Get up early and drink a cup of cold water to make life

Get up early and drink a cup of cold water to make life

Early morning, a cup of cold water can be used for life research. It is found that a cup of cold boiled water can be used for longevity research. It is found that a cup of cold boiled water can be used for life research.

So wake up every morning, drinking a cup of cold water is a great health benefit.

  American medical doctor Simon Balk also said: “Cold boiled water can be used as a strong body, sedatives, laxatives, sweating agents, stimulants and metabolism promoters, which is very beneficial to human health.”

Every morning, a newborn cup of cold water has the function of moisturizing, refreshing, preventing bad breath and constipation. It also has certain curative effect on pharyngitis and certain skin diseases, and it is likely to be beneficial to health.

If you can gradually increase the number of cups, after a few years, magical life effects will occur.

  The so-called cold boiled water is to naturally cool the boiled water to 20-25 ° C, and it becomes a cup of cold boiled water.

It has been found that after the natural cooling of boiling water, the chlorine in the water is reduced by 50% compared with the natural water. The molecular structure of the water will change, and the physical properties such as water surface tension, water density and electrical conductivity will change.Its “biological activity” is 4-5 times higher than that of natural water, and it is very similar to the water in biological living cells, so it has a great “affinity”, is easy to penetrate the cell membrane and is absorbed by the body, promotes the body’s metabolism, and increasesThe hemoglobin content in the blood is beneficial to improve the body’s immune function, resulting in the role of axial health care.

  Drinking cold water every morning, because it is an empty stomach, so the water stays in the stomach for a short time, it quickly enters the inside, is absorbed into the blood by the intestinal mucosa, and filters the high concentration of blood, which can enhance the detoxification ability and digestion of the liver.In addition, people who are used to drinking cold water have higher deoxygenase activity in the body, which can quickly eliminate lactic acid accumulation in muscles, so it is not easy to fatigue.

These are unmatched by many advanced beverages.

  However, the cooling time of boiling water should not be too long, otherwise the gas in the air will dissolve into the water again, and the cold boiling water will lose the “biologically active” nature.

Generally speaking, it is better to pour a cup of boiling water before going to sleep at night. The next morning is better.

13 kinds of health medicines for beauty and anti-aging

13 kinds of health medicines for beauty and anti-aging

Click to buy Chinese medicine is a precious culture left by ancient Chinese medicine practitioners. It has a wide variety of functions, complete functions and various uses, which is very suitable for health.

There are many Chinese medicines that have the effect of beauty and anti-aging. Let’s take a look at the Chinese medicine that can be used for beauty and anti-aging.

  Here we will take a look at the 13 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines: First, ginseng – supplement vitality recommended star: Yuan Yuyi.

  She said that when she was pregnant, her mother taught her to drink honey and ginseng, so Yuan Yuyi was very angry after childbirth.

  Youth miracle: mentioning the anti-aging function of ginseng is one of the most suspenseful.

According to modern pharmacological research, ginseng can intensify the central nervous system, improve mental and physical strength, and quickly eliminate fatigue.

  How to use: Ginseng tea.

3 grams of ginseng tablets, brewed into tea with boiling water.

Can calm the nerves and quickly eliminate fatigue.

  Ginseng porridge.

3 grams of ginseng, 100 grams of previous rice, fried with simmer until cooked.

It is suitable for eating in the autumn and winter on an empty stomach, supplementing the supplemental gas and reconciling the five internal organs.

  Second, Polygonum – nourishing good medicine recommended star: Faye Wong.

  Among the secret recipes after Faye Wong’s production, Polygonum multiflorum is the main drug.

Eat every day, so that she recovered her body before pregnancy.

  Youth miraculous effect: The most youthful function of Polygonum multiflorum is Wufa. After being processed, it can make up the liver and kidney, benefit the blood, and it is not cold or dry, it is a good hair.

Later, Western medicine research found that it lowers fat, lowers sugar, prevents atherosclerosis, and reduces the function of cellular oxidation in the body.

  How to use: Shouwu shampoo: 60 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, boiled with water, water color into light yellow can be used, first wash the hair with ordinary shampoo, then dip with Polygonum juice.

  Shouwu egg: 60 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 2 eggs.

Wash the Heshouwu, slice it, put it in the casserole, add the egg, cook until the egg is cooked, remove the eggshell, and then cook in the pot for a while, add salt, MSG.

