You know the five amazing effects of moxibustion

You know the five amazing effects of moxibustion

Traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion has a long history, and it has been perfected since its spread. It has always been a good health and therapeutic effect.

Next, let’s introduce the major effects and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion . One, warming meridians: clinically used to treat cold coagulation retention, cold and dampness pain caused by meridian obstruction, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, stomachDysentery, cold kidney abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery.

  Second, Fuyang Gutuo: clinically used to treat dehydration and insufficient gas, enuresis caused by sag of qi, prolapse of the anus, Yin Yin, collapse, leakage, chronic discharge, etc.

  Third, swelling and loosening: often used for the treatment of qi and blood stagnation disorders, milk palate beginning.

  Fourth, disease prevention and health care: enhance the ability to resist disease, make people feverish, and help longevity.

  Fifth, heat lay: for some fevers such as shingles, erysipelas, etc. can achieve the effect of “inducing hot air to stagnate fever”.