increase its market share, but the pace is faster than the previous wave.The long-term is relatively flat; while large-scale parts and castings provide growth momentum in the short-term, it is estimated that parts and components revenue will increase by about 40-50% in 19 years, and the casting business will increase by about 30%. The company’s 19Q1 mold growth was close to 40%. The growth exceeded expectations. Although there was an impact on the number of bases, the growth of new growth orders in 上海夜网论坛 Q1 was better than originally expected. The part that exceeded expectations was that domestic tire customers’ purchase growth was more obvious, and the original mold business was raised.Revenue growth rate of 13% to 18%, considering that the gross profit margin of domestic molds is significantly lower than the gross profit margin of foreign countries, the original net profit in 19 years.500 million increased to 9.1.6 billion, currently corresponding to 17.2x, maintaining prudent recommendation rating. 3. Risk warnings: The prices of raw materials continue to rise; competition is intensified; Sino-US trade frictions are intensified.

Zhejiang Mida (002677) Quarterly Report Commentary: Results Exceed Expected Expenditure Continued to Increase

Zhejiang Mida (002677) Quarterly Report Commentary: Results Exceed Expected Expenditure Continued to Increase

Revenue and profit maintained a relatively high growth, and overall exceeded market expectations. The company disclosed the first quarter report of 2019: 2019Q1 the company achieved revenue2.

900 million (+31 year-on-year.

6%), the net profit attributable to mother is 75.35 million yuan (YoY + 22.

1%), corresponding to a net profit margin of 26.

0% (YoY-2.


Expenditure continued to increase, and the prosperity of the integrated stove industry is still high-income: According to Zhong Yikang’s forecast, the scale of the integrated stove market in 2019 will reach 2.43 million units, corresponding to a retail value of 18 billion (+ 39% year-on-year).

On the whole, the integrated stoves are still in the background under the continuous decline of real estate completion data to curb the demand for kitchen appliances, maintaining a higher degree of prosperity.

With the continued expansion of Zhejiang Meida ‘s product research and development and diversified channel construction, the growth rate of related business revenues rose again month-on-month; costs and expenses: major raw materials such as cold-rolled sheet rebounded again at the end of 2018, leading to the company’s gross profitSlightly down to 53.

8% (YoY-0.

7 pct); the company’s period expense ratio reached 15 respectively.

5% / 8.

9% /-0.

5%, change 4 every year.

9 / -3.


1pct, in which the company increased its advertising expenditure on high-speed rail, anti-aircraft guns, new media, etc., which was the increase of the sales expense ratio, and the approach to the end of the payment of stock and share payment expenses was the reason for the decline in the management expense ratio.

Earnings forecast We believe that kitchen appliances still have room for growth in long-term latitudes.

Integrated stoves have functional differentiation advantages, and the penetration rate is still increasing from low to high. Meida, as an industry dragon, will continue to benefit.

Considering that the existing company’s channel layout is more biased to third- and fourth-tier 深圳桑拿网 cities and the old pressure of short-term land completion, the industry may still face pressure on the demand side.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

5, 5.


800 million, the annual growth rate was 18.

1%, 15.

3%, 12.

5%, the latest closing price corresponds to 19 in 2019 PE.

3 times.

Give the company 20.

A 3x estimate has a reasonable value of 14.

0 yuan, corresponding to 20 in 2019 PE.

3x, based on the compound growth rate over the next three years, the PEG is 1.

3. PEG is lower than comparable companies in the kitchen appliance industry and maintains an “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that the real estate boom continues to decline; the wide-spread publicity expense is less than expected; industry competition is deteriorating.

Changyu’s 2017 revenue and net profits doubled, China’s wine industry ushers in an inflection point

Changyu’s 2017 revenue and net profits doubled, China’s wine industry ushers in an inflection point

Zhang Yu’s 2017 revenue and net profit doubled, China’s wine industry ushered in a market inflection point?

  In the context of the impact of imported wine and the general growth of domestic wine companies’ performance, Changyu’s sales revenue and net profit in 2017 showed a trend of recovery.

  Photo by Niu Qichang: Visual China On the evening of April 22, 2018, Zhang Yu A (SZ.

000869) published its 2017 annual report.

  The annual report shows that Changyu A’s sales revenue in 2017 was 49.

US $ 3.3 billion, an increase of 4 over the previous year.

56%; during the same period, the company’s net profit was 10.

3.2 billion, an annual increase of 5.


