Pulmonary fever in the autumn, eat more pears

Pulmonary fever in the autumn, eat more pears

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pear-like sweetness, slightly acidic, cool, returning to the lungs, and stomach meridians, have lungs and phlegm, clearing heat and refreshing energy, and are most suitable for eating in the autumn of dry lung heat.

Pears also contain a variety of vitamins and organic acids, which are good for women’s beauty and skin.

September is the time when a large number of pears are on the market. It is better to learn a few autumn pear diet recipes.

  Pear: The good fruit of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs and moistening in the autumn is the “dry” and “dry” in autumn. Therefore, the human body often appears symptoms such as dry skin, dry mouth, dry lips, sore throat and so on.

Therefore, in the autumn, it is appropriate to eat some fruits that quench the thirst, moisturize the throat and dry the skin, which can make people feel refreshed and comfortable.

The most suitable fruit for autumn is pears.

  Because of its tenderness and juicyness, it contains 85% moisture, is sweet and sour, and is rich in vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and iodine.Fruit Zong “.

The air is dry and the water is reduced in autumn. If you can eat a certain amount of pears every day, you can alleviate autumn dryness and vitalize your lungs.

  [Steamed pear]Material: 1 crystal pear, 2 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 2 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of rock sugar, 15 grams of glutinous rice.

  Method: first cut the pear from the bottom of the 1/3, cover and dig out the pear heart, Fritillaria chuanchuanensis grinds into fine powder, cuts the shreds, steamed glutinous rice, and rock sugar into crumbs;, Chuanbei powder, Chenpisi filled crystal pears, add water to the steaming cup (about 150 ml of water); finally put the steaming cup of Sheng pear on the fire and steam for 45 minutes.

  Efficacy: moisturize throat.

  [Pear Juice Porridge]Ingredients: 2 fresh pears, 100 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

  Method: Wash the pears, peel, kernel, and squeeze the juice for later use; fry the pear skin, pear residue, and pear kernels in water to make juice, increase the rice porridge, add pear juice, white sugar when cooked, and cook again.Take two doses, 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy: It can moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm, and is suitable for coughing or drying cough due to lung heat, dry mouth, etc.

  [Sydney cream]Material: Sydney Method: Take fresh Sydney and chop it, squeeze the juice and set aside.

Pear dregs are boiled twice with water until the taste is complete. Combine the decoction, filter, concentrate with the pear juice, double the amount of sugar, boil, and collect the paste.

  10 each time?
15 grams daily 2?
3 times, with taking or brewing.

  Efficacy: It can clear the lungs and relieve heat, moisten dryness and quench thirst, and can be used for dryness of lungs, chronic cough, chest pain and so on.

  [Steamed Pear Fritillary]Ingredients: 5 grams of Chuanbei powder, 1 large pear, moderate sugar.

  Method: Wash the Sydney, cut into pieces, put it into the bowl with Chuanbei and rock sugar, steam and serve it over water, 1?
2 times.

  Efficacy: It can relieve phlegm and cough, and is suitable for phlegm-heat cough.

  [Autumn Pear Bird’s Nest]Material: 1 autumn pear, bird’s nest, 3 grams of rock sugar.

  Method: core the autumn pear, soak the bird’s nest softly, and crush the rock sugar, and distribute it to the heart of the pear at the same time, steam it, and take it once in the morning and evening.

  Efficacy: It can nourish yin and moisturize the lungs, reduce phlegm and relieve cough, and is suitable for cough caused by deficiency of lung yin, phlegm asthma, hemoptysis, Qiusao cough, chest pain, etc.

  [White pear honey]Material: 1 large white pear, 50 grams of honey.

  Method: first peel the white pear, pit it, fill it with honey, steam it in a basket, eat one each morning and evening.

  Efficacy: It can regenerate hydration, relieve cough and reduce phlegm, and is suitable for yin deficiency and lung dryness, chronic cough dryness, heart, foot and heart embolism.

  [Pear sauce]Ingredients: 1 pear, moderate sugar.

  Method: Take fresh pears, peel them, chop them, cook with an appropriate amount of rock sugar, press and serve as a paste, take in divided doses, 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy: It can moisten the lungs and clear the heat, relieve cough and reduce phlegm, and is suitable for cough in children.