  Third, Huang Wei – the most recommended qi star: Lai Yazhen.

  Taiwan’s “Da Jang Geum” is bathed in yellow-brown water every season, to enhance its resistance and prevent colds.

  Youth miraculous effect: Chinese medicine believes that Huang Qi can make up the qi of the body, can use the recovery of qi deficiency and lack of strength.

Modern research has found that yellow plasma can also enhance metabolism, so that the body cells grow vigorously, while eliminating free radicals in the body and preventing aging.

  How to use: on behalf of tea: Huang Qi 5?
6 tablets, brewing bubbles with boiling water can alleviate the body’s drowsiness, weakness, and shortness of breath.

  Jujube: Take 30 jujubes, 30 grams of raw radix, cook together.

Can improve immune function and enhance physical fitness.

  Four, three seven – bloody wonderful product recommended star: Yao Ming.

  Yao Ming’s latest fracture was a fracture of the fractured bone. In order to promote healing, the dietitian prescribed a therapeutic formula for the pigeons of the Sanqi stew.

  Youth miraculous effect: In the history of Chinese medicine, Sanqi was famous very early, but it has been paid attention to as a tonic for hemostasis, pain, and swelling.

It has only been discovered in recent years that it can also expand blood vessels, remove blood lipids, restore blood vessel elasticity, and even have obvious advantages over ginseng in the intervention of cardiovascular diseases.

  How to use: Sanqi Chicken.

When the hen is seasoned and steamed to 8 cooked, add the notoginseng powder 6?
9 grams of steamed Serve.

Can make up for qi and blood, benefit color and beauty, suitable for lack of blood, face sallow, postpartum blood deficiency.

  The usage of “Life is ripe” Sanqi is known as “life is ripe”. It means: using the raw Sanqi, there is blood circulation, hemostasis effect; with the cooked Sanqi, there is blood, blood.

  V. Suggestions for strengthening the strong medicines in the 5th Five-Year Plan: In the “Practical Supplemental Chinese Medicine”, it is recorded that Acanthopanax senticosus belongs to the qi-invigorating medicine, which can fundamentally improve physical weakness and nourish and strengthen.
  Youth miraculous effect: Acanthopanax can nourish blood, soothe the nerves, nourish, strengthen the body, in the battle with insomnia, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases, have a certain effect.

  How to use: Salt and pepper thorns and five leaves.
Soak the fresh acanthopanax leaves with water for 5 hours to soak the bitterness.

After squeezing out the water, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pickled pepper powder, add egg and starch and mix well. Add in frying pan and fry.

Can sleep, strengthen.

  Six, Rhodiola – relieve hypoxia, fatigue recommended star: high round.

  Participating in the “Beauty and the Beast” mountaineering team went to Tibet for the first time. Gao Yuanyuan boarded a snowy mountain at an altitude of 6,200 meters in a week. Her experience is to drink more Rhodiola tea.

  Youth miraculous effect: Rhodiola against aging, has a two-way regulation: supplement deficiency, reduce excess, so that the body yin and yang reconciliation, blood and blood clear, all diseases disappear.

In terms of strong immune function, Rhodiola is more capable than ginseng.

In fact, it has the effect of estrogen, which is very helpful for gynecology.

  How to use: Rhodiola tea.

Rhodiola can be widely used to fight fatigue by “overworkers”.

Take 10 grams of Rhodiola, grind into coarse powder with a grinder, rush into boiling water, cover for 15 minutes, transfer 10 grams of honey Serve.

Drink 1 cup each in the afternoon.

It can nourish and nourish blood and enhance the body’s ability to adapt.

  Seven, Ganoderma lucidum – qi and blood recommended stars: Luo Jiaying since suffering from liver cancer, Luo Jiaying daily taking Ganoderma lucidum health.

According to the performance of the “Dance Forest Conference”, it seems that the effect is good.

  Youth miraculous effect: Chinese medicine believes that Ganoderma lucidum can tonify qi and blood, nourish the heart and calm the nerves, and relieve cough and asthma.

Modern scientific research also shows that Ganoderma lucidum does improve blood circulation of the coronary arteries and increase the energy supply of myocardial blood oxygenation. It can lower blood pressure, lower fat, protect liver and improve immunity.

  Boiled porridge: After the Ganoderma lucidum is fried with water, take the juice and rice porridge to take it, or wait until the porridge is cooked and then transfer it to the ganoderma lucidum powder for 5g, once a day.

