Have a pet man

Have a “pet man”

Recently, there has been a mobile game that adopts a virtual “man” for 15 yuan per month to be a pet in a mobile phone.
The “owner” gives instructions to pets to discharge, kiss, train, bath, etc. according to his own mood, and the male as a “pet” can also issue instructions to the “owner” such as running away, running around, howling, and hungry.
In short, whether it’s pets or crazy flats, it’s all up to the “master”.
Most of the women who are keen on this kind of game are white-collar workers, and some are people who are not ideal in love and marriage.
  With the development of technology, there are many kinds of mobile games. Why is this game most popular among white-collar women?
Our reporter invited Dr. Shi Zhanbiao of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to make an analysis. Women like to play this game to satisfy the desire for control and leadership in human nature.
Relatively speaking, women have less leadership and control in society than men, and their desires have not been well satisfied.
So they will find other things in life to control to meet their psychological needs.
If you pay attention to observation, you can find that most pet owners are women, which also reflects their compensation for control and leadership.
  Although most Chinese women are now economically independent and equal in gender, in the family, most of them still advocate “doing the minor things by themselves and listening to the husband in big things.”
Of course, this kind of being led and controlled is often not passive, but chosen by women themselves.
Even so, the desire for leadership and control inherent in human nature has not disappeared, but has been replaced by other means.
  In people’s ideals, the image of women should be gentle, and women seem to be weak and protected.
In this way, even if women are “strong men”, they must take the initiative to show weakness, and they must not be too proactive and powerful.
As a man, you must make others feel assertive and aggressive.
In fact, many women have more abilities than men, but these social factors have determined that women cannot satisfy their desire to control well and can only switch to other methods.
  ”Pet men” are used to vent negative emotions. Dr. Yan Shi said that the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and under more and more pressure, people’s negative emotions have accumulated more and more.
Negative emotions carry energy and can accumulate. Once they reach a certain level, they may have extremely bad effects on people’s body and mind, and even bring them down.
People must learn to vent negative emotions in time and maintain psychological balance.
If you vent to people around you, it will inevitably “offend people” and cause bad effects, so people are constantly looking for “safe” ways to vent.
Exposing to the virtual “men’s pet” in the phone will not only cause no bad consequences, but the “men’s pet” will never lose his temper, but will let people vent and comfort them, which will make people feel more comfortable.
  There are more and more communication methods between modern people, but the distance between people is getting more and more.
There are fewer and fewer friends who truly can be called “sense”.
When people encounter something unhappy, they have untiable knots in their hearts, and they usually do n’t talk to their friends. Because of the fast pace of life and the lack of venting in diaries, everyone is looking for a safe and impossible betrayal.In his own way of saving time and effort, the “pet man” just played the role of letting people vent “without worry”.
Compared with general pet games, “pet men” are people rather than animals, which makes people feel more direct and enjoyable.