  It is worth mentioning that in the context of the impact of imported wine and the general change in the performance of domestic wine companies, Changyu’s sales revenue and net profit in 2017 showed a trend of recovery.

  Changyu expects that through a new round of China’s consumption upgrade, 2018 is expected to become the turning point of the market, and the Chinese wine industry will once again usher in a “golden decade.”

In the eyes of the highest people, the recovery of Changyu’s main performance indicators seems to indicate that the entire Chinese wine market is about to come out of the cold winter and usher in spring.

  Interface news reporters have noticed that since 2002, the Chinese wine market has experienced ups and downs.

In 2002, the Chinese wine industry entered the first “golden decade” of the 21st century when China joined the WTO.

China’s domestic wine production from 2002 to 2.

800 million liters soared to 13 in 2012.

800 million liters, a nearly five-fold increase, accounting for about 75% of the entire Chinese market.

In this golden decade, Changyu’s annual sales growth has shown a growth rate of more than 20%, and sometimes even reached more than 30%.

  However, since the introduction of the “Eight Regulations” of the central government in 2012, official consumption that has gone out of control has been blocked and the Chinese wine market as a whole has begun to shrink.

China’s wine consumption from 2014 1.

3.9 billion boxes fell to 1 in 2015.

3.1 billion boxes, an overall decrease of 5%.

At the same time, the influx of foreign wines has become more and more fierce, and the Chinese wine industry has entered a cold winter due to overlapping effects.

  According to customs data, over the past three years, the stacking of imported wines has doubled through shrinking domestic wine production.

In 2017, China’s domestic wine production fell by 5% to 100 years, with an average decline of about 6% for five consecutive years, while imported bottled wine increased by 15% to 55 tons.

Under the situation that domestic and imported products have disappeared, domestic wine brands’ market share is facing the risk of being eroded by imported brands.

In this cold winter, Chinese wine companies have experienced a large number of defects.

  According to Zhang Yu’s judgment in the 2017 annual report, “In the long run, changing the income level of Chinese people will continue to increase, and more and more consumers will pursue healthy and fashionable lifestyles, and people will more favor wines that are highly in line with consumer trends., Thereby continuously expanding the demand for quality wines.

The Chinese wine industry has huge market development potential.

According to the annual report released by the world-famous wine exhibition organization “France International Wine and Spirits Exhibition” in 2017, China is the fifth largest wine consumer in the world, and wine will grow by 39 in the next three years.

At 8%, China will become the world’s second largest wine market after the United States.

And developing countries generally believe that China will become the world’s largest consumer of wine in the next ten years.

  According to OIV (International Organization of Grape and Wine) statistics, France’s annual per capita wine consumption is 47 liters, and China’s annual per capita wine consumption is only 1.

24 liters, well below 3.

35 liters world average.

Thanks to the consumption base of the Chinese wine market, when China’s annual per capita consumption reaches 3 liters, it can overtake the United States and become the world’s largest wine consumer.

  Sun Jian, general manager of Yantai Changyu Grape Wine Co., Ltd., once told reporters at the interface, “According to some international authority rankings, the top three wine companies in the world are currently in the United States.

More than 20 years ago, the world’s largest wine companies were concentrated in Europe, because the largest consumer of wine at that time was in Europe.But in the past 20 years, the United States has replaced Europe as the world’s largest wine consumer. Thanks to the advantages of localization, the United States has accordingly created the world’s largest wine company.

In the next 20 years, the world ‘s largest consumer of wine will be in China, and the largest wine merchant will surely be born here.

“Although the spring of the market is about to come, there are also targeted groups who point out that China’s wine consumption level is upgrading, the consumption structure is diverging, and the 杭州夜网论坛 competitive environment will be more intense.

Who can keep up with the trend of the times, grasp consumer trends, and adapt to market changes, who can take the lead in getting out of the predicament and gain more benefits from the industry transformation.

  Regarding the development plan for 2018, Zhang Yu stated in his annual report that this year the company is undergoing a brand-new transformation and upgrade from corporate strategy, market strategy, business structure, sales system to product planning, packaging and other aspects.

According to the plan, Changyu will focus on the development strategy of “mid-to-high end, high quality, large single product” in the future.

At present, in response to the trend of China’s consumption upgrade, foreign wines are constantly pouring in to accelerate the grabbing of market 南宁桑拿 cakes. Chinese wine companies are also setting off a trend of industrial upgrading.

