When the baby first arrives, Mo urgently uses a bottle

When the baby first arrives, Mo urgently uses a bottle

Breast milk is the best food for newborn babies, but some moms cannot let their babies eat breast milk for some reason.

Today, there are many types of infant formulas on the market, and the functions are developed very carefully and very well.

Although it can not completely replace breast milk, it is indeed the best choice for babies with insufficient or no breast milk replacement at all.

How to properly feed your baby with formula?

  Did you know that using a bottle incorrectly can affect your baby’s health.

After the baby is born, some new mothers don’t have a lot of milk, so immediately feed the baby with milk or water.

In order to save trouble, other new mothers continue to use bottles when their babies are two or three years old.

Can you think of these errors correcting your baby’s health is very bad.

  How to use a feeding bottle correctly?

How to drink a healthy baby with a bottle?

When should I abandon the bottle?

Whether it’s breast-feeding or artificial-feeding babies, “feeding bottles” are the most important survival tool for babies.

  Mothers ca n’t ignore the university in the small bottle. Newborn baby: Do n’t use the bottle to feed the baby first, but the new mother has no milk yet. At this time, some parents are afraid of the baby ‘s hunger and start feeding the baby with the bottle.

But in fact, the baby has just been separated from the mother’s body, and there are still some nutrients in the body that can survive, rather than being particularly eager to eat.

If your baby sweats a lot in the hot summer, use a small spoon to feed him less water.

But never use a feeding bottle, let alone feeding milk.

  Because under normal circumstances, sucking a pacifier is easier than sucking breast milk. If the baby is fed with milk after feeding, and then replace it with breast milk, the baby will be prone to nipple illusion, especially prone to milk rejection and irritability.Difficulty in breast milk will not only prevent the baby from getting the nutrients contained in the colostrum, but also cause the new mother to swell and cause mastitis.

Infants and young children do not suck on their mother’s nipples, or they can cause new mothers to lose milk.

  The correct way is that after the baby is born, it starts to squeeze the new mother’s nipple artificially, and starts to let the baby suck the mother’s nipple. At this time, a clearer milk can be seen, this milk is called colostrum.

Colostrum is rich in protein, trace amounts, and sugar that your baby digests and absorbs, and it is also rich in a large amount of immune substance IgA and lysozyme with bactericidal effect.

These substances can protect your baby from being susceptible to disease, prevent preventive reactions, and enhance your baby’s resistance to disease. They are the ideal natural food for your baby.

  Colostrum can give babies a strong passive immunity. Babies who have sucked colostrum have a significantly lower incidence of physical jaundice. Babies who do not suck colostrum are susceptible to diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, and even pneumonia.

Therefore, unless the mother’s milk is insufficient, let the baby copy the mother’s nipples and try to suck continuously, stimulate the breast with the baby’s sucking power, restore the breast milk secretion, and cause the new mother’s uterus to regenerate and reduce postpartum hemorrhage.