  [Autumn Pear Milk Ravioli]Ingredients: 1 autumn pear, 200 ml milk, 10 g rice noodles, sugar.

  Measures: Peel the autumn pear, remove the core, cut into small pieces, add a small amount of water to boil, and flavor with sugar; then mix in warm milk and rice noodles and mix to serve.

  Efficacy: lung deficiency, asthma, weak cough.

  [Almond stewed Sydney]Ingredients: one big pear, 10 grams of northern almonds, 30-50 grams of caster sugar or rock sugar.
  Method: One large pear, peeled and hearted, add 10 grams of northern almonds, (mashed) 30-50 grams of caster sugar or rock sugar, steamed and eaten.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of relieving cough and reducing phlegm, clearing heat and promoting hydration, and is suitable for autumn and winter dry cough, chronic bronchitis, dry cough, dry mouth and sore throat, intestinal dryness and constipation.

  [Autumn Pear Lotus Root Juice]Material: Autumn Pear, lotus root amount.

  Method: Peel the autumn pear and dig out the heart, equal to the amount of lotus root (chopped), and use clean gauze to make tea instead of tea.
  Efficacy: It can cure cough, yellow phlegm, dry throat, dry mouth, and hoarseness.

  [Candied Sydney]Ingredients: 500 grams of Sydney or Yali, 100-200 grams of honey.

  Method: 500 grams of pears or duck pears, peeled and sliced, boiled in a suitable amount until seven mature, add 100-200 grams of honey, and cook over low heat until fully cooked, put the juice into a bottle for later use.

  Efficacy: Shengjin, moistening, clearing heat, quenching thirst and other effects, can cure fever and thirst.

  [Pear porridge]Ingredients: three duck pears, rice amount.

  Method: Three chopped duck pears, fry for half an hour, then take the juice and rice and cook porridge, and eat while hot.

  Efficacy: It can cure children with wind-heat, lung-heat cough, loss of appetite, dizziness, and fever.

  Tips for eating pears ★ Pears are cold and moist, and eating more will hurt the spleen and stomach, so the spleen and stomach are cold, and those who are afraid of cold should eat less.

  ★ Pears contain fruits and alkalis.

  ★ Pears have a diuretic effect, those who have frequent urination at night, eat less pears before going to bed.

  ★ Patients with blood deficiency, chills, diarrhea, and cold hands and feet should not eat more pears, and it is best to cook them before eating to prevent the symptoms of dampness and cold from getting worse.

  ★ Pears have high sugar content, and those with diabetes should be cautious.

  ★ Pears contain more acid, so it should not be used with alkaline drugs, such as aminophylline, baking soda, etc.

Pears are said to be eaten with crabs to prevent diarrhea.

  ★ Those who bring cough and phlegm, should not choose sweet pears with too high sugar content.

  How to choose a good pear?

  1. The first is to identify the types of pears. There are two types of pears: male and female.

Male pears are rough, have less water, and have less sweetness. Female pears are delicate, have more water, and taste sweet and crisp.

So we should choose female pears when buying.

  Difference in appearance: the male pear flower has two concave and convex shapes on the umbilical part, without rust spots on the outside, and the female pear flower has only one deep pit with rust spots on the umbilical part.

  2. It is necessary to select the deep pits of the umbilical, and the quality is better than the shallow ones.

  3. Pears of moderate size, smooth and smooth skin, soft and hard flesh, and no insect eyes and injuries, and smelling fruity should be selected.

Children’s concentration age chart

Children’s concentration age chart

Today, share with parents how to judge whether the child’s attention is focused?

  Let’s learn it first. Attention is divided into intentional attention and unintentional attention.

  Unintentional Attention: It means that there is no intended purpose, and the attention of will supervision is not required.

  Intentional note: preset goals, subjective willpower to monitor.

  The younger the child, the shorter the time for focusing. The child’s focus can also depend on whether the value of the first point of interest is only a reference value and cannot be applied blindly.

If the child is not interested in something, his attention time will be significantly lower than this value, or he will not even pay attention at all.

What’s more, preschool children’s multi-tasking skills are often able to focus on several things at the same time. It is easy for parents to mistakenly think that they are distracted and even “active”.

  ◆ Parents’ improper practices and children’s inattentive dispersal have no concerns.

Even children who are identified as having poor concentration can, to some extent, play video games for hours.