Changyu A chose an industrial path to achieve mid-to-high-end transformation through layout.

  It is understood that at present Changyu has launched a series of overseas mergers and acquisitions in France, Spain, Spain, Chile and Australia. In this century-old company, it has continuously infiltrated the raw materials, products, processes, talents, performance and other elements from countries around the world.

Changyu has become the fourth largest company in the world with 21 factories and 350,000 acres of wine base.

  The 2017 annual report just released shows that Changyu “constructed raw material bases in high-quality wine producing regions such as France, Chile, Australia, etc., and improved the level of internal basic scientific management to ensure a stable supply of high-quality raw wines. Using the international advanced level as a benchmark to promote high-quality strategies, Improve the inherent quality of the product, enhance the appearance of the product, and achieve a comprehensive surpass of the main competing products.

  Completely, Changyu’s business structure has also evolved from the “domestic show” of domestic wine in the past to the three major business sectors of “domestic wine + imported wine + brandy”, from “excellent show” to “troika”.

In the 2017 annual report, it was proposed that “the full implementation of the development strategy of equal emphasis on wine and brandy”, using brandy as a new force for Changyu in the Chinese market.

  Zhang Hongjiang, the new chairman of Zhang Yu, predicts that there are various stages of development in the different stages of the development of the wine industry, and the wine, especially the brandy category, will be a mainstream outlet in the future of the Chinese wine industry.

In 2018, Changyu’s market share in brandy will reach a pair in 2017, and a brandy professional marketing system will be built.

  It is understood that in 2018, Zhang Yu will make major adjustments to the international competition in the Chinese market.

At present, product positioning, product quality and packaging, organizational structure, marketing team and dealer system have been re-planned, upgraded and improved, and we have begun to plan ahead for the new “Golden Decade” in the Chinese market.

Bealead (600827): Core Barriers to Quality Property Upgrade and Steady Growth

Bealead (600827): Core Barriers to Quality Property Upgrade and Steady Growth
Bailian’s own property has a large area and high value, and is located in the core business district.The core barrier in the department store shopping industry is the scarcity of high-quality commercial district properties. Bailian shares have a prominent advantage in terms of property standing in the department store mall segment.Bailian owns more than 2 million square meters of its own properties, many of which are located in Shanghai’s core business districts.Benefiting from the continuous increase in housing prices in first-tier cities and the consumption aggregation brought by consumption upgrades, the market value and commercial value of Bailian’s own properties have now far exceeded the book value.We expect the property to be revalued. The market value of Bailian’s own properties is approximately 72.1 billion. The consumption power of first-tier cities is strong, the core business districts are well-equipped, and retail performance in core business districts is guaranteed.Bailian’s department store shopping mall business contributed major profits. The net profit of the comprehensive department store business in 2017 and 2018 was 7 respectively.980,000 yuan, 8.49 ppm, a ten-year increase6.36%.Against the background of the general pressure of the department store industry in 2018, the company’s department store business was able to maintain a steady and rising trend, which is closely related to the occupancy advantages of core business 杭州夜网论坛 districts in first-tier cities.At the same time, land supply in core commercial districts is very limited. Property vacancy rates in core commercial districts in first-tier cities will remain at a long-term level, and rents will continue to remain at a relatively high level, which is quite beneficial to Bailian and its long-term value is outstanding.The company owns a large amount of its own core business district assets, which are scarce assets that are difficult to copy and have a favorable business competitive environment. This will give the company flexibility in adjusting its business transformation and the cornerstone of long-term future growth. Ole’s performance is dazzling, and supermarkets continue to improve.The company holds 20 shares.03% of Lianhua Supermarket’s 2018 revenue growth rate has returned to positive, shortening has narrowed, and the adjustment of the supermarket store has been continuously deepened, which is expected to reduce the drag on the parent company’s net profit.We believe that the trend of replacing small hypermarkets with small businesses is highly deterministic, and the future trend of Lianhua Supermarkets, which are mainly small businesses, will continue to grow; the company’s business operation ability is outstanding, the two stores have entered the top ten in the country, and the revenue is double-digit for three consecutive years.Growth, opening of new stores in Changsha in line with expectations. PB estimated budget.As of the end of 2018, Bailian shares owned 149.$ 1.5 billion in fixed assets, higher than the industry average; the company’s PB is currently 1.0, which is the industry average.If the value of prime properties in Bailian’s core business district is revalued, the actual PB will be at 0.2-0.Between 3, the value of Bailian shares in the department store sector will be more prominent. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother for the year 19-21 will be 9.08/9.43/10.61 trillion, EPS is 0.51/0.53/0.59 yuan, the corresponding PB is 1.0 times, 1.0 times, 0.9 times. The company’s core business district has obvious advantages in its own properties, and its main business is stable.The first coverage was given a “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Large commercial real estate is oversupplied, and population in first-tier cities continues to decrease.