  Ganoderma Lucidum Bath: Ganoderma Lucidum 500g, Decoction 3?
4 times, add bath water to soak the whole body.

It is very helpful to solve skin problems.

  When you first take Ganoderma lucidum, you may have dizziness, soft bones, itchy skin, dry mouth, and a slight frequency of bowel movements. This is the normal reaction of the poison in the body to decompose, move, and excrete.

After the event, the discomfort will disappear.

  Eight, 枸杞-Mingmu anti-fatigue recommended star: Guo Jinan.

  ”After the birth of the world” Guo Jinan believes that cockroaches are very helpful to the eyes, often put a few tablets of jingle tea to drink.

  Youth miracle: Chinese medicine believes that it has the function of promoting and regulating immune function, protecting liver and anti-aging, especially suitable for eliminating fatigue; and because of the peace of mind, it can be used all year round.

  How to use: Spring, commonly used computer eyes are easy to fatigue, with tea, can nourish Yin and eyesight.

  In summer, the weather is hot, with chrysanthemums or honeysuckle, you can make tea, you can clear the liver fire.

  In autumn, the air is dry, it is easy to dry lips, and the skin is swarf. It is mixed with Sydney, Chuanbei, Lily, and Yuzhu. It has a good nourishing effect.

  In the winter, we must resist the cold, put some cockroaches in the mutton soup pot, which can not only improve the yang in the body, but also ignite the yang.

  People who are forbidden to eat cockroaches: The effect of warming the body is quite strong. It is suffering from fever and fever. The body has inflammation. The spleen and stomach are weak and easy to diarrhea. High blood pressure, temperament, and people who are addicted to red wine are best not to eat.

  Nine, Tianqi effect: Tianqi is a kind of ginseng, which has a nourishing effect, and Tianqi is originally a drug, which has the medicinal rationality of tonifying the muscles and promoting blood circulation.

  Health care method: Because the society is now aging, and the prevalence of coronary heart disease is also younger, so we often use Tianqiyu soup, which can be used to regulate coronary heart disease.

  Note: Buy Tianqi, which is large, possessive, slippery, and has no claws.

It is best to use the chicken oil to fry until slightly yellow, and then use a hammer to break it, so that it can change its properties as a beater to enhance the nourishing effect of Tianqi.

  Ten, the effect of the tangerine peel: tune in the middle of the stagnation, shun the gas, and clarify the five internal organs.

  Method of health: Tangerine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also a kind of soup. The soup of greasy soup and beans can put some dried tangerine peel, which can turn gas and stagnation.

  Note: The dried tangerine peel should be soaked and simmered. It must be scraped off of the white thing, so that the sweet smell will be very good, otherwise the soup will be a bit astringent.
  Eleven, Eucommia effect: There is a role in supplementing the waist, strengthening the kidney, and strengthening the kidney.

  Health method: Here we recommend a peanut Duzhong oxtail soup, this soup has the effect of blood, kidney, strong bones.

Peanut (60 g) washed and soaked; Eucommia (20 g) was placed in a pot with sprinkled with light salt water, slowly fry and dried; the ox tail washed, boiled in water for 10 minutes, and then washed.
Put the ginger into the corrugated together, add about 12 bowls of water, and turn it into a simmer for about 3 hours.

  Note: Eucommia should first remove the dust, set it in the pot, splash a small amount of light salt water, and fry.

Because Chinese medicine says “salty into the kidney”, it means that salty drugs or foods are most likely to act on the kidneys. Salty taste can raise the kidneys moderately.

  Twelve, sputum effect: sputum is flat and sweet, dehumidification, detoxification, Tongli joint effect, Guangdong weather is hot all year round, Guangdong people usually use sputum to clear away heat and detoxification.

  Health method: Earthworm turtle soup can clear away heat and detoxification.

Here we introduce a chestnut porridge: 15 grams, 25 grams of chestnuts, 10 jujubes, 100 grams of rice.

Add water first to boil the chestnuts, jujube, the previous rice; 茯苓 末,, when the rice is half cooked, slowly add, stir well, cook until the chestnuts are cooked.

  Thirteen, the efficacy of yam yam: Huai yam as a health food in China for at least two thousand years, it is beneficial to yin and yin, spleen and lung and kidney, solid and stop the role of the band.