Why are children so focused on playing games and doing other things for three minutes?

The problem lies with the parents.

Many times, parents are not helping the child to become more focused, but they are unconsciously attracting his attention and distracted: 1.

When a child is focused, parents intervene or bother the parent and ask the child, “What are you doing?”

Or union him: “This can’t be played this way, you see, be like this!

“A friend or neighbor came and asked the child to say hello. If the child ignored him, he would button down his hat:” No manners! ”

Auntie is talking to you, answer Auntie!

“You have to play with your child again and again.


In order to save trouble, plug the child with a mobile phone or iPad, let him play more electronic products, will reduce the child’s interest in other activities and things, he will naturally play video games and focus on doing other things such as sitting on a felt.


Force children to focus on doing what we think is beneficial to his growth, such as asking the child to read a book completely from beginning to end, not to run around, not to interrupt.

When the child lives in the moment, if he can’t control himself, an antagonistic relationship will be formed between the parent and the child, causing the child to establish a habitual response pattern-whenever we want him to do anything, he is always ready to escape.


Expectations of children are too high, giving children higher psychological cues regardless of the child’s level of development, using adult eyes to measure the degree of child’s concentration, and labeling children, causing children to become more and more unfocused.


The absent-mindedness when accompanying the child leads to the lack of security of the child. The child feels that the parents are perfunctory him, resulting in an uneasy heart, and no mood to focus on other things.


Parents are worried about their children ‘s nervousness, and are anxious to change their children. ◆ Use 6 tricks to improve children ‘s focus and increase their attention. Do n’t worry too much.

As long as parents do the opposite, they can naturally create a more conducive environment for children to develop their focus: 1.

Create a safe family environment for your child. Only when the child feels at ease will he be able to do certain things with peace of mind and enjoyment.

Otherwise, he can only tangle with various “uneasy” factors, and it is difficult to concentrate.


When the child is easy to do something, try not to bother him and avoid paying attention too much, so as to prevent the child from becoming dependent and lacking autonomy.

When there is no one to accompany or arrange activities for the child, he will feel panic and bewildered.

  When he had to interrupt him, walked to him, squatted down, and said to him, “I see how focused you are (thumbs up)!”

Sorry, now we . (state the reasons, acknowledge the follow-up activities) “So, the child feels respected, he will not be emotional because of being interrupted, and will not have the energy of confrontation in his heart.

His heart is more stable, and his concentration will naturally develop better.

Electronic products can be played occasionally, and must not be used as electronic nanny to try to accompany children to play games, participate in his games, lead him to play deeper, longer, and replace creativity.
Children can naturally focus their attention on an activity for a longer period of time.


When the child is obsessed with an activity or something, follow his request. When the child is interested in an activity, provide him with more relevant information, materials, and possible related activities, so that he is related to the companion.Related things, and help him expand horizontally or initially, discover more interesting elements, and extend the tentacles of exploration in more possible directions.


Some small games are also good exercises to expand the child’s concentration, such as placing a small object in the palm of the hand and guessing which hand it was in the end.

Or consciously guide children to pay attention to certain things and observe changes in certain things, such as changes in seasons, light, shadows, and colors.

Lead your child to enjoy it all without stress, and his intentional attention will develop in this type of activity.

  We know that the development of concentration is not an overnight effort, nor is it a matter of intentional training.

Attentively, we are training our children’s concentration at all times.



Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. has 4 holding companies, 14 branches, 38 dairy production lines, 10 soybean flour, rice flour and other production lines, which can produce dairy products, soy products, health products, beverages, cereals, mineral springsWater and other six series of more than 70 varieties of products, daily processing capacity of more than 1,000 tons of fresh milk.

  The milk source base radiates 22 cities and counties in Heilongjiang Province, 43 farms, and has 220,000 high-quality Holstein cows.

Its “Wandashan” brand trademark was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a well-known trademark in China. It is the first well-known trademark in China in Heilongjiang Province. The value of the “Wandashan” brand has been evaluated by Beijing Famous Brand Assets Evaluation Office.

200 million yuan.

Approved by the National Green Development Center, the company has become the only green food and dairy production base in China, and 23 products have been awarded green food; it has been listed by the State Council as one of the 151 leading agricultural industrialization enterprises in the country; and it has been listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the first national levelSpark leading enterprises; one of the twelve emerging leading enterprises in Heilongjiang Province; identified by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a contract and trustworthy unit.