What kind of handsome guy are you suitable to marry

What kind of handsome guy are you suitable to marry

What kind of handsome guy are you suitable for marrying?

Measure and see.


If you could get a giveaway, which one would you choose?

  50 carat but enchanted diamond ring . to 2 10 million lottery tickets without winning . to 10 2.

Too much love experience, but want to try the taste of blind date marriage?

  Yes …………………… to 3No ……………… to 4 3.

Will you participate in the budget?

  A car that can be parked at any time . to 4 Jeep where I don’t know where to go . to 11 4.

If your husband had an affair, would you?

  Desperately buying expensive things to make him money . to 5 also have an affair to reward him . to 11 5.

Do you think it might be a bad wife?

  Yes ………………………… to 6 No ………………………… to 13 6.

The love letter written to him is a bit negligent, hoping for some situation?

  I forgot to sign my name …………………… to 7 dropped words and typos …………………… to 14 7.

Which competition would you choose to participate in?

  Ugly Women’s Contest …………………… to 8 Stupid Women’s Contest …………………… to 11 8

If you turned into a pet, what would you want?

  A cat at night . . to 9 a dog who is groggy all day.
. to 11 9.

What would be the conditions for marriage?

  Love ………………………… type 4 money ………………………… type 5 type 10.

Want to get married early?

  Yes ………………………… to 4No ………………………… to 11 11.

What car would you like to carbonize for a ride?

  Fire trucks …………………… to 5 ambulances …………………… to 9 12

The marriage partner must be older than yourself?

  Yes …………………… to 8 No …………………… to 14 13.

Which one do you prefer?

  Fireworks ………………………… type 2 fireflies …………………… type 114.

Do you think the word marriage is appropriate for certain feelings?

  Destiny ………………………… to 13 love …………………… type 3 type 15.

How should the wedding feel?

  Although there are only two people, they are very romantic . …………………… Type 5 luxury anomaly …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Decided, it is likely that you suddenly have the urge to get married.

Basically, husband and wife live in your feelings, just like friends. Once they become wives, they will gradually produce social changes. Men like Jay Chou are the best candidates.

  Type 2 Li Wei marriage For you, love is all the key, no matter what the other person ‘s money or conditions are, as long as there are no lovers in your heart, everything is equal to zero, and you know you will regret it sooner or later.

In your marriage life, you are a typical person who loves to coquettish each other and also likes how your husband treats you. The suitable husband is like Wei Wei in WEWE.

  The third type of Yan Chengxu’s marriage is in your self-hook style. Success and stability are very important factors. Therefore, when choosing a marriage partner, you will be measured by whether the other person has a stable job and the amount of income.
Over time, in the eyes of others, you are like a woman who loves manipulating others, a suitable husband candidate, with the best ambition and desire to succeed.
  Type 4 Wang Leehom’s marriage is a luxurious gift in your thoughts. You can easily set dreams that are difficult to achieve in real life one by one.

Therefore, the marriage you see has only a beautiful side. For you who desire a high-style life, perhaps Wang Lihong, who is like a prince, can best meet the requirements.

  In the fifth type of Zhou Yumin’s marriage life, you ask for a sense of fulfillment and meaning in life. You don’t expect much luxury, but in daily life, you must always be full of happiness.

Basically, for you, the feelings between husband and wife are lying together like brothers and sisters, and the opposite sex like Ziyu Zhou Yumin is more suitable for you.

Can newborns use pillows-

Can newborns use pillows?

Many people like to give a baby pillow a small pillow, but this move is a love mistake, because a small pillow can not only make the baby comfortable, but also can cause accidents!

When can I give my baby a pillow?

How high is the pillow?

Let experts tell us: Small pillows are not conducive to the normal development of newborns. Experts from the Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital cautioned not to give newborns pillows.

   This is because: 1. The spine of the newborn is straight and has not yet formed a physiological bend. When lying down, the back and the back of the head are on the same plane, which will not cause muscle tension and cause pillow fall;, Almost the same as the width of the shoulders, sleeping flat and sleeping on the side are natural and do not require pillows.