  Health Preservation Method: Fresh yam is a daily food for Cantonese people. It can be used as a vegetable for cooking.

Among them, it is used as the soup. It can be used as a soup of the Communist Party of China, Huaishan Pork Soup, Tongji Xiangluo Huaishan Soup, Huaishan Round Meat, Pork Hand, etc. It is a soup that Cantonese people prefer.

  Note: When purchasing yam, it is best to pick the original yam.

Don’t miss out on 13 healthy foods in the fall!

Don’t miss out on 13 healthy foods in the fall!

Autumn is a high incidence of various diseases and a good season for health.

However, which foods are most conducive to autumn health?

13 best health foods in the fall” recommended for everyone’s reference!

Apple – August?
The November data showed that each apple (about 28 grams) contained 4 grams of fiber.

In addition, apples also contain a variety of antioxidants, such as peony, catechol, epicatechin, etc. These ingredients reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

Apples are best washed and skinned, because active substances such as flavonols that are good for heart health are the highest in the skin.

Shandong Rongcheng: “Sanyou Fuji” apple became a fruit grower to get rich golden pear – August?
In the second year, every pear (about 28 grams) contains about 6 grams of impurity fiber per 2 months. It also contains vitamin C and the trace element copper required by the human body.

Qiuli pears eat more sweet and juicy juices, which can be baked or boiled when cooked, thin and soft.

 Broccoli – September?
In the second year of June, a medium-sized broccoli can satisfy a person’s vitamin K and vitamin C needs for one day.

Studies have shown that vitamin K is not only related to coagulation, but also beneficial to bone health.

As a member of the cruciferous vegetables, it also has a variety of anti-cancer and lipid-lowering ingredients.

When cooking broccoli, excessive heating will destroy the active substance glucosinolate, and the anti-cancer effect will be greatly reduced.

Broccoli is suitable for steaming, cooking or salad.

Broccoli zucchini – October?
In February of the following year, its supplemented carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. It has anti-aging and anti-cancer effects, and can protect and improve vision.

Zucchini is slightly sweet and can be stored for several months.

It should be noted that high-temperature fried zucchini may produce carcinogenic starch amide, so the temperature must be low when cooking.

Zucchini Pumpkin – October?
Potassium supplementation in February of the following year is also a good source of B vitamins and supplemental fiber.

Pumpkin seeds have a protective effect on male prostate.

Pumpkin tastes sweet and tastes good. In addition to fried food, it is also used to make cakes or porridge.

Pumpkin starch has a high content and can be used as a substitute for some staple foods.

 Sweet potato – September?
In November, it contains carotene and trace element iron, and it also has certain anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition, sweet potato can also take vitamin C, and it loses less when heated due to the protective effect of the starch surrounding it.

Sweet potatoes are best baked and taste sweet, and they retain more vitamins than boiled sweet potatoes.

 White radish – September?
In the second year of April, the radish rhizome is rich in anti-cancer ingredients such as vitamin C and mustard oil. The radish is similar to mustard and is an excellent food source for carotene, vitamin K and folic acid.

Radish can be eaten raw or used as a soup.

Radish, radish L pomegranate – August?
A study by the University of California, Los Angeles in December found that pomegranate juice has higher levels of antioxidants than red wine, helping the body to scavenge free radicals and fight aging.

Pomegranate also contains vitamin C and folic acid.

Pomegranate seeds may delay polyphenolic substances and flavonoids, and it is best to chew pomegranate seeds when eating pomegranate.

Pomegranate jujube – September?
December fresh jujube low, dietary fiber, potassium and vitamin C content.
In addition, fresh jujube is also rich in functional active ingredients, such as flavonoids, rutin and polysaccharides, which have the effects of improving blood fat, lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Jujube is sweet, can be eaten raw, can be eaten together with sweets such as soup or dairy products, or put into jujube.

Winter jujube kiwifruit – September?
In addition to vitamin C in March of the following year, the potassium and copper contents of trace elements in kiwifruit were also higher.

The latest research found that kiwifruit, which is unique to kiwifruit, accelerates protein digestion and protects the stomach.

Kiwifruit has a sweet and sour taste and a lot of juice. It can be placed in a fruit platter with strawberries, cantaloupe and oranges.

Kiwi fruit grapefruit – September?
In the second year of April, eating a grapefruit (about 247 grams) can meet 75% of the recommended amount of vitamin C.