The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality assurance system certification; it has also won the Heilongjiang Province Quality Management Award, and was awarded the National Quality Management Advanced Enterprise by the State Technical Supervision Administration.

  Product name: Wandashan 1 formula milk powder Product introduction: Simulated breast milk composition, carefully formulated according to the nutritional characteristics of infants and children at different growth stages of 0-6 months.

In addition, 5 bags of Ruzhen were given freely, which scientifically strengthened VA, VD, VE, VB, zinc, iron, iodine and other substances.

It has natural immunity and is conducive to the normal development of the brain, bones and vision. It has been recommended by the Chinese Society of Children’s Food.

  Product name: Wandashan 2 formula milk powder Product introduction: According to the nutritional characteristics of infants and young children from 6 months to 3 years of age, carefully formulated.

In addition, 5 bags of Ruzhen were given freely, which scientifically strengthened VA, VD, VE, VB, zinc, iron, iodine and other substances.

It has natural immunity and is conducive to the normal development of the brain, bones and vision. It has been recommended by the Chinese Society of Children’s Food.

  Product name: Wandashan Section 3 formula milk powder Product introduction: Wandashan Section 3 formula milk powder is a milk powder for the growth of preschool children aged 3-6 years, scientifically fortified with taurine, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins, 5 free bags includedRuzhen, in particular, helps to strengthen children’s immunity and regulates recombination and digestion.

Sitting position drag to fit the back end

Sitting position drag to fit the back end

In the movements before the exercise, the sitting position drag is a movement that develops the horizontal width, and it is also an essential and effective movement after the exercise.

In general, the seated drag action is performed after the deadlift action, and the effect of hip training is better.

Let ‘s take a closer look at how the drag gesture in the sitting position is practiced.


Action essentials: After adjusting the appropriate weight, lean on the seat, lean forward, keep your body perpendicular to the lever, then use the sponge shaft to fix the leg, then hold the lever with both hands and inhale deeply, When exhaling, drag two elbows from the body to approach the sides of the body, tighten the shoulder blades, pull the lever close to the upper chest and pause for a second to fully tighten the latissimus dorsi, and then suckWhen you reach the top, do not straighten your arms completely, and then drag again to repeat the exercise.


Exercise frequency and time: When you begin to exercise the sitting position shift, you can adjust the weight to 15-20 exhaustions per group, and do three groups per exercise. If you have a high training level, you can perform weight increase exercises.The number of times is 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 4 in order to practice six groups each time.


Note: The first point is to pay attention to the relaxation of the shoulder muscles when dragging. Friends who start practicing often shrug their shoulders when the movement is restored. This is incorrect and will greatly affect the latissimus dorsi muscles.force.
  The second point is to pay attention to the reasonable control of exercise rhythm. When the movement is restored, it is controlled by the latissimus dorsi muscles instead of being completely relaxed. This will easily cause damage to the shoulder and wrist joints.

  The third thing to note is that the body should not move back and forth. Many friends will move the body back and forth when practicing this action, which will be done many times.

However, our target muscles will not be tightened, which will not achieve the purpose of training the latissimus dorsi muscles, so our bodies must always remain perpendicular to the ground.

Beware of the Seven Myths of Weight Loss Yoga

Beware of the Seven Myths of Weight Loss Yoga


You must fast your stomach before practicing yoga, and then eat.


If you are vegetarian before practicing yoga, it is best to practice after 2 and a half hours to 3 hours. If you eat crickets, it is best to practice after 3 and a half hours to 4 hours.Big obstacles, especially for those with low blood sugar, need to add a little sugar before practice.

It is best to wait 30 minutes after eating before eating.


After practicing yoga, I grew up sweating a lot and just took a bath to relax.

After practicing yoga, it is best to wait for half an hour before taking a bath. Yoga pays attention to energy balance. If you take a bath immediately, this balance will be disrupted and you must absorb it to your body parts.


The core of yoga is exercise posture.

Yoga asana is only the smallest part of yoga. Yoga meditation and breathing are the most important.

And yoga should continue continuously. The good results are not produced within one hour of practice, but continue to the other 23 hours.


Practice yoga to drink water constantly.