     3. The onset of the newborn is very short, the head is raised, but it is very uncomfortable, and it is easy to form a head and neck bend, which affects the newborn’s breathing and swallowing, and even causes accidents.

  When is the pillow for your baby?

How high is the pillow?
     1. If individual newborns have spilled milk or vomiting, you can raise the upper body slightly, or use a face towel to fold 2-3 layers about 1-3 cm high to replace the pillow to prevent vomiting.

    2. When the baby grows to three or four months, the cervical vertebra begins to bend forward. At this time, the baby can pillow 1 cm high.

     3. In the seventy-fifth month of school, the baby’s thoracic spine began to bend backwards, and the shoulders also widened. At this time, the child should pillow 3 cm high when sleeping.

  Pillows that are too high and too low are not good for your baby’s sleep and normal body development.

    The baby’s choice of bedding is also learned in the first seven days after the birth of the newborn, often sleeping longer than waking up, and most of the time spent in a crib, so the quality of the bedding is very important.

     Newborn bedding should be prepared separately 1-2 sets, suitable for small beds. The quilt should be made of light-colored cotton or thin flannel. Cotton tyres should be made of new cotton. Old cotton is not warm and sanitary.Rebuilt with old cotton tires.

The quilt should not be too thick or too large, generally about one pound each. The size should match the size of the crib. Two should be prepared for easy washing and changing. It can be increased or decreased as the season changes. One can be covered in spring and autumn. WinterCover two.

Can also prepare 2-3 bed quilts, preferably made of cotton cloth, easy to change and wash.

If possible, prepare two more children’s blankets, which will increase and decrease as time changes. Because the blankets are thin and have good warmth, they can also be used when the mother is feeding the newborn, which can bring the mother and baby into full close contact.Achieve correct breastfeeding posture.

     The preparation of the quilt for the newborn is also very important.

The cushion on the small bed should not be too soft, it is best to fold the mattress with old cotton tires, and then spread a thin layer of cotton tires on it.

Because the newborn bones are soft and are in the developmental stage, if the mattress is too soft, such as a soft spring mattress or sponge pad, the baby’s spine will often be in a bent state, which will easily cause spine deformation and even hump., And is not conducive to newborn activities, affecting bone and muscle development.

     Newborn’s sheets are best made of cotton, which is larger than a small bed, and can be pressed under the mattress around, so as not to kick the sheets into a ball when moving.

     Before the newborn is discharged home, the prepared clothes, quilt sheets, etc. should be exposed to the sun for about 4 hours to spare.

It is usually washed and changed frequently, and often exposed to the sun, which not only makes the bedding soft and warm, but also can disinfect and sterilize.

     What is the healthiest sleeping position for newborns?

     What is the best posture for a newborn to sleep?

Under normal circumstances, most newborns adopt a supine sleeping position because this sleeping position relaxes the muscles of the whole body and minimizes the pressure on the internal organs of the newborn, such as the heart, hospital tract, and bladder.

However, when you sleep on your back, because the base of the tongue relaxes and falls backwards, the breathing throat affects the patency of the airways. If you put a higher pillow on the newborn pillow, it will increase the difficulty of breathing. At this time, you should carefully observe the newbornChildren’s sleep.

It is best not to sleep in the prone position, because newborns in this period are not yet able to raise their heads, turn their heads, and turn over. They do not have the ability to protect themselves. Therefore, prone sleep is prone to accidental suffocation.

In addition, prone sleep pressures the internal organs, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the newborn.

     Because the stomach of the newborn is horizontal, the cardiac muscles at the entrance of the stomach are loose, and the pyloric muscles at the exit are relatively tight. When the newborn is fed, it is easy to spill milk. Severe milk can be sucked into the trachea and choking occurs.After feeding these newborns, they can lie on their right side at 0.

After 5-1 hours, you can lie flat.

Beauty dessert honey bean double skin milk

Beauty dessert honey bean double skin milk

I really admire our ancestors very much. They are far more thorough in beauty food than Westerners. Many Chinese desserts are both healthy and beautiful. It is a good deal to satisfy the appetite and beautify the face.

For those who like to eat desserts, consider Chinese classic desserts. They are really healthy and delicious.

  Ingredients: 1 bag of whole milk (485 grams), 3 protein, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder (3ml), 2 tablespoons of sugar (30 grams), 3 tablespoons of honey red beans (45 grams). Method: 1.