Grapefruit also suffers from the antioxidant lycopene and the natural substance pectin that lowers cholesterol.

Grapefruit has a special sour taste that is not found in other citrus fruits. It can be eaten with a variety of green leafy vegetables, or juiced.

Grapefruit oranges – November?
In the second year of April, oranges are rich in vitamin C and carotene, which can be eaten with almonds, dates and honey.
Fresh oranges and leaves in a wooden box with Brussels sprouts – September?
The second year of March, also known as Brussels sprouts, is a good source of folic acid, iron and vitamin K.

Eat half a cup of Brussels sprouts (about 36 grams) a day to meet the vitamin K needed for the day.

The brussels sprouts are slightly bitter, and when cooked, add some pepper or vinegar for a better taste.

Fresh global sprouts

In the autumn and winter, how do you get rid of the internal organs?

Get a hole and a soup!

In the autumn and winter, how do you get rid of the internal organs?
Get a hole and a soup!

In autumn and winter, the body is the easiest to dry, and our internal organs are also easy to get angry. How to “fire” it is not difficult at all!

Heart fire will appear red tongue, red face red, upset, sleep more dreams, urine yellow and even hot tingling, thirsty want to drink water.

Fire Extinguisher 1: The lotus seed soup lotus heart tastes bitter, has a fragrance, has the effect of calming the nerves, and the heart fire can drink some lotus seed soup.

Method: 30 grams of lotus seeds (not to the lotus heart), 15 grams of wolfberry (wrapped with gauze), add the amount of rock sugar to decoction, eat lotus seeds and drink soup.

Or take 5 grams of lotus seeds to drink water, once a day for a week.

Fire Extinguisher 2: Shaofu Point Shaofu Point is the acupoint of the heart. The function of clearing the heart and purging fire is particularly strong. It is equivalent to eating a good drug for diarrhea, safe and effective, and does not cost money.

Method: Gently close the finger, the place where the little finger is pressed is the Shaofu point. This acupoint is also located on the palm line of the “feeling line”.

Use your thumb to squat for 5 minutes at Shaofu Point.

Liver fire appears liver fire, itchy eyes, eyelids, temper, red face, want to lose temper, and even have chest rib tingling pain.

Fire extinguisher 1: 枸杞 leaf egg flower soup 枸杞 leaf egg flower soup has tonic deficiency and essence, clearing heat and quenching thirst, hurricane eyesight, Shengjin liver function.

Method: After the water is boiled in the pot, add the cilantro, then pour the prepared egg and roll it, then add the seasoning.

Fire Extinguisher 2: The liver that passes through the liver through the human body is also called the sputum yin and liver. It stretches through the legs and thus has 14 acupuncture points.

It is more clinically recommended to beat the calf to the foot to diarrhea the liver fire, because the liver acupoints there are more concentrated.

Method: You can start from the root of the thigh, follow the liver through the knuckles, and you can keep the rhythm of about two times per second when you hit it, about 10 minutes each time.

Stomach fire, stomach fire will appear yellow greasy tongue, mouth bitter dry mouth, mouth sores, bad breath, toothache, red gums, dry stool.

Fire Extinguisher 1: Porridge is a good thing that heats up and promotes digestion. It is rich in protein and protein, but it is not very high and is suitable for winter consumption.

Method: Take sputum, 100 grams of rice, and use appropriate amount of sugar.

Cut the fresh clams into small pieces, the rice is cleaned, add the water to boil the porridge, add the glutinous rice when the porridge is cooked quickly, and finally add the sugar to taste and turn off the fire.

Can be served in divided doses, and even served 3-5 days.

Fire Extinguisher 2: The inner court cavity of the inner court is the acupoint of the foot-yangming stomach, and the main diarrhea is stomach fire.

Method: The inner court is where the second and third toes combine on the back of the two feet.

Every morning at 7-9 am, when the stomach is the most prosperous, the effect of pressing the inner court is best. After getting up in the morning, you can use your thumb to press the stomach in the inner court.

Lung fire and lung fire will appear nasal dryness, sores; dry cough, sputum sticky yellow, lungs are unhappy, feeling depressed.

Fire Extinguisher 1: Sydney Lilium, Lilium, Lily, Lily has a good heat to remove fire, lungs and cough, and people with lungs can eat more every day.