You can drink some water before practicing yoga, but if you are not thirsty during the exercise, do not drink water. If you feel thirsty, add a small amount of water, and pay attention to a lot of water after 20 minutes of exercise.

The exception is hot yoga, which requires constant free radicals during the exercise to replenish lost water.


Yoga is to exercise flexibility.

Yoga is not simply pressurizing. It does not require the body to be as flexible as dance and acrobatics.

Yoga is about energy balance, using breathing to drive the body’s movements. The deeper the breathing, the more inclined the body is. The inner breathing helps you open up the flexibility of the body. This is more of a soft feeling than a softness of the limbs.


Practice other sports after practicing yoga.

It’s best to put yoga behind other sports, this can relax the body and mind very well.

If you start to do some more basic exercise after yoga, it can only make your body tense and slender to break the energy balance.


Practice yoga at regular times every week.

Putting yoga into your life is more effective than fixing yoga practice several times a week.

Some kind of yoga studio in Shanghai is better

Some kind of yoga studio in Shanghai is better

1 Fanling Yoga Hall Address: Block C, 3rd Floor, No. 500 Tianmu West Road, Shanghai Phone: 63808081 Shanghai Fanling Yoga Club is a professional yoga club. We hire top coaches in Shanghai to provide yoga coach training, middle-aged and elderly yoga health classes,Parent-child yoga classes, beauty yoga classes, etc.

  2 Kama Yoga Gymnasium Address: Pucheng Road Kama Yoga Gymnasium is the first large-scale professional yoga club in Shanghai, providing the best and most complete yoga fitness instructors and venues.

  3 Jinjim Fitness Co., Ltd. Address: 258 Tongren Road Tel: 021-62792000 Training Method: Develop personal professional fitness plan and nutrition guidance for each member, group aerobics courses, including British and American sports courses, aerobic Latin, fitness ball,Various sports such as yoga.

  4Nottingham Fitness and Beauty Center Address: Yuyuan Road; Urumqi North Road Project: Bicycle training, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, dance, massage physiotherapy, coaching services, personal training plan, towels, serum, fitness test, delicious meals, Internet, Billiard.

A variety of courses are rolling out: aerobics, yoga, pedal exercise.

  5Will’s GYM Address: 3 / F, Wandu Center, 86 Xianxia Road Phone: 52080199 With first-class location, first-class fitness equipment and professional senior fitness instructors, aerobics, Latin dance, karate, yoga, Ball exercise, ballet and more than 20 kinds of fitness classes, for people of different ages who love sports.

  6 Befitte International Fitness Center Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, No. 816 Zhangyang Road Phone: 58355638 Seafitte International Fitness Center is located in the prime commercial district of Pudong. It is the first 24-hour fitness center in Shanghai.Boxing, boxing, yoga, Latin dance, karate, aerobics, American billiards and more.

  7 trillion Wade International Fitness Center Address: 4th Floor, No. 231 Wuning Road, Shanghai Phone: 62436069 Business area of over 3,000 square meters, the world’s top brand sports equipment, more than 200 square meters of aerobic training room, project setting: aerobics,Gymnastics, yoga, modern dance, ballet, model training, cardio training, etc.

  8 Welsh Fitness Co., Ltd. Address: Room S-309, B301, 3rd Floor, Mandu Center Building, 8 Xingyi Road, Tel: 021-52080199 9 Megafit Fitness Center Address: Huaihai Middle Road; Danshui Road, Huaihai Middle Road, 398 Middle Floor   Tel: 021-53836633 Fitness service facilities and content include aerobics (sports, aerobics, yoga, martial arts and assaults, etc.), free weights, personal trainers and men’s and women’s saunas, as well as 365 day service, etc.

I recommend pearl powder to oily and white skin

I recommend pearl powder to oily and white skin

On hot summer days, MMs with oily skin and mixed skin can’t help repeating, so that the face of the MM that loves cleanliness is greasy every day, and some red and big acne often appear.Eighteen types of martial arts are useless, so below, Xiaobian will teach MMs a way to save money and easy to use, say goodbye to oily, but also your healthy and smooth skin!

  Xiao Bian’s recommended method today is pearl powder to remove greasy and white skin.

Friends who have never used pearl powder can first find a brand to apply for trial installation, and it is free!

If you use it, buy it again.

