Love Apartment 5 is the final season, the director promises to give all characters a good ending

“Love Apartment 5” is the final season, the director promises to give all characters a good ending
On January 7, the TV series “Love Apartment 5” was held in Beijing Antiques.Director Wei Zheng, leading the role of Lou Yixiao, Li Jiahang, Sun Yizhou, Li Jinming, starring Zhang Yiduo, all the results were present.It is reported that “Love Apartment 5” will be the final season of the “Love Apartment” series.Facing whether the audience would continue to shoot at the strong request of the audience, Wei Zheng said bluntly, “No.There will be no more sequels.”A few leading actors on the scene shared their most impressive lines again, and at the end of the press conference, they bowed deeply to the fans who supported” Love Apartment “.Lou Yixiao said emotionally, “This is the last press conference of the” Love Apartment “series. Thank you for your company.”It is reported that” Love Apartment 5 “will soon be broadcast on iQiyi.The first season of “Love Apartment” aired in 2009, ten years ago.Talking about why “Love Apartment 5” is the last season, Wei Zheng choked: “I think that everything, life and death, has its life cycle, and the drama is the same.”It is the best choice for everyone to end it at this moment, to freeze the good times in everyone’s memories, instead of becoming something we do not like one day in the future.”Wei Zheng said that he will give all characters a good ending in” Love Apartment 5 “and hope to give a good account to all audiences who love” Love Apartment “.Both the director and the actor cherish the shooting of the last season.Wei Zheng revealed that in the past the actors wanted to finish shooting soon and go back to rest early, “But this time everyone thinks that some scenes they don’t want to shoot because they are gone.”And we also really want to stay at the end of the season. Everyone has a farewell in the apartment.””Among the actors, Li Jiahang is the most advanced group. He laughed at the scene and said he had hesitation, but” the end of your hesitation will not become a factor for you to consider, because your heart has already made up your mind.”After Sun Yizhou’s previous work was killed in Hengdian, he drove himself directly into the group for five hours.In “Love Apartment 5”, after many years of long-distance love, the old guests of the Love Apartment have all achieved positive results.Zeng Xiaoxian (Chen He) and Hu Yifei (Lou Yixiao), who “loved and killed each other,” finally entered the marriage hall.After Lu Ziqiao (Sun Yizhou) and Chen Meijia (Li Jinming) married, “identity upgrade”, Lu Ziqiao turned into a “golden grandfather” to show off her baby everyday.Unlike these old friends, Zhang Wei is still a “mystery.”Li Jinming revealed that in the first four seasons, Chen Meijia and Lu Ziqiao did not have a good relationship, “and after this season, Meijia found that she loved the most is Yi Fei (laughs).”Sun Yizhou shot a week in some toilet-related scenes.”Sun Yizhou found at the scene that the rehearsal lasted only five days, and there was another day of rehearsal with makeup.Wei Zheng also responded to the doubts that may exist after the broadcast of “Love Apartment 5”.He said that at the first moment of making a decision, he knew that the future of this drama would not be calm, and his choice was to face it calmly, “In fact, this drama is like everyone ‘s growth experience to some extent.There are a lot of regrets, but I think it doesn’t matter, we can overcome it.”Love Apartment 5” is the moment when we try to start anew and give everyone a reply again.We put all our love and hard work into this play, and there is no regret when we try our best.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread Chen Diyan