Method: Sydney peeled and diced, with the mother-of-pearl, lily together with the amount of boiling water, stewed in water for 1 hour, add sugar to taste.

Fire Extinguisher 2: Hegu Point Hegu Point is the acupuncture point of the hand-yangming large intestine. The Chinese medicine believes that the large intestine and the lungs are in the surface.

Often, according to Hegu points, there is a clearing effect on the table, which can relieve the symptoms of gum swelling, constipation, sore throat, nosebleeds and so on.

Method: Hegu point is located at the back of the tiger’s back, and is between the first metacarpal and the second metacarpal.

Massage in the short term.

This food can be used to help you lose weight after freezing.

This food can be used to help you lose weight after freezing.

How to lose weight?

There are different opinions, methods to break through, some people will diet, some will pass high-intensity exercise, and even some people will take diet pills, but this is always the way, never hurt the body.

. This food can be used to help you lose weight after freezing. In life, we will find more and more obese people, leading to an improvement in living standards, people no longer worry about the problem of not eating enough, even tangled to eat some kind of dailyFood is good. More often, people will use snacks instead of normal three meals a day. Many snacks don’t have much nutrition. At the same time, changes in them are easy to increase; alternatives are now human.The amount of exercise is generally too much, preferring to sit and not want to stand, preferring to lie down and not want to sit, so it is easy to cause obesity.

In fact, there is a kind of food in life that is very helpful for weight loss, and this kind of food is frozen, and proper consumption can make you say goodbye to obesity. Let’s take a look.

  First, the consumption of frozen tofu here can help to lose weight after the frozen ingredients are frozen tofu, frozen tofu is a common ingredient in life, is a new food produced by fresh tofu in the refrigerator for freezing, andCompared to fresh tofu, the moisture content of frozen tofu.

  Fresh tofu will cause changes in the structure of the tofu inside, and its internal shape will appear honeycomb, and the color will change from the previous white to gray.

However, in the frozen tofu, the reduced tofu nutrition is preserved, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, supplemental fibers, methionine, niacin and the like.

  Too many people who eat frozen tofu will feel the smell of acidity and acidity. They think that it is the cause of food deterioration. In fact, when tofu is frozen, it will produce an acidic substance. This acidic substance has unexpected benefits for body health.
  Second, the benefits of eating frozen tofu Since the nutrition of frozen tofu is not weaker than fresh tofu, what are the benefits of eating frozen tofu?

  1, helping to lose weight in the conversion of frozen tofu is extremely low, and there is no accidental content, proper consumption will not cause too much.

In addition, the acidic substances in the frozen tofu can continuously decompose the excess aunt.

Can contribute to these unfortunate discharges, due to the unfortunate reduction of accumulation in the body, there is potential for weight loss.

  2, promote nutrient absorption When eating frozen tofu, it is obvious that the food is more delicious, mainly because there are twisted holes in the frozen tofu, such small holes are very effective for the penetration of taste.

This can promote the nutrient absorption of food when it is eaten, which is very effective for health care.

  3, prevention of cancer Fresh tofu has transformed phytoestrogens, which are also found in frozen tofu produced after freezing. Phytoestrogens can protect vascular endothelial cells so that such cells are not destroyed by oxidation.

Regular consumption can still alleviate the destruction of the vascular system and effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetes. For women in menopause, proper consumption of frozen tofu can prevent cancer.

  4, to promote brain development can also absorb the soy lecithin when eating frozen tofu, in soy products, such substances are very rich.

Soy lecithin is beneficial to the protection of nerves, and at the same time, it has a better protective effect on blood vessels, which can make blood flow in blood vessels more smooth.

It also has a very good help for the development of the brain, avoiding problems with neuromodulation and effectively protecting the brain.

  5, prevention of cardiovascular disease Cardiovascular disease is currently the most complication of deaths, its classification is very much, some incorrect lifestyles, inappropriate diet will increase cardiovascular disease.

  Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, it is easy to suffer from such diseases. Appropriate consumption of frozen tofu can actually prevent cardiovascular diseases from finding you. This is because when eating frozen tofu, it can absorb the soy protein.It can effectively lower blood lipids, and has better protective effect on vascular cells. Because blood is not properly formed, blood flow is more smooth, avoiding common high blood fat, coronary heart disease, and effective health care.