I use pearl powder from Longevity Birds. I can use it several times in a trial pack!

Be sure to rub a little bit of water or egg white with pearl powder before using it to test whether it is allergic, but the authentic pearl powder has a soft and skin-friendly texture, and there are still very few people who use it.

  First, get up early with pearl powder cleansing 1. First, wet the face with warm water, pour in the cleansing milk in the palm, and mix a small amount of pearl powder in the cleansing milk and mix with your fingers.

  2. After applying the adjusted pearl powder facial cleanser to both ends, massage gently in a circular motion in the direction of pore growth, not too hard, so as not to cause wrinkles.

Massage about 15 times, so that the facial cleanser with pearl powder spreads all over the face.

  3. After about two to three minutes of massage, wash with water at last, you can obviously feel the skin smooth.

Note here that you must mix pearl powder thoroughly. Another thing to pay attention to is to use warm water. This can ensure that the pores are fully opened, and can completely remove the greasy surface without making the skin’s natural moisturizing oil excessiveLost.

  The second step after toner and pearl powder skin cleansing, the next step is to do facial homework.

Toners are essential.

First, put a small amount of pearl powder on the palm of your hand and pour in toner to mix well.

Gently massage while patting on the bladder until absorbed.

Finally, apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Using pearl powder and toner together can calm the skin and make the skin no longer greasy.

It should be noted here that the amount of pearl powder must not be too much, otherwise the pearl powder will not be evenly mixed with the toner, and it will dry on the surface of the skin in close contact with the skin in the future, making the face look white.

  The third trick of pearl powder mask MM study, tired after a day of work, the skin also needs to rest.

Not only to maintain adequate sleep, but also the care of a mask.

You can DIY many kinds of masks with pearl powder.

Now I only introduce two types of sleeping masks that are suitable for high summer time.

  After cleansing, use auxiliary and appropriate amount of pearl powder (0.

15 to 0.

3g) Mix to form a mud, then evenly replace on the face, massage gently, add water if necessary, and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.

  1. Egg white pearl powder mask half egg white + two spoons of honey + fresh lemon + pearl powderIn fact, it has the effect of astringent skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle on the skin that often finds acne.

  2. Pearl powder + cucumber blending mask Firstly, a washed cucumber is crushed with a juicer, then the cleaned gauze is used to wrap the crushed cucumber and squeeze the cucumber juice into a small bowl.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a tool to mash the cucumbers in a bowl to extract cucumber juice.

Before extracting cucumber juice, it is best to wrap the washed cucumber with plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer, and use it again, which will give people a cool skin feeling.

If the cucumber juice is relatively small, it is best to add a little pure water or mineral water, and then add an appropriate amount of pearl powder to mix well. Massage gently on the face for 2 to 3 minutes, and wash after 20 minutes.

Pearl powder cucumber mask can make skin firm, smooth and shiny.

In the hot summer, the pores are widened, and sweating is large, and the water loss is also large. This mask is not only whitening, oil control and hydration, but also shrinks the pores. The effect of calming the skin is also good.

  The MMs who love beauty may have three tricks and persist for more than two weeks to have healthy and smooth skin!

Simple exercise helps you get rid of occupational diseases

Simple exercise helps you get rid of occupational diseases

Sitting and working for a long time, especially after using the computer for a long time, can be very tiring.

Take a break at this time and do this set of exercises designed for computer operators, which can quickly eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength.


Sit on a chair with your back straight and put your hands on it.

With one arm outstretched, turning back with the body, staring at the palms-inhaling.

Revert-Exhale and change hands.


Sitting on a chair with hands down.

Flex your arms and make a fist, lift your toes, and stop.

When you put your hands back to the datum, tighten your toes, and at the same time, your heels will rotate your toes.


Skull flexed elbows, hands on shoulders.

Exercise your whole body before and after your elbows.


Cross up and down, arms over your chest.

Lift your bones and perform whole body exercises on your chest while moving your shoulders, shoulder blades and pectoral muscles.


Sit on a chair with your back straight and hold your hands close to your abdomen.

Then straighten this leg forward and drop it back to the ground.

Change legs and do it again.


Straighten your hands forward and do swimming movements; like breaststroke.

Stretch your body forward and to the side as much as possible.


Sitting on a chair, with one leg tibial bent, he turned to the opposite direction and took a step towards the cross.