Pour the milk into a pan and heat it, not to boil 2.

Pour the heated milk into a small bowl and place it in the room to form the crust 3.

For protein separation, break up with chopsticks, try to break up 4.

Pour the cold milk from the small bowl back into the pan, slowly and carefully, and leave the formed crust in the bowl5.

Add sugar and vanilla powder to the milk and stir well 6.

Add egg white to milk and stir well 7.

The stirred milk mixture is slowly extended to the edge of the bowl through a sieve and poured back into the bowl. The first layer of milk skin just formed on the bottom of the bowl floats to the top 8.

Cover with plastic wrap and steam over cold water over medium heat. Steam for 20 minutes after boiling. 9

Turn off the fire after 15 minutes, don’t open the lid, and stuffy for 5 minutes10.

Take it out and sprinkle with honey and red beans. It can be eaten hot or put in the refrigerator and refrigerated.

  Tips: 1.

I have tried milk a few times. The milk ordered directly from the dairy is the easiest to form milk crust and has the strongest milk taste, followed by Mengniu, Yili’s thick or ordinary, and the worst is the delicate milk such as Terensu, which is the most difficult.Milk skin is formed with the lightest milk taste.


It doesn’t matter if the first layer of milk crust doesn’t work, or if you accidentally pour it into the pot, the taste and texture will be the same.


Be sure to steam over medium heat, not over high heat, otherwise the honeycomb 4 will be easily steamed out.

Vanilla powder is used to remove eggs and get a fishy smell.

Adding honey red beans can also reduce the fishy smell.


Honey red beans are bought with love and noodles, or you can make them by yourself. The method is: Red beans iceberg 5.

Lazy friends can try a simple method: heat the milk + sugar until the sugar melts, remove the heat-warm the milk, add the broken protein, pour it into a bowl through a sieve, cook in cold water for 20 minutes, turn off the heatCover for 5 minutes.

Sun whitening helper


Sun whitening helper

Oriental women are mainly based on fair and rosy skin.

Therefore, a variety of cosmetics such as whitening lotion, skin cream, foundation honey, concealer are all popular, and those who spend time and money in this regard are many.

In fact, a person’s skin is white and tender. In addition to innate factors, it has a lot to do with future generations’ maintenance methods, including some daily fruits and vegetables.

  Whether the skin is white or not, mainly determines the ability of melanocytes to synthesize melanin.

The more melanin is produced, the darker and darker the skin; conversely, the skin is fairer.

Vitamin c interferes with melanin production and reduces melanin precipitation.

Eat more vitamins in your daily life. Foods such as oranges, lemons, hawthorns, citruses, apples, prickly pears, grapes, fresh dates and other fruits, as well as tomatoes, cauliflower, winter melon, coriander, onion, garlic, green pepper and other vegetables, canReduces or even removes dark spots and freckles on the skin, and accelerates skin reduction and whitening.

  The precise combination of some fruit and vegetable foods can achieve unexpected whitening skin effects.

For example: * Chinese wolfberry (120g for fresh and 60g for dried), fry tea and mix it freely; or allow sparkling wine.

It can nourish liver, kidney, qi and blood, and make the complexion glorious and white.

  * 5 grams of winter melon seeds, 6 grams of orange peel, 12 grams of peach blossom, mixed into fine powder, mixed with rice soup after meals, 3 times a day, even for several months, the surface can become white tender and smooth.

  * Peel potatoes (just use 1/3), grind and peel into a paste, remove water, mix with fine flour, apply as a mask on the surface, and wash with water after 25 minutes.

This method has a bleaching effect on subcutaneous melanin, especially it is very effective in eliminating dark circles, and it is better if a good milk powder is added.

  * The fruit acid in fruits can increase the rate of keratinization of the skin and accelerate the elimination of melanin. If used properly, it can also help the absorption of certain substances.

Smashing pears or apples and transferring them to the finest flour is very helpful for the tenderness of facial skin.

You can also put lemon slices in beer and soak overnight, and use the wine to slap your face the next day.

  * Milk can make the skin on the face and the whole body white and tender. Soak the fresh milk into cotton or gauze, apply it after soaking, and wash it off with water after half an hour, once a day.

  * Red spots may appear on over-sunburned skin. You can use milk to rub the sunburned area, and then use lemon slices to cover the face. After one week, the spots will become smaller. Then mash the cucumber and add kudzu powder and appropriate honey.Spots can be eliminated.