甩 肥 嘟 嘟 两 两 两 两 瑜伽 巧 巧 巧

甩 肥 嘟 嘟 两 两 两 两 瑜伽 巧 巧 巧

Do you know that yoga can be thin face?

I will teach you yoga face-lifting tricks today – mermaid and youth, learn!


hzh {display: none; }  瑜伽瘦脸:美人鱼式   【功效】美化下巴的线条,预防双下巴,还可以治疗肩膀酸痛和背部僵硬。   [Specific action]1, lying on the mat, feet open, shoulder width, two pairs above the body.

Slowly adjust your breathing.

Stay for 2 seconds.

  2, both hands clenched, put the elbows on the mat, the rest of the body remains unchanged.

Stay for 2 seconds.
  3, inhale, inhale while elbows force the mat against the mat to push the black hair up, the head does not move.

Then exhale, and when you exhale, the head pushes up, the head is on the mat, and the chin is lifted hard.

Stay for 2 seconds.
  4, keep the previous posture unchanged, inhale, then raise your legs together and raise, exhale, stay for 5 seconds.

  5, slowly restore, adjust interest rates.

  [Description]The time of stay can be controlled freely, and 3-5 times a day.

  Yoga Face-lifting: Youthful[Effect]makes the face, the reset muscles firm and elastic, and can prevent double chin and relax muscles.

Preventing colds can also treat low back pain and hunchback.

  [Specific action]1, kneeling on the mat, feet open, shoulder width, two pairs above the body.

Slowly adjust your breathing and stay for 2 seconds.

  2. Slowly bend the two arms, place your palms on both sides, and push your fingers forward.

Take a deep breath slowly and stay for 5 seconds.

  3, now inhale, slowly inhaling the upper body while inhaling, hands on the mat, the head trying to lean back.

At this time, if you can’t keep the state of suspension, slowly adjust your breathing. Remember, don’t be controlled by breathing. You control it. It should exist in the way that you feel most comfortable, staying for 5 seconds.

  4, slowly restore.

  [Description]The time of stay can be controlled freely, and 3-5 times a day.

It is good for the elderly to eat whole grains for three meals.

It is good for the elderly to eat whole grains for three meals.

The benefits of coarse grains are now being replaced by more and more people, but how much should one eat in a day?

How do you eat three meals a day to maximize your health?

  The Chinese Academy of Nutrition recommends that the intake of coarse grains is 50 grams to 100 grams per day. Too little or too much is not good.

Coarse grains include cereals and beans other than white rice.

Reasonable consumption can not only prevent constipation, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other complications, but also have a certain anti-aging effect.

However, it contains a large amount of dietary fiber. Eating too much will affect the body’s absorption of protein, inorganic salts and certain trace elements, and even reduce the body’s immunity.

Therefore, it is most reasonable to eat three meals a day with coarse and fine grains.

  Drink coarse grains for breakfast.

In the morning, instead of never completely “waking up”, it is not advisable to eat too rough food, such as the head.

Drinking coarse grains is an ideal choice. When cooking porridge, you can add some oatmeal, ground rice, glutinous rice, etc.

You can also add a few more beans, such as red beans, mung beans, black beans, etc. when grinding soy milk.

Coarse grain soy milk or coarse grain porridge retains a certain amount of quantitative fiber, which can promote the degradation of beneficial bacteria and accelerate metabolic peristalsis.

  At noon coarse grains into the dish.

At noon, the body’s digestive function is better, you can eat more coarse grains.

Some non-digestible coarse grains, such as cowpeas, broad beans and other whole beans, as well as sweet potatoes, corn, etc. are better at this time.

Not only can it guarantee the supply of vitamins, but also provide more vitamins and essential trace elements to meet the energy needed throughout the afternoon.

Coarse grains can also be eaten. The best match is egg and meat. It is a good choice for making corn ribs soup and soy beans.

  Fine food for dinner.

The coarse grains are carefully digested, and it is best to choose not to inflate the dinner and promote sleep.

It is recommended to have a late millet porridge for dinner or a rice millet for two rice.

Because Xiaomi is good for moistening and strengthening the spleen, calming and sleeping.

  Finally, it should be reminded that people with good coarse grains but with stomach problems or peptic ulcers should not eat more.

The digestive function of the elderly is diminished. Eat less. It is best to make coarse grains and cook as much as possible.

Preschool children have immature gastrointestinal tract development, poor digestion and absorption, and should not be eaten.