Change legs and do it again.

Bend your arms and fist, put your chest forward, open your hands forward, to the sides, and then extend upwards.


Straighten one leg with the toes facing upwards, and bend the other leg with the toes facing downwards, imitating walking movements and alternate feet.


Sitting on a chair with legs straight.

Raise your legs, turn to both sides, and make a circle on the floor.


Sitting in a chair with his arms bent, his hands on his shoulders.

Turn your body back and forth from side to side so that your bones and elbows are as close to the back of the chair as possible.

  12 Sit on a chair, put your hands behind your head.

Turn your head back and forth to both ends.

Place the capillary with both hands.

With one hand extending shoulders from the top, the other hand extending from the bottom up to the scapula, hands crossed behind.

Change hands and do it again.

Sit tightly against the back of the chair.

Straighten the spine, lower your head slightly, and turn gently to the sides.

Suppose there is a small ball in front of the chest, try to reach the ball with your forehead.

His eyes widened and he followed his head.

Beauty dessert honey bean double skin milk

Beauty dessert honey bean double skin milk

I really admire our ancestors very much. They are far more thorough in beauty food than Westerners. Many Chinese desserts are both healthy and beautiful. It is a good deal to satisfy the appetite and beautify the face.

For those who like to eat desserts, consider Chinese classic desserts. They are really healthy and delicious.

  Ingredients: 1 bag of whole milk (485 grams), 3 protein, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder (3ml), 2 tablespoons of sugar (30 grams), 3 tablespoons of honey red beans (45 grams). Method: 1.

Pour the milk into a pan and heat it, not to boil 2.

Pour the heated milk into a small bowl and place it in the room to form the crust 3.

For protein separation, break up with chopsticks, try to break up 4.

Pour the cold milk from the small bowl back into the pan, slowly and carefully, and leave the formed crust in the bowl5.

Add sugar and vanilla powder to the milk and stir well 6.

Add egg white to milk and stir well 7.

The stirred milk mixture is slowly extended to the edge of the bowl through a sieve and poured back into the bowl. The first layer of milk skin just formed on the bottom of the bowl floats to the top 8.

Cover with plastic wrap and steam over cold water over medium heat. Steam for 20 minutes after boiling. 9

Turn off the fire after 15 minutes, don’t open the lid, and stuffy for 5 minutes10.

Take it out and sprinkle with honey and red beans. It can be eaten hot or put in the refrigerator and refrigerated.

  Tips: 1.

I have tried milk a few times. The milk ordered directly from the dairy is the easiest to form milk crust and has the strongest milk taste, followed by Mengniu, Yili’s thick or ordinary, and the worst is the delicate milk such as Terensu, which is the most difficult.Milk skin is formed with the lightest milk taste.


It doesn’t matter if the first layer of milk crust doesn’t work, or if you accidentally pour it into the pot, the taste and texture will be the same.


Be sure to steam over medium heat, not over high heat, otherwise the honeycomb 4 will be easily steamed out.

Vanilla powder is used to remove eggs and get a fishy smell.

Adding honey red beans can also reduce the fishy smell.


Honey red beans are bought with love and noodles, or you can make them by yourself. The method is: Red beans iceberg 5.

Lazy friends can try a simple method: heat the milk + sugar until the sugar melts, remove the heat-warm the milk, add the broken protein, pour it into a bowl through a sieve, cook in cold water for 20 minutes, turn off the heatCover for 5 minutes.

Vitamin D prevents the development of the retina

Vitamin D prevents the development of the retina

The latest research found that the right amount of vitamin D can prevent the occurrence of diabetes, and can also cause patients with diabetes to survive longer.

Vitamin D supplementation is actually not difficult, and it can be done in the sun.

  But experts warn people not to add vitamin D at will, because too much vitamin D is harmful to the human body.

The Canadian government recommends taking a maximum of 2,000 international units of vitamin D daily.

Taking 800 international units of vitamin D per day is selective for metabolizing bones and overall health.

  The skin produces vitamin D from ultraviolet rays. Too much intense sunlight will increase the risk of skin cancer, but moderate exposure to sunlight (twice a week, about 15 minutes each time) is beneficial to the human body.

In addition, vitamin D is found in salmon and other oily fish, and milk can strengthen its absorption effect.